Apple AirPods Pro – Review


Apple’s products are always celebrated by fans, the aesthetic component in many cases, however, far outweighs the technical features. Of all Apple’s earbud models, the AirPods Pro are definitely the flagship product, but are they really as excellent as they are described? The next few lines will look at the most interesting aspects of these Bluetooth headsets.

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Apple 2021Airpods Pro...

1. Package

Purchasing the AirPods Pro will give you a very compact package, with Apple’s canonical white color scheme and the earbud graphics in the center of the box. Opening the package will find us, in addition to the two earbuds, a case for wireless charging, Lightning cable and replacements for the earbuds in sizes S, M and L.

A minimal package with essential accessories for charging and improving the comfort of earbuds. It should be noted that in the previous version of the Apple AirPods, the Lightning cable was not present, surely a point in favor of the well-known Cupertino company that is not usually inclined to offer accessories already in the box.

2. Design

Upon opening the charging case, one will be confronted with the earphones, which immediately testify to excellent lightness; it does not feel like wearing them once placed in the ears.

The design is defined by the side stems, which although very short offer a pleasing aesthetic. Appearing, compared to the AirPods 2, is the touch control at the expense of a physical button to activate transparency modes and change the progression of audio tracks.

The small size may not be appreciated by many, especially those accustomed to the classic Apple style with elongated stems, but objectively both the materials and design development are excellent and it is complicated to find major flaws. Certainly physical button purists may not be comfortable with such a small surface area, but the tactile feel is top-notch and just needs some practice.

Much of the aesthetics rely on the white grommets, which can be exchanged for different sized ones in the package. Microphones and sensors are present at the top and side of the earbuds, also determining their original design.

3. Technical characteristics

In order for us to get a more detailed idea of the potential of these earphones, it is worth taking a look at the technical specifications.

DIMENSIONSPods (each): 16.5mm x 18.0mm x 40.5mm, Case: 45.2mm x 21.7mm x 60.6mm
WEIGHTPods (each): 5.4g & Case: 45.6g
BATTERY LIFE4.5 Hours Music, 5 hours without active noise cancellation & 24 Hours with Case
RECHARGE TIME1 hour of music with 5 minutes of charging time in the case
CONNECTIONWireless, Bluetooth 5.0

As is easy to deduce, the Apple AirPods Pro have Bluetooth technology, specifically BT 5.0, which is great for handling any type of device and paring. The association between BT chips, even if not of the same generation, is always straightforward, ensuring smooth listening with little external interference.

The compatibility of this device is wonderful with iPhone and top-notch with Android and Windows, although the Siri voice assistant can only be activated by the Apple counterpart.

The H1 Chip handles software processing, ensuring perfect synchronicity between the two headsets and the connected device. The weight of 5.4 grams and dimensions of 30.9×21.8×24 millimeters complete the data sheet of a balanced and quality product.

Apple 2021Airpods Pro…
  • Cancellazione attiva del rumore per bloccare i rumori esterni e…
  • Modalità Trasparenza per sentire il mondo intorno a te
  • Audio spaziale con rilevamento dinamico della posizione della testa,…

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4. Functionality

From a technical standpoint, these earbuds present everything you could want from a quality product, starting with the battery that allows about 5 hours of listening time on a single charge and 24 hours with the charging case. Recharging the headphones for 5 minutes can provide an hour of listening time, a feature not to be underestimated.

The earbuds work with MagSafe power supply and are compatible with most wireless chargers on the market.

Going into more detail about the features we come across very efficient active noise cancellation, an excellent transparency mode, and adaptive equalization that allows for consistently clean sound at different frequencies of use.

The earphones also feature a function forspatial audio with dynamic head positioning detection, which is very useful for those listening to multimedia content with specific audio codecs. There are also: two beamforming microphones, internal microphone, two optical sensors, motion accelerometer, voice accelerometer, and pressure sensor.

5. Autonomy

As anticipated, the AirPods Pro allow about 5 hours of listening time, which with Bluetooth turned on and noise cancellation enabled increases inexorably to 3 hours of use. They certainly might seem like unflattering values, but that actually calculating fast charging with the case, it will never feel like running out of charge during daily use.

Although the company claims about 24 hours of use with case charging, it is actually more correct to go down to 18 real hours in conversation, which is still a decent result.

The presence in 2022/2023 of a Lightning cable for charging is inexplicable, but in the next few years compliance with the USB-C cable may finally present itself. At present, those who purchase Apple earbuds will still have to be limited to the use of the Lightning cable.

6. Comfort

While from an aesthetic and technical point of view the AirPods Pro are difficult to attach to, it is interesting to see whether they are also comfortable to wear.

The compact design of these earbuds might suggest bad ergonomics, in fact thanks to the grommets you can hardly lose the earbuds while on the move. The silicone material from which the grommets are made ensures maximum grip even in sweaty conditions.

Its weight of 5.4 grams and dimensions of 30.9×40.5 millimeters make it a very easy product to carry, either in the original case or in customized ones.

Listening to music for hours or conversing with friends will be absolutely no problem with these AirPods Pro, although the handling of the button controls might bump those who do not like this type of interaction.

7. Audio quality

The comfort, aesthetics, and technical specifications up to this point seem to outline a perfect product, but when using these earbuds, how do they feel?

Apple decided to use of custom drivers, trying to optimize the bass and better define the mid and high frequencies, this possible thanks to the active equalizer.

By playing different types of audio in the tests, some distinctive features of these earbuds are evident. Specifically, there are rich voices and very powerful bass, at least compared to the AirPods 2 model.

Wanting to be particularly specific, there is good audio quality for music, a little less for high and middle notes. The listener has a muffled feeling that may annoy those who like maximum transparency of instruments.

Considering that they are in-ear headphones, however, the job they do is very good, especially for phone calls, while for listening to music one would have expected an extra gear given the brand’s great publicity.

8. Cost

When approaching Apple products, it is very complicated to talk about price; the AirPods Pro earbuds are no different. Although over time this company’s products hardly lose value, buying them involves no small investment.

Customarily the AirPods Pro are marketed at a cost of 199 euros, considering that good quality Bluetooth earbuds can be purchased for much less it seems at least peculiar that many users choose this product.

In fact, the build quality, brand name, and especially the many features present justify the overall cost, although you have to adapt them to your needs.

Apple 2021Airpods Pro…
  • Cancellazione attiva del rumore per bloccare i rumori esterni e…
  • Modalità Trasparenza per sentire il mondo intorno a te
  • Audio spaziale con rilevamento dinamico della posizione della testa,…

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Verdict – Pros & Cons

The interest in this product is unquestionable, users from all over the world are inquiring about it to research pros and cons and decide whether to opt to buy it or not, but what are the most significant benefits and drawbacks?

What We Like What We Don’t Like

10. Conclusions

Those who choose Apple’s Bluetooth earbuds are certainly not making a wrong purchase, but it should be noted that the excellent build quality, aesthetics, and especially functionality do not fully justify the cost of the product. If these Bluetooth headphones did not have the Apple logo, they would most likely have cost half as much; however, one should not imagine an oversized product. The overall quality is excellent for 99% of users, many of whom are also looking for a signature product that can stand out from the crowd.