GTA 6 Possible Release Date, News & Indiscretions


The Grand Theft Auto saga is a mainstay of the video game industry, one of the most famous and beloved sagas for millions of video gamers. At the root of this video game’s success is the great freedom granted to players to be able to act and move in any part of the map, taking advantage of features that make it a kind of parody simulation of American gangster life.

The manufacturer of this game is the now very famous Rockstar Games, a U.S.-based company dedicated to the development and distribution of video games, founded in 1998 in New York. Among the most important series created by Rockstar we can find Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne and Red Dead Redemption, sagas that completely revolutionized the way video games were conceived.

Today we talk about one of the most important games in development in this generation of video games, namely the highly anticipated GTA VI, which will continue the Grand Theft Auto series.

We will first reveal a key detail, namely what the release date will be, after which we will try to predict some basic details about the features of this game. In this article you will find everything you can currently know about the new chapter of GTA.

GTA VI release date

A very fresh news provided by analysts who analyzed Rockstar Games’ financial data allows us to predict with almost absolute certainty what the release date of this legendary video game will be.

First of all, we should know that at the moment the development of GTA VI is in an uneasy period, many are the difficulties of the developers’ work, and Rockstar Games wants to avoid creating a video game scandal like what happened with CD Project’s Cyberpunk 2077.

Some insiders talk about the development being extremely chaotic at the moment, so it will take some time before the game is fully developed and subsequently passes the debugging stage and testing by some users who will try it out.

Reason why it is virtually impossible for GTA VI to come out in this 2022, since releasing it so soon would bring a lot of problems, both for the development house and for fans of the saga.

Analysts who have reviewed Rockstar Games’ financial data are certain that the launch period for GTA 6 will be fiscal year 2024. The fiscal year in question is a period from April 2023 to March 2024. These will surely be the months when the long-awaited sequel to GTA V will be officially released.

What GTA VI might look like

Usually when a saga becomes so famous, appreciated and loved by gamers over the years, it is very difficult for it to be disrupted, especially if it continues to generate large profits. Just look at the great success of GTA V, released in 2013, which with updates and constantly evolving game servers is still one of the most played games in the world.

Since the team that wins does not change, we believe that the developers of GTA VI will avoid twisting the gameplay and continue to offer and improve the features that have made this saga legendary.

Of all the features, the most important seems to be the freedom of action and movement in a large map full of situations, activities, quests, characters and possibilities. We are certain that the open world and free roaming structure of the game will be maintained, which is also why it is almost certain that GTA 6 will go along the lines already drawn by the past chapters.

In the new map, there are sure to be great neighborhoods to explore, gang shootouts, car races, secrets to uncover, hidden activities to find, and the very famous Easter Eggs that are inserted into the game with each edition.

Possible News

We know Rockstar Games well, and it is not a development house that is content, it will definitely not miss the opportunity to raise the bar again with this new game, as it has already done with Red Dead Redemption 2. We will thus be able to find in addition to the traditional mechanics of the saga, a series of innovations that will serve to renew a brand that has managed to innovate and exceed its limits with each game produced.

Some rumors, tell us about a very interesting novelty related to the new perspectives that will be included in the game. One prospect might involve the cities on the map, which could be multiple and with algorithms that could ensure constant evolution over time.

This would imply that every time the player ends up in a previously explored neighborhood or city, he or she might find it different because of the time passage. In fact, reference is made to a technology being developed by the company that would be able to add aging effects on buildings, vehicles, and roads that could become dirtier and ruined over time in game due to constant pedestrian and car traffic.

Another very interesting rumor, although less likely, informs us that GTA VI may have a new mode, probably online, in the style of a role-playing game. This would happen given the great success of the many online RPG servers, which were created for fans to play in the RPG-style world of GTA 5, which would seem to have been greatly appreciated by Rockstar as well.

Among the concerns, on the other hand, are those who think that GTA VI may even become an online-only game, in which Rockstar may decide to remove the plot and offline interactions to shift the focus to multiplayer and online activities. Frankly, it seems quite unlikely to us as a choice for this title, although there could be such developments in the future, or even the emergence of an online-only based title, somewhat like Bethesda did with The Elder Scrolls Online.

On what consoles will you be able to play GTA VI

As we know by now, we have entered the ninth generation of consoles since 2020, with the release of Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PlayStation 5. Few doubts then about these new consoles, in which the title will surely be available.

This, however, creates a big question for all gamers and especially those who have not yet moved to the Next Gen. GTA VI in fact may not come out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as apparently its release date will be in fiscal year 2024.

In addition to the release date, in fact, there is also the issue of the game’s minimum requirements, the developers talk about a game that will be very important technically and graphically. We therefore believe that last generation’s console hardware is unlikely to support this title.

These assumptions will only be confirmed or denied when the official announcement of the game’s release arrives, an event that will clear up many doubts and bring certainty to those seeking information.

Setting of GTA VI

The setting of the next GTA is one of the questions that warms the souls of fans of the saga the most. Many nostalgic people would like to see the return of some legendary cities, such as Los Santos and Vice City, as the main setting. Other players, on the other hand, are hoping for the creation of a new city, bringing to life a renewed and original storyline.

It seems that even among the developers there are very different opinions, the path that seems to be the one that will be charted during development is the revolutionary possibility of traveling to different cities. So in the most likely case, we will have not just one city to explore, but a few different maps, which will certainly be focal points of the plot and actions we will have to take.

According to a rumor from a few years ago, there will be mainly two regions featured in GTA 6: one set in the United States of America and the other in South America or Central America. Rockstar, in the past month, has helped pour gasoline on the fire by releasing one of the biggest expansions for GTA Online, called The Cayo Perico. This setting according to many gamers could be a small preview of the new region under development coming to the new GTA.

Another more recent rumor seems to point to a possible return to two much-loved and cherished cities from the legendary GTA San Andreas. In this case, players will have the option of moving between San Fierro and Las Ventura (which, by the way, are virtual versions of real existing cities, namely San Francisco and Las Vegas). In this case, those nostalgic for the 2000s editions of GTA might celebrate, and they would find in GTA 6 some of the iconic places that have become famous on the Web for various secrets and easter eggs, such as the Hoover Dam and Area 51.

As for the historical period, on the other hand, there is a great deal of doubt. The last chapters of the saga are set in the contemporary historical period, GTA 6 could continue this thread, and propose a setting based in our own years.

Although some early rumors mentioned a GTA based on the 1980s, the contemporary period seems to be the most well-founded hypothesis at present. This theory brought forward by the community is mainly based on a job offer from Rockstar India unearthed online by some fans, which speaks of a development team intent on creating multimedia content for inclusion in a video game.

It is therefore possible that interactions with smartphones and websites, features already present in GTA V, could return in the new GTA.

Clearly at the moment these are only guesses, we will only find out what the real setting of the game will be once Rockstar provides an official announcement.

Plot and Characters of GTA VI

Turning to the plot of the new GTA, again we know very little, and we are sure that much will depend on the choice of setting and historical period.

An interesting rumor, which starts with the assumption of the possible South American setting, hypothesizes us that the plot would be inspired by the Narcos series, where the player could find himself living the story of a narco-trafficker or criminal intent on climbing the cartel hierarchy to make a name for himself. In this case, the plot could develop over the course of several years, with the settings changing via algorithms according to the historical period and the passage of years.

Many, in fact, are the game mechanics that seem to be in development to ensure a realistic time passage. There are also rumors of an automotive and material goods market based on the passage of years, in which a player, for example, can purchase cars at the beginning of the game that would become vintage over time in the later stages of the game, increasing their value.

Another, more recent rumor, instead proposes a vision of GTA 6 in which the player will play as two playable characters, along the lines of GTA V. Unlike the trio impersonated in GTA 5, these would be two siblings: a man and a woman. This leak does not talk much about plot, but refers to an incredibly large map full of life and activity; it will be possible to explore almost every building.

In addition, it is very likely that Rockstar will capitalize on all the good things it has already done with Red Dead Redemption 2 by including within the title, a large set of unlockable activities by exploring and meeting certain characters and NPCs. In this case, these characters will provide us with new missions, be on the lookout for our help, or try to rob us on a variety of occasions.

Will GTA VI have an online mode?

On this question, we can go out on a limb and say with certainty that GTA VI will also have an online mode. After the huge success of GTA V Online, it is indeed very unlikely that Rockstar will not follow this track.

Certainly this mode will be revolutionized, and much will depend on the setting chosen. Points of interest, characters, and activities will change accordingly with the historical period and style chosen for the title. Shots, the focal point of GTA 5 Online, could be revolutionized or even removed to give way to new modes that will advance the online storyline.

It is also possible that GTA Online will continue to be used and receive regular updates and expansions even with the advent of GTA 6. Probably with the possibility of importing progress made on GTA V. Also conceivable in the broad future is the creation of a GTA title usable only in multiplayer, similar to The Elder Scrolls online as a game idea.