EA Sports FC 24 Review: Full and Impartial Analysis

In recent years, football and video game fans have eagerly awaited the annual release of FIFA, one of the most beloved titles in the Bel Paese. This year, despite the end of the agreements between FIFA and EA, the anticipation has not faded. EA Sports FC 24, while not a new beginning, carries on the tradition of its predecessors, combining familiar elements with new ideas.

We thoroughly explored the final version of EA Sports FC 24 on Xbox Series X and found that, in many ways, it is very similar to its predecessor. Despite the lack of a more pronounced qualitative steering, the game still has several small innovations that we greatly appreciated.

In a nutshell.

  • EA Sports FC 24 maintains the tradition of FIFA’s predecessors
  • The game has several small innovations that are appreciated by fans
  • Despite some similarities with its predecessor, the title offers an engaging gaming experience

Use the Head

In EA Sports FC 24, gameplay is characterized by a slower and more enjoyable pace of play, unlike the chaotic FIFA 23 that led to frantic matches, especially online. While maintaining its arcade style, especially in Ultimate Team, EA Sports FC 24 offers a more reasoned and complex style of play.

Hypermotion and new animations put more emphasis on midfield clashes, player movements and ball trajectories. This results in a more immersive gaming experience, similar to a classic simulation.

However, efficiently managing the defensive line remains complicated. There are still situations where the defense suddenly shows wide flaws. However, we appreciate that EA Sports has reduced the effectiveness of tackles and second player support for double marking.

Importantly, the acceleration in the game has been adjusted to be more realistic and consistent. In addition, the passing system has been improved, offering new animations and more control.

In summary, EA Sports FC 24 offers more balanced and reasoned gameplay, with a greater emphasis on real game situations, such as the physicality of the ball and interactions between players. These changes, along with the implementation of Hypermotion, new animations, and improvements in transitions, lead to a more immersive and fulfilling gaming experience for all players.

Online Mode

Speaking of the modes featured, EA Sports FC 24 builds on the usual mix of offerings that for years has provided a balanced experience for both solo players and those who enjoy competitive online play. The main mode, of course, remains Ultimate Team. This year, following the partial innovation introduced in the predecessor, new features such as mixed teams and some management shortcuts have been added to simplify the creation of our ideal roster.

Women’s soccer has finally gained media prominence, and this is reflected positively in the game, giving the opportunity to use some of the world’s most famous female soccer players. By integrating female players into our Ultimate Team roster, we can take advantage of a wide range of options and select athletes based on their particular abilities, especially in the wings and three-quarter of the field. Importantly, it is not mandatory to include female soccer players in our teams.

Ultimate Team mode features offline leaderboards(Squad Battles) and online challenges(Rivals), which allow you to qualify and participate in Weekend Leagues, as well as roster creation challenges for attractive prizes.

New features in the mode include Evolutions, cards that can be upgraded by completing certain challenges, and the elimination of consumable cards by role change. Now players can change positions on the field based on several possible alternatives for their real-life counterparts. Another welcome change is the introduction of play styles, features that expand on the old player attributes with multiple unique options, such as reading aerial throws, ball and foot vision, physical prowess and shooting power.

Turning to Evolutions, we noted that some cases allow for upgrading quickly via credits or FC Points, but if used indiscriminately, they could turn EA Sports FC 24 ‘s most played mode into a pay-to-win. At present, however, the options seem extremely limited, and it will need to be monitored in the coming months whether the team can keep the paid options within reasonable limits.

Lots of substance, but often repetitive

In the EA Sports FC 24 game, the Career mode is divided between coach and player, offering different mechanics. By focusing on the coaching career, new levels of team management emerge, with options such as hiring specialized trainers and customizing the growth of athletes. These features allow us to give our team a personal touch, but sometimes we run into a feeling of déjà-vù.

Transfer management and matches can become repetitive, especially for veterans of the game. The Player Career also has similar aspects, with character growth through play styles as the only distinguishing feature.

In terms of gameplay and menu interfaces, some changes have been made, but the “wow factor” present in previous chapters has been lost to some extent. Another element that does not contribute positively is the commentary by EA Sports FC 24, with few new features compared to the previous edition and a narration that is not always consistent with the in-game events.

Overall, the game offers many opportunities to experience the world of soccer both as coaches and players. However, there are some aspects that should be revised to further improve the experience and meet the expectations of fans.

  • Champions: the game offers a wide range of champions to choose from and drive to victory
  • Rivals: the level of challenge is high, with challenging and stimulating rivals
  • Physical: the physical aspects of players are carefully studied, making matches more realistic
  • Goalkeepers: goalkeeper mechanics are updated, providing a more dynamic and engaging experience
  • Bugs: occasional bugs may appear in the game, but do not affect its enjoyment

In general little new

Speaking of the various modes featured in EA Sports FC 24, we cannot ignore Volta street football. This mode offers a break from more traditional soccer, allowing players to have fun without worrying too much about rigid rules or complex tactics.

Volta games can be fun if played in moderation, and even better if shared with friends. However, they do not offer significant added value over previous versions. The fast-paced and sometimes illogical game dynamics can lead to moments of frustration.

In a way, this mode seems to focus more on aesthetics and character growth, offering the possibility of dressing the character in exaggerated clothes and accessories that are trendy among young people. In essence, the emphasis is on the aesthetic componenta and may be too frivolous for more traditionalist gamers.

Fortunately, the other classic modes, both online and offline, allow the game experience to be balanced. From Kickoff with several variations to discover, to creating various tournaments, to co-op seasons.

The Pro Club mode, now called Club, is also more interesting than expected and is well suited to veteran players who want to split roles and climb divisions. We appreciated the introduction of cross-play, previously absent in FIFA 23, and a restructuring of the layout that allows for clearer and more comprehensive club management. These novelties, though small, add a touch of interest to a mode perceived as neglected in past years.

Closer to a game on TV

Technically, EA Sports FC 24 shows great perseverance. The Frostbite engine exhibits its power, offering an accurate depiction of not only the most celebrated soccer players, but also mid-level players. This also applies to women’s soccer, with a wide range of stadium and uniform licenses, although our leagues are less emphasized than those in England, Spain and Germany.

The slower pace of play should not deceive: it continues to be possible to take advantage of speed in counterattacks or maneuvers driven by sudden game changes. However, the increased detail in players’ movements, both with and without the ball, makes the game a bit more cumbersome and challenging, requiring a good deal of practice.

This aspect is also positively reflected in the various updated game interfaces, which are present in almost all modes, as well as in the general menus during game startup.

We would like to emphasize the pleasant addition of the detachment from the locker room at the end of the first half. As for fan details or the general atmosphere of the stadium, there are no major changes, with some cuts to the pre-game video stages.

These considerations left us with a feeling of slightly diminished on-screen immersion, in contrast to the much-vaunted “Matchday Experience” promised since the first announcements, which was only partially fulfilled.

The best deals for EA Sports FC 24 are available for a fulfilling gaming experience. Squad Battles, commentary and menus are part of the many features to be discovered in the game.

Final grade


  • Moderate and weighted game speed
  • Ultimate Team consistently provides content and support
  • The introduction of female soccer players offers interesting opportunities, especially online
  • Some appreciable updates in the Career and Club


  • We wished for more innovations
  • Problems persist in managing the defensive phase
  • A slight regression in the stadium experience


In soccer video games such as EA Sports FC 24, it is essential to focus on game modes such as Career and Ultimate Team to keep players’ attention. With the release on PlayStation and Xbox Series X, fans seem to appreciate the quality of the modes, although there may be some less appreciated compromises. The career mode, for example, offers the possibility of managing teams such as Manchester City or PSG, with an experience similar to that offered by Football Manager. As for the player mode, you can immerse yourself in the life of a professional soccer player, fully experiencing the excitement of the field. Overall, we have tried to maintain a neutral and informative approach to provide a comprehensive analysis of these features.

Entertainment and involvement

EA Sports FC 24 comes with a completely revamped aesthetic, showing a minimalist and less confusing user interface than in the past. The UI is very appealing and the various modes, such as Ultimate Team, look neat and easily accessible.

Foamy soccer?

The realism in FC 24’s gameplay is the result of meticulous research, thanks to Hypermotion technology. The animations and movements of the players are highly polished, resulting in an impressive visual experience.

Football developments

The game’s artificial intelligence has undergone significant improvements, making referees more attentive and teams more dynamic in responding to different game tactics. However, some inconsistencies may emerge in gameplay, mainly related to the speed of actions and difficulty in defense.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new features of EA FC 24 compared to previous versions?

In EA FC 24, there are several innovations from previous editions. These improvements affect both the gameplay and the features available in the game, such as:

  • Improved graphics: graphics have been further refined to provide a more realistic and immersive gaming experience.
  • Revised artificial intelligence: the AI has been refined to make matches more balanced and unpredictable.
  • New game mechanics: new mechanics have been introduced to make the game more fluid and dynamic.

How has the Career mode been improved in EA FC 24?

Career mode in EA FC 24 enjoys several refinements and new features, including:

  • Revamped transfer system: the process of buying and selling players has been revised to make it more realistic and engaging.
  • Improved team management: it will now be possible to have more control over team management, from developing young talent to training players.
  • Enhanced media interaction: media interaction and club reputation management have been improved to make Career mode more immersive.

Which teams are included in EA FC 24?

EA FC 24 includes more than 700 teams from around the world, including:

  • Teams from the major European leagues (Serie A, Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga)
  • South American and Asian championship teams.
  • National teams

What does the Ultimate edition of EA FC 24 include?

The Ultimate Edition of EA FC 24 offers exclusive content for avid gamers, including:

  • Early access to the game
  • Bonus Packages for FIFA Ultimate Team
  • Exclusive items for customizing your avatar

Is EA FC 24 available for mobile devices?

Yes, EA FC 24 is also available on mobile devices, offering an optimized gaming experience for smartphones and tablets.

Where can I buy EA FC 24 in physical store?

FIFA 24 can be purchased at major video game stores and electronics chains, as well as authorized online retailers.