Avatar 2: release date, plot, cast and more


Avatar 2: The Waterway is finally close to its theatrical debut. The long-awaited sequel to Avatar, the James Cameron film that broke all box office records, has managed to keep its final release date, and fans can only be in hype for this new film.

The first official trailer arrived in May, and it catapulted us into the beautiful world of Pandora and confirmed the title revealed during the first teaser.

“It sounds a little crazy, the process,” James Cameron admitted in an interview about his plan for the sequel. “I mean, if Avatar hadn’t made so much money, we never would have done it, because it’s a crazy plan.”

Once the sequel arrives this year, it will kick off a series of sequels in alternate years until Avatar 5, presumably in December 2028. But let’s not go overboard and focus on Avatar 2 for now. Here’s everything you need to know about Cameron‘s new project, Avatar 2: The Waterway.

Avatar 2: When will Avatar: The Way of Water be released in theaters?

Avatar 2 will finally be released on December 16, 2022, after several postponements since December 2021 due to the global health crisis.

Filming of the sequel began in 2017, but given that the film is a mix of live-action and motion capture elements, it is no surprise that it took some time. In September 2020, Cameron revealed that filming for Avatar 2 was “100 percent complete,” and filming for Avatar 3 was 95 percent complete.

Since there are three more films coming, Cameron has been working on all of them for the past few years. In December 2021, he revealed that he had already filmed part of Avatar 4 in order to make the most of the cast of very young actors.

Cameron said he might not direct Avatar 4 and 5, but hinted that the fourth film is a “bomb.” “I really hope I can achieve it. But it’s not up to me. Three is already ready, so it will come out anyway,” he said in an interview.

Avatar 2: why did it take so long? Should we expect more delays?

Filming of Avatar 2 was supposed to begin in April 2016, but April passed and filming never began. In January of the following year, it was announced that work on the motion-capture component of the film, would begin by August 2017, but it actually began in September.

The announcement of a fourth Avatar film caused everything to slip, and then they were all delayed again, with Avatar 2 scheduled for December 2017 (and the others presumably for 2018 and 2019). Cameron blamed the delays on the “very challenging” writing process.

In January 2017, Avatar 2 delayed again, with speculation that it was spooked after Star Wars was moved from May to December that year.

The sequel was then set for a December 2020 release before Disney moved it back to December 2021 after its acquisition by Fox, which brings us to the present and the COVID-related delays that have impacted the industry as a whole.

Cameron said, “I was a little concerned that we had stretched things too far in our fast-paced modern world with Avatar 2 coming 12 years after the first film. Until we launched the teaser trailer and got 148 million views in 24 hours.”

For now in theory, the official release date seems to remain unchanged, there should be no further delays, and fans will be able to enjoy Avatar 2 in theaters on December 16, 2022

Avatar 2: what will be the cast of the new film?

The main cast of theoriginal Avatar is all under contract, so Cameron ‘s stars will return. Zoe Saldaña will reprise the role of Na’vi princess Neytiri, while Sam Worthington will return as the human-turned-Na’vi, Jake Sully.

Stephen Lang

He returns as the late Colonel Miles Quaritch, who will be the main villain in the four films, the teaser shows. Lang confirmed a fan theory about his return in July 2022, stating that Quaritch is now “bigger, bluer, more pissed off.”

Sigourney Weaver

She will also return as the teenage Na’vi Kiri, the adopted daughter of Neytiri and Jake in the sequel. Kate Winslet will play the role of Ronal in all of the Avatar sequels, marking the first collaboration between her and James Cameron since the 1997 colossal Titanic. Ronal, in the film, is the “loyal and fearless” co-leader of the Metkayina clan.

CCH Punder

CCH Pounder will also reprise the role of Neytiri‘s mother, Mo’at, and Matt Gerald will return as Corporal Lyle Wainfleet, while Edie Falco will play the new character of General Ardmore.

The sequel will introduce a new Na’vi clan called Metkayina, led by Cliff Curtis as Tonowari and featuring characters such as Reya played by Bailey Bass, and Rotxo played by Duane Evans Jr.

Jake and Neytiri also have Na’vi children in the sequel, including Neteyam played by Jamie Flatters, Lo’ak played by Britain Dalton , and finally, Tuktirey played by Trinity Bliss. They also adopted a human child, Miles Socorro, aka Spider, played by Jack Champion.

Oona Chaplin

Directly from Game of Thrones, he will play Varang, who is said to be a “central and strong character” and will be present in all four sequels.

Michelle Yeoh , star of the recent Everything Everywhere All at Once, also joined the cast as scientist Karina Mogue and we first saw her in action on set in March 2021. The caption hinted that he will also be featured in Avatar 3, so expect him to play a significant role in future films as well.

Vin Diesel

Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel also added another franchise to his resume by joining the sequels, along with Jemaine Clement as marine biologist Dr. Ian Garvin, described by Cameron as “one of my favorite characters.”

Initially there was some confusion about the inclusion in this film of David Thewlis, an actor who played Lupin in Harry Potter. It was finally discovered that he will be featured in Avatar 3 , 4 and 5, but not in the second film.

Avatar 2: What will be the plot of the new film?

Along with the announcement of the title, the first official synopsis was released, which confirmed much of what we already suspected.

The synopsis, in brief, is as follows:“Jake Sully lives with his newly formed family on the planet of Pandora. When a threat returns to finish what was started earlier, Jake must work with Neytiri and the army of the Na’vi race to protect their planet.”

We also know that although three sequels are planned after this one, each film will be a stand-alone story, and Landau said that “All four films will create a connected saga.”

Against this backdrop is the return of the RDA mining operation on Pandora, which forces Jake to take his family to the safehaven ” of the reef, where they meet the Metkayina. To best capture the importance of water, James Cameron, shot the scenes of Avatar 2 in motion-capture underwater.

We also know that a sign language was created specifically for the film, by CJ Jones, a deaf actor who was hired to create a“new Na’vi sign language.”

Avatar 2: Things to know before you see this sequel

Avatar 2, comes next 13 years old since the release of the first film, in fact, many theaters have decided to replay the original Avatar to refresh the memory of fans of the brand, but you don’t need to see the whole movie again to be able to understand the sequel, some information is enough, here is a small summary of the information needed to enjoy this sequel.

The Setting

It is the year 2154, in the 22nd century, when human beings have exhausted Earth’s natural sources, now looking for resources on a moon, called Pandora.

Pandora is home to a rare and valuable mineral called Unobtanium and the home of a tribe of blue humanoid creatures known as the Na’vi.

Because of its poisonous atmosphere for humans, a group of humans inhabited genetically modified Na’vi bodies, known as avatars, to learn how to explore Pandora and integrate with the Na’vi tribes.

The Foreword

Jake Sully, a paraplegic former Marine, goes to Pandora to replace his deceased twin brother, who had enrolled in the Avatar program.

When Pandora ‘s fauna attacks Jake‘s avatar, a female Na’vi, Neytiri, saves his life and takes him to her clan. Mo’at, Neytiri‘s mother, orders Neytiri to integrate Jake into their society.

The Conflict

Jake finds himself conflicted when Colonel Miles Quaritch promises to restore the use of his legs, but only if he provides him with information about the Na’vi tribe and their meeting place, the Tree House, where a rich store of Unobtanium is located.

As Jake settles into his new life and adjusts to the Na’vi tribe, things become even more complicated when Jake and Neytiri fall in love with each other.


When Jake confesses to being a spy, the Na’vi hold him prisoner along with Dr. Grace Augustine. Meanwhile, Colonel Quaritch and his men destroy the Tree House and kill many members of the Na’vi tribe.

The only one who can save our heroes is pilot Trudy Chacón, who is horrified by Colonel Quaritch’s brutal actions and decides instead to save Jake, Grace , and Dr. Norm Spellman.

The Finale

Grace is shot while escaping, and in an attempt to save her, the Na’vi clan tries to transfer Grace into its avatar with the help of the Tree of Souls (a tree of spiritual significance to the Na’vi), but fails.

Even after the destruction of Tree House, Jake regains the trust of the Na’vi clan by fighting in unison against the RDA (Resources Development Administration).

Colonel Quaritch, however, pulls Jake ‘s human body out of the liaison unit and attempts to slit his throat. But while doing so, Neytiri kills him and saves Jake ‘s body from suffocation.

Jake permanently moves into his avatar and becomes one with the Na’vi clan.