Hogwarts Legacy Release Date & All the News About the Harry Potter Game


Today we talk about a game that is creating so much hype among both fans of the Harry Potter saga and gamers. Comet all of us were shocked by the State of Play released in late March 2022. We are talking about Hogwarts Legacy, one of this year’s most anticipated games. A title that has all the characteristics to become the best video game set in the world of Harry Potter. This is because every work that draws on the books in this saga has failed to bring to life all the vast amount of details and stories that populate this novel.

This game set in the magical world of author J.K Rowling’s world-famous saga is every Harry Potter fan’s dream. We will probably be able to play it in a few months since it seems to be in a good stage of production and will probably see the light of day before the end of this year. Very striking is the sheer amount of detail and possibilities in the game world, which will immerse us in the world’s most famous magic academy.

In this article we will take a general look at the video game, delve into some aspects of it, and make some arguments about the hypothetical release date it will have.

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Hogwarts Legacy - PS5
  • Vivi a Hogwarts nel 1800
  • Il tuo personaggio è uno studente, il cui talento potrebbe essere la...
  • Scopri la sensazione di vivere a Hogwarts mentre forgi alleanze,...

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Possible Leak – Leak

Reddit user opalelement discovered information about the DLC by logging onto the official Hogwarts Legacy website and viewing the contents of its HTML source files. In a post, opalelement described everything it found, including mention of a “steel case” and “72 hours of early access to the game.”

Of course, it is not known whether this is the complete list or whether it is accurate. But they seem to have been included in the source to prepare the website to provide details about available editions in the future, but there is no way to activate or view them from the actual website yet.”

  • Thestral Mount
  • Dark Arts Cosmetic Pack
  • Dark Arts Battle Arena
  • Dark Arts Garrison Hat
  • 72 hours of early access to the game
  • Kelpie Robe
  • Steel Case
  • Floating antique magic wand with book

Hogwarts Legacy is scheduled for release in December, although no official details on DLC or early access have yet been revealed.

What is Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is an open world action RPG genre video game with plenty of room for customization. Set in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game will be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch by the end of 2022. Also practically certain to be released for PC, perhaps a few months late.

The game is set at Hogwarts in the 1800s (So we probably won’t see the usual Harry Potter Characters), our character will play the role of a student of magic whose talents may hold the key to an ancient secret that threatens to destroy the world. Our task will be to master the magical arts and then take control of the action and create our own adventure . We will learn and use spells, distill potions, cultivate plants with different properties and can even take care of magical animals. We will choose our home, form friendships and have to master our skills to become the wizard or witch we have always wanted to be.

The plot, in addition to being based on the inner workings of the famous magic academy, shows us a world full of magical creatures in which a goblin rebellion is snaking. Along with the goblins, there are also dark wizards, who seem to have sinister interests similar to those of the violent creatures.

The game world is vast, given the great freedom afforded by the open world, we will be able to freely explore Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, the Forbidden Forest and the surrounding outside world.

The intriguing unprecedented perspective

What is certainly most interesting and intriguing is the unprecedented perspective that characterizes the game world. If most Harry Potter-based video game products released so far have tried to emulate scenes from the movies or the novel’s plot, Hogwarts Legacy goes further. The Game tries to bring out all the parts left on the margins of the main narrative plot.

The affairs of the goblins and elves have been somewhat marginalized by the canonical films. Although their great arcane power was often mentioned several times. Magic, the element to which the whole saga revolves, has always been an elitist and conservative one. Never before has the roots of this power been investigated. Although J.K Rowling is not directly involved in the development of the game, in this battle between goblins, dark wizards and the forces of good for the domination of magic and its secrets. New and unprecedented elements will surely surface that will be able to blow the minds of fans of the saga.

Another very interesting detail concerns the very protagonist of our adventure. Our character seems to have a dark and mysterious past. But besides him, some NPCs may also have ties to one or more of the series’ most famous characters. Our protagonist does not appear to be originally from Hogwarts, and it appears that within the game he will start directly from the fifth year.

The forces of evil seem very interested in our character, either because of his nature or because of something traceable to his past. In sum, the ability to start from an advanced course of study will allow us to use and learn virtually all of the spells at Hogwarts and beyond. According to some very likely theories, it will be possible to decide to join the forces of evil and lead the world to devastation. In this case, we will then have the opportunity to use curses and dark arts such as the famous “Avada Kedavra.”

Hogwarts Legacy - XBOX Series...
  • Vivi a Hogwarts nel 1800
  • Il tuo personaggio è uno studente, il cui talento potrebbe essere la...
  • Scopri la sensazione di vivere a Hogwarts mentre forgi alleanze,...

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Character customization

Since Hogwarts Legacy is an open world action RPG with largely customizable characters. Players will be able to decide the gender of their protagonist, change his or her voice, face and change physical characteristics in many different ways.

Also very interesting is the aspect related to inclusiveness and gender identity. Hogwarts Legacy will be remembered as one of the first video games to give players the ability to freely choose their protagonist’s sexual orientation and gender identity. Somewhat as seen with Cyberpunk 2077, players will be able to associate a male or female voice regardless of their character’s physical appearance.

After creating the character, you will need to choose between two available options. Wizard or witch, this choice will only serve to determine in which dormitory our hero will be housed, the male or the female.

As for the famous sorting procedure, every student at the beginning of the game undergoes Hogwarts sorting. In movies and books, the talking hat is placed on each student’s head and after a brief reflection, announces his or her choice, determining the lineage to which he or she will belong. In this game, as far as the famous four houses are concerned, some rumors state that it will be the player who will choose which one they will belong to between Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin, the talking hat will merely announce it.

The actual gameplay

Somewhat like in Bully (also known as Canes Canem Edit), we will be required, at least initially, to participate in several classes, in this case in order to learn spells, make potions, and find out how to defend ourselves against enemies. When we are not in class we can of course freely explore Hogwarts and everything else in the game world.

During actual play, each Hogwarts student will be able to level up, learn new magical and combat skills, master new spells and create potions. Each character will also be able to tame and care for some of the fantastic animals in the game.

The programmers said it was great fun to imagine a fully explorable Hogwarts, including ravines, forests, dungeons and secret passages. The feature that allows us to fly by broomstick or hippogriff is very fun, allowing us to quickly reach places around the school to find other characters, merchants and lots of activities to do. There is also room for dungeons and intricate mystical puzzles, created by Merlin himself at the time when he was also a student. There will definitely be many side quests as well, about which at the moment, however, little or nothing is known.

Looking at the State of Play released in March, the combat system looks very interesting indeed, dynamic and skill-based. It seems to have some elements typical of the most popular RPGs of recent years, such as dodge and spell working typical of soulslike. As well as the ability to use and craftare potions with herbs and natural elements as in The Witcher. Obviously, magic being the focus of the game, the graphical effects obtained from the use of spells on opponents and game elements are truly spectacular.

The management side is also very appreciable, allowing us to bring a plot of land to life and create our own cottage with garden, animals and magical elements with which to furnish it as we please. Of particular note is the use of the Room of Requirement, which provides us with useful items and magic potions, as well as the ability to upgrade our equipment.

Stunning graphics and setting

According to industry experts, the level design of this game was heavily influenced by some of the most impressive games in terms of graphics in recent years. These include Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Horizon Forbidden West, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part 2. Spectacular elements animate the regions near the magic academy. Forests, enemy encampments, dungeons and small towns have variable and dynamic elements that make the game always come alive. Variable weather and some mechanics related to seasons, day and night allow you to unlock special missions and activities present only under certain conditions.

The use of the Unreal Engine graphics engine, 4K resolution andHDR allow you to fully enjoy the beautiful design created by the developers at Avalanche and Warner Bros. The extraordinary richness of detail in the buildings, rooms and all the environments makes this game a gem for the eyes. Even for non-fans of the saga.

Will Hogwarts Legacy be multiplayer?

We now come to one of the questions that so many people ask us about this game, with the aim of clearing up doubts and getting a clearer idea of the situation regarding online multiplayer.

Avalanche Software has been a bit vague on the subject so far, so there are no certainties about this possibility, looking carefully at some features, however, it is possible to discover a few more details. Hogwarts Legacy will be a single-player based experience. In addition, as confirmed by some developers within the title, there will be no microtransactions, Battle Pass or similar gimmicks. From these statements, it seems almost certain that there will be no multiplayer mode, at least initially.

Many players would surely have appreciated the potential of multiplayer, which in such a well-developed game world could have yielded something immense. In any case, there is always the possibility that a similar experience will come in the future, especially on next-gen, probably with a DLC or sequel to this title based on the online mode.

The likely release date

With the State of Play in March, Sony PlayStation and Warner Bros. have virtually officially confirmed the release period for Hogwarts Legacy. The highly anticipated game will be released in 2022, and there is little chance of seeing it delayed until next year. The developers are fixing some minor bugs and preparing for the title to be released in late 2022.

A somewhat general period, but one that we can make more precise with some assumptions. First of all, from what we know about the work still being done on the title, it is very unlikely that the game will be released before October due to issues related to gameplay refinement. In all likelihood, and barring unforeseen events, Hogwarts Legacy will be released between November and mid-December 2022.

Until recently, all that was known was that the game was planned for the current year, but there was still no definite time frame. Considering that the period near Christmas is one in which consumers statistically buy more video games. The choice seems right in terms of marketing. In addition, the game is having high numbers in terms of views on search engines and all the most widely used social networks, so it will become one of the most important games in the fall-winter 2022 period. This title sounds like the perfect Christmas present for any fan of the saga, and we are convinced that it will sell lots of copies.

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Hogwarts Legacy - PS5
  • Vivi a Hogwarts nel 1800
  • Il tuo personaggio è uno studente, il cui talento potrebbe essere la...
  • Scopri la sensazione di vivere a Hogwarts mentre forgi alleanze,...
Hogwarts Legacy - XBOX Series...
  • Vivi a Hogwarts nel 1800
  • Il tuo personaggio è uno studente, il cui talento potrebbe essere la...
  • Scopri la sensazione di vivere a Hogwarts mentre forgi alleanze,...

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Is Hogwarts Legacy a new story by J.K. Rowling?

The Story will take place in the wizarding world and will be authentic. J.K. Rowling supports Portkey Games and has entrusted the design and creation of the games to Warner Bros. Games and the developers involved.Her team has also collaborated with Warner Bros. Games regarding all aspects of Hogwarts Legacy to ensure that it remains an authentic part of the Wizarding World experience and in keeping with the fantasy and magic that fans have come to expect.

So the story illustrated in the game is not a new story by J.K. Rowling.