Downloading video from Twitter – Solutions for Smartphone, PC and Mac


Twitter has become a particularly popular social network in recent years; the ability to interact with public and private entities allows for quick and uncluttered communication. In some cases you might come across an interesting piece of media content and want to save it to your device, mobile or fixed. How to download videos from Twitter? In the next few lines we will answer this question.

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Downloading videos from Twitter: the reasons to do it

Before looking at all the methods for downloading videos from Twitter quickly and safely, it is interesting to take a look at the motivations for users to do so. As is easy to imagine, each person has different needs, and incentives are virtually infinite; however, common parameters can be defined, in which concrete utilities are identified. Let’s see which ones.

Making personal videos

The multimedia content found on Twitter is particularly diverse; one can find informative or simply entertaining videos. This possibility puts the user in a position to make a whole new content according to his or her own designs.

A personal video created with Twitter videos needs less editing, since it itself has a very high quality, not so much in the resolution as in the filming of the video itself.

Archiving content

Another reason to download videos from Twitter lies in archiving the most interesting content. The Web is full of videos that are constantly being updated, making them difficult to find. By making a direct download of the video you can view it whenever you want, without necessarily connecting to the Internet and Twitter itself, which may be offline in some cases.

Future removal

So many people prefer to download videos from Twitter in order not to incur unavailability in the future. Often people are led to think that an online video remains forever, in reality this can be removed at any time.

To free yourself from this possibility, it is smart to download the video to your device and keep it in case of removal. Of course, one should not have a phobia that at any moment one’s favorite movies will be removed, but for the most important ones it might be a smart move to store them in a dedicated folder on the PC or smartphone.


As much as we try to give serious motivation for downloading a video from Twitter, in many cases it is in pure entertainment that such action finds its greatest expression.

A particularly funny movie can be a source of interaction with one’s friends. This condition would find maximum yield by downloading the media content and sharing it with one’s instant messaging software, such as WhatsApp and Telegram.


In the age of NFTs, even a Twitter video could become a collector’s item. Although there is no originality in downloading a copy, it is still a way to preserve potentially interesting multimedia content.

A private collection of funny, informative, educational, and so on videos can be useful for others, but also to reuse them in the future for one’s own benefit.

Highest quality

When watching a video on Twitter, the video resolution is constrained in many cases by the internet connection or platform rendering. Downloading video from Twitter with dedicated software allows for maximum resolution of the footage, ensuring better quality in many cases.

As is easy to deduce, if a video was uploaded in 720P, a better resolution could not be obtained, but in case there were more options, software could make the download according to the user’s needs.

Downloading video from Twitter: Websites

Noting the many reasons to download videos from Twitter, let’s try to understand how to do it. Let’s start with what are the websites, that is, online platforms that you have to access through your web browser and enter the URL of the video to submit the download request. Let’s see which portals are the most interesting and functional for this operation.


One of the most popular online platforms for making Twitter video downloads is DonloadTwitterVideos, the name certainly does not leave much room for imagination.

The service is totally free and allows you to download videos from Twitter quickly and intuitively, even if only in MP4 format. The site guarantees a maximum HD resolution, thus, a good solution for most of one’s personal projects.

Accessing the main page via the web browser will require entering, within the main bar, theURL of the Twitter video and then clicking on Download MP4, or Download MP4 HD. In just a few seconds the conversion process will start and download to your device.

The URL is nothing but the address of the video, such as:

Twitter Video Download

Another very interesting free service for downloading movies from Twitter is Twitter Video Download, a solution that is not limited to just movies, but also allows you to download animated GIFs.

Movies can be saved in the MP4 format, however, without having the option of alternative solutions. To make the download, one has to go to the official page and enter the Twitter video URL inside the section called Paste Tweet URL Here. By clicking on Download, you will only have to wait a few seconds to get the video.


This web page is suitable not only for downloading videos from Twitter, but also for many other social networks. VIDO is a completely free platform that allows you to save videos in the canonical MP4 format. Among its most interesting functions is that of downloading audio tracks, that is, separating the video part from the music track.

Although this may seem like an insignificant aspect, it is actually very useful especially for music and informational and podcast content.

To download the movie you have to enter the URL inside the main bar and click on the red button named GO. In this case the wait for conversion is slightly longer than the online sites mentioned above, but the versatility across so many platforms is absolutely worth it.


A most interesting platform that allows you to convert online Twitter clips into physical ones that you can save to your device is TwDown. Again, it is very easy to use the platform. If you go to the main page, you will be faced with a bar in which to enter the URL of the Twitter video.

Inserting it, with copy and paste, just click on Download, a button located on the right, and wait for the rendering and downloading process to finish.

In addition to the movie download function, this website also allows you to convert Twitter videos to MP3, so you can listen to the tracks whenever you want. The digital site does not require registration and can be used completely free of charge.


Alternative solution, which can be very useful for those who want to directly use the Twitter platform to download their movies, is SaveTwitterVideo. Technically, a bot is exploited that guarantees the download without necessarily leaving the famous social network; to make it work, just follow a few steps. Let’s see which ones.

First of all need to locate the Tweet in which the movie is present, just click on the comic icon to start writing a new message. To activate the bot one must necessarily submit the request, which will be activated by typing @save_video. By pressing the Enter key on the keyboard, the bot will forward the download request and send the requester a link that initiates the saving procedure on the device.

The only condition to take into consideration is to be logged in within the Twitter platform.


When looking for a quick download website, one almost always ends up on Savevideo. This online platform allows action in two different methodologies: directly with the URL or by communicating on Twitter with the platform itself.

In the first case, one must go to the main page of the platform and enter the URL link within the center bar, then click on Download. In the second method, on the other hand, you have to log on to Twitter and mention with @save_video the movie you intend to download. The platform within a few seconds will again send a direct download link.

Usually Savevideo is not the most responsive website, so, you have to arm yourself with some patience before you get the file to download.

Downloading video from Twitter: from Android and iOS

Not everyone likes to use the PC, often we end up looking for alternative solutions that can work on the smartphone. In fact, there are really a lot of apps available for Android and iOS, but in many cases we end up with poorly optimized or unsafe software. Let’s see which applications you can rely on to download Twitter videos from your smartphone.

Standard method

Before listing the most interesting Apps to solve this problem, it is worth specifying that standard methods on websites can also be used from Android and iOS operating systems.

By accessing the previously analyzed websites with your web browser on a smartphone you can get the same results, it just becomes a little more complex to find the URL.

On the official Twitter application, the link to the film can be found under the description of the user name who posted it. The small arrow, pointing downward, must be pressed, you will find yourself with several options to choose from. Selecting Copy Tweet link can then be placed within the search bar of online sites to download videos from Twitter.

Total Files – Android and iOS

One of the best-known and most widely used applications for downloading videos from the Web is Total Files, a solution that allows you to extract videos not only from Twitter, but also from other social networks. Its distinctiveness, in addition to compatibility with iOS and Android, lies in its ease of use and graphically well-rendered interface.

The developer company has paid close attention to data security, therefore, one can trust it with one’s eyes closed without incurring potential cyber threats. Sharing, playback and downloads to one’s cloud accounts are interesting.

MyMedia – iOS

An absolutely great alternative, but one that caters only to iPad and iPhone owners, is MyMedia. In addition to a completely free download, the application is characterized by several interesting features, not least because it can be considered a true file manager rather than a software for downloading movies.

Downloading videos from Twitter with this software is extremely simple, just launch the application and the Web Browser within it, at which point you need to reach the Twitter Video Downloader site and paste the URL of the movie you intend to download.

Pressing Download will start the conversion process to the selected folder. Aspect, which makes this App famous, lies in its ability to have the video format selected, certainly useful for those who do not want to rely on the usual MP4 files.

Documents by Readdle – iOS

Those who use PDF files on their iPhones on a daily basis will surely be familiar with the Documents by Readdle application. This allows not only reading PDFs, but also synchronizing documents in the cloud and downloading videos from Twitter.

To use the program you must first copy the link from the Twitter clip and then open Documents. Now simply press on the compass icon, located at the bottom right of the screen, and access the browser.

From here select one of the online platforms listed above and enter the copied URL. Clicking on Download will proceed to download the movie from Twitter.

You will also be able to share videos directly from the Share section within the program.

Downloading video from Twitter: from Windows and macOS

Web sites dedicated to downloading Twitter clips do not always guarantee maximum performance. In addition to being able to run into connection problems, you might end up with files in only one format, as highlighted above: the MP4 format.

To extend functionality, it is usually appropriate to tack on a more hard-hitting solution, that is, dedicated software to be installed on one’s fixed device. Unfortunately, it is advisable to use dedicated smartphone applications or websites to accomplish this task.

Every year so much software dedicated to this function is deleted and in many cases is considered threats by the antivirus on the PC. It is recommended that you do not download third-party software to download your movies from Twitter, so as to safeguard the safety of your operating system as well.

JDownloader – Mac and Windows

At the moment for PCs, a real professional and reliable solution does not exist, except for JDownloader, software that was created with the purpose of ensuring safe downloading from Twitter on both Windows and macOS operating systems.

First you need to download the installation file, in .exe and .dmg format for Windows and Mac, respectively. You can speed up the process by clicking directly here.

Several versions can be downloaded; it is advisable to download the most recent and obviously compatible with your device.

After the software has finished downloading, you need to start it and copy the URL of the Twitter movie. To speed up detection operations, it is recommended to do this manually by clicking on Add New Web Links and then pasting the URL.

Once the link is entered simply click Start Download, choose the save folder and wait for the process to complete. In this case, the timing depends on the speed of the processor.

Downloading video from Twitter: features to look for

Among the many methods of downloading videos from Twitter, it is evident that online ones are definitely more widely used than offline ones. Although dedicated software on one’s device can be helpful, it is undeniable that one still needs to be connected to the Internet in order to download from the digital platform.

This condition prompts us to focus on the qualities that an online platform and consequent dedicated software must have. Let’s try to understand the characteristics to look for to get the best results.

Ease of use

When you need to download videos from Twitter, it is essential to rely on a platform that is easy to use. Everyone can have the days when they are distracted, taking advantage of an immediate service where thinking is not essential can help.

Obviously, a dedicated website has greater ease of interaction than software installed on the PC, but in both cases a neophyte-proof interface must be chosen.

Video Resolution

Most software and websites designed to extract footage from Twitter are constrained to a lower resolution than the original video. Downloading a video at a lower resolution than the one uploaded to the social network is useful for 99 percent of users, but those who need to create quality content may need something more.

Some software also allows you to choose the extraction resolution, providing greater versatility in post-production with a video editor.


The time it takes to download a video from Twitter is not only constrained by the speed of one’s Internet connection; in many cases those with a very slow network may think it is the referring site that is the problem. But in addition to the speed of the provider’s connection, it is important to note that some websites are significantly faster than others in converting the movie and subsequently downloading it.

Some websites take several minutes before sending the link with the URL, while others rely on particularly slow servers on which it is difficult to download at more than 1 Mb/s.


Additional features to evaluate lie in the compression of downloaded videos. Although the downloaded movie may initially look identical to the original movie, compression may cause the file to lose features, whether these are related to audio or video resolution.

In this case you need to check the properties of the newly downloaded video and make sure that the parameters are identical to the original ones. Trying more than one software in this case can be helpful in finding the one best suited to your needs.


One of the biggest sticking points when downloading a video from Twitter is the export format. Usually, websites allow you to extract video only in the MP4 format, in a few cases even download Mp3 audio files separately.

This condition can be limiting, especially for those who need to work with AVI, Xvid or similar files. In this case, the best solution would be to opt for dedicated software, such as JDownloader; or for a program that has the function of converting video from MP4 to different formats. Video qualities, however, will not be at the same level.


To think that a website or software developed for downloading videos from Twitter is only useful for performing that action is partly wrong. In fact, some of these also allow you to take advantage of other functions, such as interaction with other platforms, sharing to other social networks, and especially real-time editing of audio and video.

Platforms that have multiple functions are not necessarily the best ones; in many cases one comes across programs that are particularly eclectic but do not succeed well at any of the tasks.

Italian language

For many this is not a problem, but so many websites are mainly in English. As basic as the tasks to be performed are, opting for a platform translated into Italian could help, especially when you have technical problems. Communicating with support in Italian can help when you are unable to perform a certain action with the software.

Free registration

The software we have analyzed in the previous lines are almost all free, that is, they are based on platforms that allow the extraction of videos from Twitter without necessarily registering with the site or paying money.

We should point out, however, that those who work with media content may need additional features, such as the cloud or faster download speeds. In such cases it is appropriate to rely on subscription plans, which can certainly offer something more in terms of reliability.

Most users, however, will not need paid solutions; the quality and speed of downloads is more than sufficient to ensure excellent enjoyment of media content.


Downloading videos from Twitter is extremely simple, you just need to pay attention to a few things, first and foremost: URL and format of the video.

Certainly the management of downloaded videos can be improved by using apps on smartphones, but the most concrete results are definitely obtained from the services offered by online platforms. Of course, one must in any case have a good Internet connection.