Deathrun Fortnite Codes : For the best Deathrun ever


Despite a small period of decline from the perspective of the number of players, Fortnite continues to be one of the most played video games in the world. This is mainly due to the large amount of updates it receives periodically, allowing this title to always be fresh, fun and chock-full of new features. One reason for this is deathrun fortnite codes that make the game more varied.

In this article, we will focus on creative mode, take a look at the most fun deathrun and pvp maps ever, and most importantly provide the codes with which you can play them.

The different modes

The third-person cross platform shooter video game released in 2017, developed by People Can Fly and published by Epic Games for consoles and PC, a few years ago features as many as four distinct modes using the same graphics engine: Save the World, Creative Mode, the famous Royal Battle, and the Royal Battle without Buildings.

Save the world

It is an epic PvE cooperative action and building campaign. In this story mode, together with our friends we will have to fight to defeat hordes of monsters and explore a vast destructible world in which each game is different from the previous one. To win we will have to build colossal forts, create weapons, find treasures and level up our heroes.

Battle royal

It is the popular PvP battle royale mode of Fortnite, where 100 players will battle within a giant map, which will be changed from season to season. In this mode you will enjoy advanced building skills and destructible scenery that are combined with intense third-person shooter combat. In this game mode there is only one winner or winning team, that is, the last one standing.

Zero construction

It is a tactical version of Fortnite’s Battle Royal. This mode is the same as the previous one except that players cannot build. Without the ability to build, players’ first line of defense will be the additional rechargeable shield, and battles will be based on a mix of tactics and knowledge of strategic combat locations.

Creative mode,

It is the one that puts Fortnite at the service of players, allowing us to turn our fantasies into reality. It allows us to discover how far our creativity and imagination can go. Through this mode, we can create islands, original games and special single player or pvp maps to share online with our friends. This ensures that we can try thousands of games and routes made by other players, which can give us a few hours of fun and can inspire us in creating new maps to share online.

How the creative mode works

This sandbox game mode, provides easy-to-use tools for designing games, mini-games and Fortnite experiences that we can publish and share with friends online. With this mode, we can recreate Fortnite according to our vision, shaping our private island through the rules we want to use. Fortnite Creative works on most existing platforms and devices such as: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and 5, Android, iOS and PC.

To play Fortnite Creative on a Windows, Linux or macOS PC, we need to enter the select game mode screen, select creative mode and click play. At this point we will be transferred to the Creative Lobby. On the right side of the screen, there will be a box containing two options, namely edit and play. Clicking edit will bring up the discover screen. To go directly to the Creative Center and portal of our island, we will have to choose play instead.

The first time we enter the Creative Center, we will start in the central area, opposite our cleft. Around the center we will find many screens, which serve to show us the custom islands of other community creators. Community clefts lead to islands created by other players, and are shown in periodic rotation. If we choose to enter a cleft in the community we will be transported to the island in question.

The majority of the slits we will find lead to community islands, but our personal slit is the only one from which we can access our personal islands and customize them to our liking. When we are in the center, our slit will have a golden glow that will allow us to distinguish it from the slits with white glow of the other players.

Create your own islands and share code

For a novice builder, the first thing to do is definitely to modify their cleft and create a new island. To change the slit, we will first have to approach the console next to the slit and select use the console. From the game creation screen at this point we will select our target island and click on set portal. Once we enter the rift, we will go to the target island where we can start building. From the creation panel, we will be able to create new islands using the console next to the slit. First we will have to select create new, and select the type of island we want to create. At this point we will have to choose the name of the island and then jump into the portal to teleport.

Once we land on the island, we can start building what we want. Preconstructed objects and buildings are basic building blocks used to fill the island with visual elements, and we can find a wide range of them in our Creative inventory. To add items to the island we must be in build mode. We will have to use the phone to place, move, manipulate or delete objects and devices. To find individual building parts and scenic objects, we need to open the galleries tab.

Once we have created an initial environment, we can start adding devices to our island. A device, somewhat like an object, is something that you can place on the island. Unlike objects, the devices create interactions with players and allow any kind of game to be created. We can customize most devices to behave the way we want them to, and this is one of the most interesting ways to control the dynamics of our game.

If this is your first time trying to bring a game to life, we recommend checking out the official Fortnite website, which contains many guides and tutorials on the subject.

In order to post our islands on the official Fortnite pages, it is necessary to receive permission from Epic Games, but we will still be able to share the code of our creations in any case.

What are island access codes and what are the types of games

All players can create islands in Creative Fortnite, and once they do they can post the codes for their creations on social media or other content creation platforms. To access a specific island, we will need its code. Once we get the code, we will have to follow some very simple steps. First we will need to approach the community cleft console and select the use console option. At this point, we will need to enter an island code and click accept, entering the slit, this way we will arrive at the island associated with the code entered.

By combining devices to transform different components and interactions, a game or experience can be brought to life. There are many different ways to create new and innovative game mechanics, one of the best ways to discover them is just to try many different types of games. Let’s take a brief look at the wide variety of experiences you can create by looking at some examples of games:

  • Box Fight (1 vs. 1) – A type of game where two players try to eliminate each other in a very limited space. There are barriers separating players before the start of the game, and it is possible to quickly build defenses before they are removed.
  • Capture the Flag – A game in which teams must capture the enemy flag and carry it all the way to their base, while at the same time dealing with defending their own from the enemy.
  • Domination – In this type of experience, we will fight opponents to expand our dominance over the battle arena by running from building to building, capturing areas and fighting to maintain control over as many buildings as possible.
  • All vs. All or Team Deathmatch – In this game experience, players must eliminate as many opponents as possible to win, earning a point for each elimination. After elimination, players regenerate in the playing area until the end of the round or game.
  • Skillrun – Skillruns are custom runs based on players’ skill. There are all kinds, and they can contain obstacles, traps, mazes and puzzles. They can have several rounds and are one of the most fun experiences in Fortnite Creative.
  • Find and Destroy -An elimination game divided into two teams, the attackers and the defenders. The attacking team must find and arm one of the two bombs on the map, while the defending team must try to stop the rivals by defusing the bomb or eliminating all opponents.
  • Zone Wars – A game that simulates an end-game context of the Battle Royale, where there is a condensed moving zone. The goal is to eliminate opponents while avoiding the oncoming Storm. Each round will be different from the previous one since both generations and inventories will be random.

Best Deathrun Fortnite Codes

As we all know, Deathruns are part of Skillruns and are custom runs created to create a tough challenge for other players to try. These races are a lot of fun and often very challenging, often divided into rounds with checkpoints for easy completion. In some of these, the other players present can activate traps at will to complicate the lives of those taking on the challenges.

We decided to make a selection of the best Deathruns in existence so far and divide them into seven categories:

  • The best Deathruns, are those that manage to provide an overall well-developed experience, fun and challenging, but also rich in detail and imagination.
  • Deathrun fun runs, take advantage of certain synergies and types of blocks in a way that makes for a pleasant experience and ensures smooth and enjoyable gameplay, are often not too challenging but are definitely worth trying.
  • Deathrun High IQs, are among the best organized ones, are full of details and particulars, and very often have puzzles or paths that can be unlocked based on certain actions to be taken. They are ingenious and useful for testing our logical and creative thinking skills.
  • Hardcore Deathruns, the most challenging of all, are perfect for those who want to test their skills with a difficult challenge so as to push their limits. They present routes without guides and recommended directions and contain jumps bordering on the impossible.
  • Popular Deathruns, are those most used by gamers, including youtubers and streamers. These are the most played and popular rides in the creative mode, rich in detail and usually very aesthetically pleasing, they can sometimes be particularly long and difficult to complete.
  • Horror Deathruns, as the name implies, are scary rides that feature dark or Halloween-inspired scenarios. They usually have a balanced difficulty and very often contain pop-up elements that can frighten players.
  • Multiplayer Deathruns, allow us to compete together or against our friends and are usually made to hold from 2 to 16 players. They are a lot of fun and full of elements that can provide the tough challenges.

Let us now take a look at some of the codes for each of the categories just described.

Deathrun Fortnite Best Codes

Here are some of the overall best race codes you can find on Fortnite:

  • 7452-9966-3879 – Deathrun of the pirate Jonesy. One of the best courses ever, it is pirate-themed and has 10 very difficult levels, rich in detail and built by as many as 8 builders. At the end of the race we will also have to face the pirate Jonesy as the final boss in a 1 vs. 1 challenge.
  • 3453-2177-7816 – Parkour Party. A fun, ingenious Deathrun full of challenging jumps, consisting of many different and well-done scenarios.
  • 0588-6764-7738 – McDonalds Deathrun. A McDonalds-themedmap full of hamburgers, fries, various foods and drinks, it doesn’t look like it at first glance but it is really a lot of fun.
  • 5030-1216-1484 – Jesgran’s Deathrun. A very fun and also very well-known course set inside an ancient temple and considered one of the best ever.
  • 5361-9496-2479 – Tumble Lads. A map that mimics the style of Fall Guys. It contains eight mini-games to play, all based on levels from Mediatonic’s famous game. It’s so much fun and it’s one of the best Fortnite maps out there.
  • 0356-4964-5824 – Bounce Out Parkour. A map based on the obstacle courses you see on TV like Wipeout. Created by veteran creator eatyoushay, in this Deathrun we must make our way through obstacles and reach the finish line as quickly as possible without falling into the water.
  • 2741-2421-8998 – 35 Levels Easter Deathrun. A map based on an Easter theme, in which we will have to run and climb through different scenarios filled with bunnies of all kinds.
  • 0268-5437-7911 – FishStick’s Adventures Deathrun. Another wonderful Pirates of the Caribbean themed map that blends the Deathrun genre with an adventure game. Players must collect fish while avoiding dangerous obstacles in beach towns, tropical islands and pirate ships.
  • 9650-8149-3607 – More Wacky Ways to Die. One of Fortnite’s most imaginative maps, offering 15 levels to overcome, each with a crazier way to leave your skin. We will find fantastic settings with dinosaurs, giant toys, bank robberies and much more.
  • 4043-5793-6999 – Cizzors Deathrun 3.0. Creator Cizzorz has become famous for his brilliant maps that offer a challenging and fun challenge. This is one of his best and most popular creations of all time, where a special event with a cash prize was also held.

Codes of the Deathrun Fortnite funniest fun runs

Here are some of the most enjoyable and hilarious ride codes you can find on Fortnite:

  • 9654-3764-4414 – Rainbow Runners. A fun and difficult Deathrun course that requires you to run, shoot and fly through the 10 unique levels as fast as possible. The simple, colorful and bold style of snownymous is incredibly visually pleasing.
  • 6454-0570-5804 – 50 Levels Fun Run. This map is divided into 5 sections and consists of 50 very fun and well-designed levels. The levels are not too challenging but are very pleasant, quirky, and richly detailed on an aesthetic level.
  • 9421-3578-4757 – The 100 Levels Default Fun Run Part 3. A madness in terms of color and dynamism. This map is really good for those who want to relax and enjoy a run that can entertain for its beauty.
  • 0388-5756-0977 – 100 Levels Rainbow Deathrun. This creation of Meep is a high-level run. To complete it you will need to avoid force fields, make treacherous jumps and shoot targets to make floating platforms appear. The difficulty level is quite high, but it is worth it.
  • 6143-6967-5318 – The Just Have Fun Deathrun. A very colorful course full of complex jumps and dynamic traps.
  • 6691-8765-5431 – 25 Level Princess Fun Deathrun. This code takes us to a very detailed princely garden full of platforms. A fairly simple route great for those who don’t want too much of a challenge.
  • 5827-1771-7967 – The Disco Deathrun. A Disco-themed course full of lights and colors with dynamic platforms. It contains an easy mode and a difficult mode so players can choose a relaxing or demanding challenge.
  • 1550-1572-2706 – Modern City Hide and Seek. This map offers a very special kind of game, it is not a Deathrun but it deserves to be mentioned. This map gives us a chance to play hide-and-seek in a big city with other play, definitely worth trying.
  • 1718-7978-6945 – Gumballer Machine. Another atypical route that takes us inside a giant bubble gum machine. To start playing, we will have to operate the button and start having fun.
  • 1005-4221-7481 – Avengers Deathrun. A beautiful superhero-themed run, where a fast-paced race full of explosions, special powers and fantastic traps will await us.

Funniest Deathrun Fortnite High IQ codes

Now we show you some of the most ingenious and ingenious race codes you can find on Fortnite:

  • 0676-3485-0519 – The “Nick Eh 30” Deathrun. A most enjoyable labyrinthine run, full of surprises and traps. It has the advantage of being very pleasant and relaxing since it does not have too high a difficulty.
  • 5394-6011-6542 – All Seasons Default Trivia Map. A map based on investigative skill. There will be many questions, and we will have to solve them by paying attention to the scenarios. Only the wittiest and most creative players will be able to find all the right answers.
  • 6556 9648 2508 – Maze Runner. A gigantic labyrinth that will drive even the most skilled crazy to find the exits. A really well-made path full of dead ends, a good deal of patience and memory is required to complete it.
  • 6297-3409-4627 – Season 2 Trivia. A very fun trivia-style run where we have to answer some questions in order to continue the run.
  • 2579-6473-0285 – A’maze’ing. Another labyrinthine run, in a setting suspended in the sky. Consisting of 9 levels of progressive difficulty and then 9 very hilarious and well-constructed mazes.
  • 5123-6445-1949 – Marvel Deathrun. A brilliant superhero-themed pathway. In each level based on a different superhero we will have to figure out how to keep going; it is not easy but it is a run that can give a lot of satisfaction.
  • 6210-4581-9929 – 30 Level Fall Deathrun. With this code we will be faced with a 30-level course where we will have to take advantage of the objects provided to find a way forward, it is quite simple and very hilarious, we recommend you try it.
  • 9078-7221-5597 – Creative Minds Deathrun 3.0. One of the most beautiful runs in this section, as it was made by a collaboration of talented creators who were able to create a brilliant, beautiful to look at, and richly detailed run.
  • 9400-6069-3675 – Youtuber Deathrun Race. This is a race that takes place 1 vs 1 vs 1, which is a challenge between three participants. The race is very unique, full of obstacles and traps, the challenge against the other two players, is a factor that makes it more fun.
  • 1234-4498-4027 – Too Many Secrets Parkour Deathrun. A run chock-full of secrets and mysteries, great for those who want to test your deduction skills and want to have an original, brain-teasing challenge.

Deathrun Fortnite Hardcore codes most challenging

Here we show you some of the most difficult and borderline impossible ride codes that can be found on Fortnite, they are the perfect ones for those who want to push their limits and become a pro player:

  • 0940-9970-7913 – Cizzorz Deathrun Challenge. This run dates back to 2018, but it is still one of the most unaffordable challenges for most Fortnite players. Overcoming this challenge will require a great deal of skill, patience and even luck.
  • 0024-8642-2549 – Super Hard Deathrun. A truly impossible challenge that is set to be even more difficult than that of Cizzors. paths will be overflowing with traps, obstacles and elements capable of taking out even the most difficult Deathrun veterans.
  • 1992-9149-6271 – Insanely Hard Deathrun. Those who have tried this code say that this map was created directly from hell. This challenge bordering on the impossible is capable of testing anyone, and to overcome it, you will need to go beyond your limits.
  • 0028-3602-7429 – Default Hard Deathrun. This route is not too long and is less difficult than the previous codes, but still manages to provide a complex and demanding challenge
  • 4892-2130-1868 – 10 Impossible Parkour. A deathrun consisting of 10 levels, all of them very difficult. They are very well done, but to be able to complete them you will need to try them again and again and have the strength to never give up.
  • 7960-9402-1770 – 25 Level Super Hard Deathrun. As the title of this run states, this run consists of 25 levels all very difficult. perhaps slightly easier than some of the codes we have just seen, but the level of difficulty is still very high.
  • 8346-5985-9845 – Tryhard Deathrun 1.0. To understand the difficulty of this course, just read its title, tryhard literally “try too hard,” means to try your hardest and maintain 100% concentration. Without tryhardare this path is literally impossible.
  • 4662-2807-6271 – Impossible Troll Parkour. This run in addition to being damn difficult, you also manage to tease us throughout. It is certainly very sympathetic, as it manages to be very funny but also very frustrating.
  • 9641-6350-7711 – Impossible Escape Room. With this code, we will find ourselves locked in a room, precisely an escape room, where our task will be to figure out how to get out of it. The only problem is that really an undertaking to figure out how to do it.
  • 9800-9093-5856 – The Race Impossible to Finish. Arguably one of the most difficult races in fortnite, where up to six players can compete. The fact that this race is multiplayer makes it more fun and exhilarating.

Codes of the best popular Deathrun

Here we show you some of the most famous and played race codes that can be found on Fortnite, these codes are often used by many famous streamers and youtubers on the web:

  • 0016-1024-5800 – Crundefault Run. One of the most popular and played Fortnite runs, it contains 100 levels that are very well made and completely different from each other. A route definitely worth trying that can offer good difficulty.
  • 2015-8357-2340 – Bush Murder Mystery. This code is not quite that of a deathrun, but it takes us to a very fun mini-game. In this map playable up to a maximum of 16 players, a murder will take place and our task will be to discover the culprit.
  • 0996-9204-9407 – Escape Grandma’s House 2. This map is very funny and original. Our task will be to escape from grandmother’s house; this grandmother has somewhat peculiar tastes.
  • 7662-4632-7482 – Duo Disco Deathrun. An epic and highly entertaining deathrun for 2 players, in which you will need to master your coordination and timing skills to help each other in order to get through the disc-style light-filled course by pressing switches to raise platforms and stay clear of force field walls.
  • 7024-4001-0960 – Relativity Deathrun. A relativity-based run unlike any other Fortnite Creative run. This elegant black-and-white map by the absurdite creator will keep us constantly on our toes by offering many surprises and ingenious interactive puzzles.
  • 3009-5833-7847 – The 1 Minute Deathrun. Another Fortnite map that offers something unique is that of the creator fhsupport. Set in a beautiful outdoor landscape, but we will not have time to appreciate the design as we will only have one minute to complete the entire course.
  • 5287-5167-4148 – Runners Vs Cars. An interesting interpretation of a multiplayer map that divides players into two parts: racers and cars. Racers must try to overcome an arduous Deathrun course, while other players drive cars and must do their best to shoot down racers. A fast-paced and hilarious course that adds an original challenge.
  • 3526-4295-7927 – Giant iPhone Deathrun. Hilarious iPhone-themed run, where each level will be based on a different app from Apple’s mobile operating system. One of the most creative and unique that we find on creative Fortnite, absolutely a must try.
  • 3661-7337-5844 – 1 Level Deathrun. There will be only one path and one life, in this difficult and very bizarre run, full of difficult jumps and infamous traps. It will take a lot of patience and a good deal of tryhard to complete it.
  • 3091-3890-4654 – 2000 Levels Default Deathrun. This run is crazy, since it consists of the beauty of 2000 levels. Given its length, finishing it is almost impossible, but if you have plenty of time to devote to it, you will surely accomplish this feat.

Deathrun codes Fortnite Horror scariest

In this section we show you some of the darkest and most terrifying ride codes that can be found on Fortnite, they are perfect for those who feel like trying something thrilling and scary:

  • 2369-8703-4182 – Athazagoraphobia. The name of this Deathrun refers to the phobia of being forgotten. We can already imagine from the title how frightening and bleak this path is. An absolute must try run for those who want to get some scary thrills.
  • 5376-0834-7195 – Dark Deathrun. A dark and very difficult race in which we will have to collect some green balls to survive. In addition to being horror-themed it is also really difficult and full of traps, only the bravest and most skilled can complete it.
  • 2108-4086-4230 – Horror Mansion Escape. This is one of the best horror-themed deathruns ever created. It is one of the scariest maps in existence, consists of 15 levels, and has a beautifully crafted and original setting.
  • 0682-2781-3064 – Phasmophobia. This game is inspired by the famous psychological horror video game called Phasmophobia. With this code we will find ourselves inside a very creepy investigative horror game where we can play with up to 3 other players.
  • 2164-7518-4613 – Zombie Invasion. This code does not take us to a deathrun, but rather to a zombie invasion. Our task will be to survive the various waves of putrescent enemies and defend our base.
  • 0843-7298-3578 – Escape Room: Witch House. In this map we will find ourselves inside a haunted house, our goal will be to figure out how to get out of it, while we will have to be careful not to get too scared.
  • 9663-1874-2583 – Evil Awaits 2.0. A wicked map containing parkour, interactive missions, jump scares and teleports in a dark and sinister atmosphere. This is one of the scariest and most game-packed maps and surprises in this category.
  • 6023-0598-0426 – The Jigsaw Escape Deathrun Puzzle Map. A SAW the Riddler-themed map, where we will find torture rooms in which we will be imprisoned. Everything will be full of traps and very punishing, as is the case in the saga films.
  • 8752-7425-3922 – Outlast Fortnite Edition. The famous horror and thriller game Outlast, returns thanks to the potential of creative mode. This map sets out to emulate some single player adventure, and it succeeds frighteningly well.
  • 4095-5394-1235 – Horror Deathrun. A horror run, quite short but very intense. Full of details and with an interesting level design, it is definitely worth a try if you love runs of this genre.

Funniest Fortnite multiplayer deathrun codes

Here we show you some of the most bizarre and hilarious ride codes we can play with together with our friends on Fortnite, they are perfect for those who feel like playing together or against their mates:

  • 1872-3990-0691 – Umbra | 20 Levels Deathrun. This is a multiplayer run in which we can challenge up to a maximum of as many as 16 players. The setting is very atmospheric and allows for a really intense and competitive challenge.
  • 4947-1612-5968 – Happy Birthday Default Deathrun. A multiplayer race that allows us to compete with other players (maximum 16) with a birthday theme. Really well done and hilarious, full of details that make it very replayable.
  • 5311-5797-7900 – Big Box PVP. This code does not take us to a deathrun, but rather to an arena with lots of rooms with PVP confrontations. We decided to include it here because it is one of the best arenas you can find on Fortnite creative.
  • 5452-4165-5498 – Infiltrated, Multiplayer Horror Game. A map in which 10 players must find 7 batteries in order to escape from a gloomy abandoned park. Complicating matters, however, will be some monsters that will go after the survivors.
  • 4574-3178-4901 – The Noisy Race. A really well-done multiplayer deathrun, in which we will be able to challenge 3 other players in a race consisting of 10 very colorful levels with excellent level design.
  • 9851-9678-2313 – Deathrun Winterbank (Solo or Multiplayer). Very ingenious deathrun for 16 players, which takes us to a location among glaciers. A bank has been robbed, and security members must chase the thief who has since filled the place with traps.
  • 3958-2152-5837 – Summer Splash Deathrun Race. A 16-player race with a summer and water theme. Clearly, only the one who crosses the finish line first will win, so we will have to be careful not to make mistakes.
  • 5472-1345-0680 – The Ultimate 4 Person Deathrun Race. In this race created for groups of 4 players, we will have the opportunity to challenge our friends and compete for the record of this island. Especially suitable for speed challenges among friends.
  • 0652-7985-6622 – Squid Game. There had to be a deathrun based on the very popular Korean Netflix series. In this map, 10 players will compete, who will face many trials consisting of mini-games, obviously only one player will win.
  • 7462-2166-1802 – TNT Run. The latest deathrun we present is playable by up to 16 players. In this run we will gain XP every time we successfully pass a round, but in addition to competing with other competitors we will have to be careful not to explode.