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Not everyone knows how much Alexa costs and what devices it can be used with. The next few lines will look at all the devices that integrate Alexa, taking a more detailed look at their pros and cons, as well as their list price.

Alexa has now become a common word among technology lovers, with more and more people using voice assistants on a daily basis to conduct searches, listen to music, or take advantage of automated interactions such as alarm clocks, reminders, and smart home activities.

How much does Alexa cost: what is Alexa

Although the term Alexa has become commonly used, not everyone may be familiar with it. When we refer to Alexa, we identify a cloud-basedartificial intelligence that in the form of software and voice assistant is integrated within an audio speaker or smart device in order to interact with people and perform searches and much more.

Alexa is, therefore, an artificial intelligence-based voice assistant useful for performing certain functions, but one should not confuse that term with Amazon Echo, which represents the device that integrates Alexa’s software inside, this allows, via Wi-Fi connection and speaker, to convey the voice of the voice assistant.

How much Alexa costs: how it works

Just like Google Assistant, Alexa also has the ability to provide information, play audio and video, interacting directly with the interlocutor and the services associated with the official application.

To equip yourself with Alexa, you need to download the application to your smartphone and configure it so that it is in Italian and can be activated the moment the word“Alexa” is exclaimed.

In case you buy an Amazon device that integrates Alexa voice assistant by default, then you can use it even without installing the app. It is emphasized that Echo devices must still be linked to an Amazon account to ensure full capabilities and functions.

In order for Alexa to function at its best, it is important to understand what skills are appropriate for your daily use.With such a function, you can perform targeted searches, receive notifications, and automate certain functions within your home and office.

How much does Alexa cost: types of Echo devices

Considering Alexa as a simple voice assistant, it is possible to use the application on your smartphone completely free of charge. Just have an Amazon account, not necessarily with Prime subscription attached, and use Alexa like the aforementioned Google Assistant.

It is not difficult to imagine how the cost of Alexa depends, therefore, on the device purchased and the aesthetic and functional qualities it manages to provide. In general, Alexa can cost between 29.99 euros and 249.99 euros depending on the model chosen. To get a clearer idea of the costs and devices marketed by Amazon, it is worthwhile to analyze individually those currently available for purchase.

Echo Dot 5

One of the cheapest solutions sought by those who want to integrate Alexa into their home environment is Echo Dot 5. Users who want to approach an Echo device for the first time will find this small speaker a good way to understand the mechanics and potential of Alexa.

It features a spherical shape and a base with non-slip rubberized led. Inside it has a 44 mm driver that provides good audio quality, especially in the bass.

Among its strengths is definitely the ability to integrate a clock and take advantage of the temperature sensor and accelerometer, very useful functions for those who like to optimize their work and daily schedule.

The only weakness of this Amazon speaker lies in the not excellent sound quality for those used to much larger drivers.

A version with a digital clock is also available.

Echo Dot 4

Those who want an affordable Echo can opt for the fourth-generation version. In size and functions Alexa is very similar to Amazon Echo Dot 5, but it does not feature a si temperature sensor and has a much smaller audio driver.

As is easy to deduce, the strengths of this product include its low price and design, while as far as audio is concerned, the size of the driver and not too punchy bass make it a great device for research, but much less so for listening to rock music.

Amazon may in time update the software of the Echo Dot 4, but the audio performance is unlikely to be improved. Those who do not want the features that can be activated for the temperature sensor, however, will find a good solution for daily searches and communication with Alexa. Several users have found a better microphone in the Echo Dot 4 version than in the Echo Dot 5, an evaluation element not to be discarded in case you need to install the device in a place with several voices close together.

A version with a digital clock is also available.

Echo 4

Currently you can still find the Amazon Echo 4, it offers greater potential and can be purchased at an excellent cost. The 76.2-mm woofer and 20-mm tweeter provide good sound quality, generated by a particularly elegant spherical structure suitable for all settings.

This device also integrates a temperature sensor that can be particularly useful to connect to the home thermostat or to the activation or non-activation of certain actions within the home.

The big innovation of the Echo 4 lies in the implementation of theZigbee hub, which allows you to connect compatible devices in your home to interact directly with the voice assistant. Lights, outlets and many other Alexa-compatible electronic devices will be able to be activated with Amazon’s home voice assistant.

Strengths include excellent auto quality, a built-in Zigbee Hub, and the presence of a very accurate temperature sensor. While critical issues include good, but not excellent, audio quality, which may turn the noses of audiophiles.

Echo Studio

Those looking for an Alexa-based system that is excellent for music listening and smart home use will find Echo Studio to be the best answer.

The sleek design and three 51-mm speakers, with 25-mm tweeters and a 133-mm woofer perfectly make it clear that this device is designed to provide users with the highest quality audio.

Specifically, Amazon Echo Studio supports Dolby Atmos and 3D audio; in fact, you can integrate it into your home theater system or pair it with the Fire TV Stick. It also features dedicated spatial audio technology and has the aforementioned Zigbee hub system, making it a virtually universal product with Alexa.

Its strengths are definitely its audio and value for money, while its criticisms include a generous size and not too deep bass, which could make for an immersive home theater experience, but not as much as a dedicated high-end system.

Echo Show 5

When trying to figure out how much Alexa costs it is hard not to come across the Amazon Echo Show, with version five the well-known company provides users with a 5.5-inch display. But in addition to these specifications this interesting product also showcases a 2MP camera, which also provides video calls directly from your device, although the image quality is not excellent. For privacy, the device also integrates a camera cover that will physically cover the image sensor.

All skills can be activated, but it is advisable to use Echo Show 5 for watching media content such as movies and TV series on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Advantages in choosing Amazon Echo Show 5 include the ability to activate alarm clock functions and a good, ergonomic display. Certainly the cons include access only to Amazon services and a few other platforms. YouTube can also be used only through a web browser and not with a dedicated application.

Note how the functions and skills are identical to that of Echo Show, but Zigbee control is excluded, a condition not to be underestimated.

Echo Show 8

Raising the bar and screen quality, one can opt for Amazon Echo Show 8, a solution that greatly improves video and video calling performance.

In this case you can enjoy an 8-inch screen at a resolution of 1280×800 pixels with good graphics rendering even with contrasting colors.

Unlike the Echo Show 5, this device features a 13MP camera with optical zoom that is very useful for those who need to make video calls or conferences. On the audio side, some changes have been made, adding a 52-mm driver that is very accurate in handling treble and bass.

These elements are also complemented by a very powerful processor and a less pronounced and conspicuous privacy button. The processor is a MediaTek MT 8183, which ensures smooth web browsing and use of built-in applications. It lacks Zigbee control, however.

Analyzing the Echo Show 8, it is easy to deduce how the audio quality, camera, and detailed images are the strengths, while there are the usual shortcomings in integration with other known applications and the absence for Zigbee control.

Echo Show 10

Among the most innovative Echo Shows, especially the smart display, is the Echo Show 10. The third generation, released now in 2021 features a different design from the products reviewed so far. Its structure is divided into two parts: one in which there is a very large audio speaker that doubles as a base, and a 10.1-inch smart touch display.

This solution is best suited for Skype users, as it can take full advantage of the 13MP camera and a 1280×800-pixel resolution panel of excellent quality.

Among the most interesting features is its ability to become a hub for monitoring cameras and footage in real time, a feature that perfectly matches the automatic rotation of the screen. Its quiet operation andintegration with Zigbee hubs actually make it a versatile and attractive product for the whole family. The sound system is based on a 2.1 with a 2 mm woofer and two 1 mm tweeters.

The strengths lie in its 360-degree automatic rotation, audio quality, Zigbee hub, video calling functions, and display of multimedia content, whether live streaming or on demand.

The flaws are definitely the price, which is particularly high, the lack of a 3.5 mm AUX output and in the absence of some entertainment applications, YouTube above all.

Echo Show 15

As the product name suggests, the Echo Show 15 sports a 15-inch screen, with several widgets available. Specifically, the display is 15.6 inches at a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It represents, therefore, a small TV capable of displaying attractive aesthetics, with its thin bezels, and ease of installation even to walls without too much difficulty.

However, the camera is not up to the level of previous models, as it has a 5MP sensor without zoom or automatic framing. Also missing is the camera cover, which for some users may be indispensable for privacy.

The real difference between the Echo Show 15 and previous versions is evident in the widgets; you can customize the screens quickly and easily, inserting widgets for shopping, reminders, calendar, and many other daily activities.

The built-in operating system recognizes the user from the Visual ID, initiating the reference profile based on the person.

The strengths are definitely the screen resolution, widgets, built-in functions, customization, and digital frames. While the cost, audio quality, and some compatibility limitations may not make it suitable for certain daily activities.

Echo Flex

Not everyone knows about this very small speaker produced by Amazon with built-in Alexa. Echo Flex can be regarded as a socket-shaped speaker that is placed directly on the wall and does not need any power cord. The origin of the name Flex comes precisely from its flexibility in being able to be installed anywhere you want.

As much as it can play radio and music, it is not suited for such functions as much as for voice assistant searches. It is certainly not the most sought-after Amazon home device, but it may be the ideal solution for those who need Alexa for information and especially to connect dedicated accessories such as night lights and motion sensors.

Advantages in using Echo Flex include its being extremely inexpensive and integration with other accessories; while it may not be the most appropriate purchase for those who are looking for a voice assistant that can play quality music tracks.

Echo Auto

In addition to Echo Dot and Echo Show devices, you can also use Alexa inside your car, making it even smarter. For this to be possible, a dock called Echo Auto should be installed, which follows along the lines of Android Auto and CarPlay, but with an operating system made by Amazon and with a dock outside the dashboard.

In fact, it will be necessary to install the device on the dashboard or inside the car to use its functions. With Echo Auto you can use all the functions available on Alexa: you will be able to initiate calls, searches and request to listen to a specific song.

The device then serves as a tool to connect the car’s audio system to Alexa, receiving commands from the built-in microphone and relaying the responses to the vehicle’s speakers.

The strengths lie in its ability to make even cars smart without Bluetooth; in fact, only AUX input is required. But on the flip side, the Echo Auto is not comparable to the more versatile Android Auto and CarPlay from Google and Apple, respectively.

How much does Alexa cost: prices and colors

After a review of the types of products developed by Amazon to use Alexa, it is interesting to take a look at how much Alexa costs in concrete terms per device. The costs considered are list costs, therefore, potentially subject to change and discounting over the years.

Echo Dot 5: Amazon has decided to market this product in three different colors. Specifically, the colors available are anthracite, ice white and midnight blue. Versions without a clock cost 59.99 euros, while those with a digital clock, available are in soft blue and ice white colors cost 69.99 euros.

Echo Dot 4: The colors available are anthracite, ice white and cerulean for the version without a digital clock, while for devices with a clock the colors made available are ice white and cerulean. The costs are for the version without a watch 59.99 euros, and for those with a watch yet to be determined, since they are very difficult to find on the market, Amazon store included.

Echo 4: available colors are anthracite, ice white, cerulean and red, costing 99.99 euros. The red color version is very difficult to find.

Echo Studio: the anthracite color alone can be purchased for 199.99 euros. There is no information inherent in possible color changes in the future.

Echo Show 5: Those who choose to purchase a second-generation Echo Show 5 device will be able to choose three different colors. Specifically they are: anthracite, white and blue. The blue version costs 44.99 euros, while the other two cost 72.99 euros.
Echo Show 8: The purchase of this product, in its second-generation variant, is priced at 129.99 euros, in both anthracite and ice white colors.

Echo Show 10: Those who want to rely on the performance of this device, which is extremely performant with Alexa, will have to invest an amount of 249.99 euros. There are currently two colors available for the Amazon Echo Show 10: ice white and anthracite. More colors may be marketed in the coming months, but right now these are the only choices that can be purchased immediately.
Echo Show 15: choosing the Echo Show 15 version will require investing 249.99 euros. Available colors are anthracite and ice white. The choice of color in this case is particularly important because it will also affect the structure of the entire device.

Echo Flex: although this product is particularly popular with those who want to make a smart home, it is currently not available in the Italian market, not even on Usually the cheapest Echo device, from the functions and product type it is easy to infer why it is hard to find.

Echo Auto: by purchasing Echo Auto you can make your car smart with 59.99 euros. The available color scheme is unique, specifically anthracite.

How much does Alexa cost: features to look for

The number of products with which to use Alexa is particularly large, a condition that makes choosing one device over the other not straightforward. So that you can purchase the product that best suits your needs, it is indicated to evaluate some parameters. Especially, in order not to choose a product that does not conform to one’s needs, one must evaluate: cost, audio quality, sensors, screen, clock, and ecosystem.

Cost: the wide range of products available varies not only in technical features but also in purchase cost. Choosing a device to try out the Alexa ecosystem may not necessarily be tied to the best product, but also to the cheapest. Trying a product and then opting for a more advanced solution makes the user experience much more interesting, while also limiting overall expenses.

Audio quality: an aspect not to be underestimated is the microphone reception and the installed audio driver. Not all Amazon Echoes offer the same audio quality, especially the budget-end ones. Relying on an Echo Dot 5, although it provides a good listening experience, is limited by a driver that is definitely not exceptional.

Sensors: some users may need specific sensors to regulate smart functions in their homes. Some Echoes have temperature and accelerometer sensors, while others are completely devoid of such elements. Opting for a more comprehensive solution will make the user experience much more varied and futuristic.

Screen: as is easy to deduce from Amazon’s product analysis, more important than figuring out how much Alexa costs is to identify the type of device you intend to use. An Echo Dot 5 is completely different from an Echo Show 5, a condition mainly due to the presence of the screen rather than the larger audio driver. Those who view media content on Amazon Video on a daily basis will find screen devices to be the ideal solution.

Clock: One of the most interesting features of Amazon’s Echo devices is to be found in the presence of the digital clock. Although such products cost slightly more than the basic versions, they allow for excellent integration of reminders and alarm clocks, in fact making them even more practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Alexa ecosystem: those who have multiple Alexa-compatible devices will be able to create a true smart home ecosystem. People often associate the term with only Amazon home products, but in reality it is possible to integrate lights and appliances from any brand if they are compatible with the voice assistant. Choosing to purchase two Echo 4s, for example, allows you to recreate a top-notch home theater. In this case, the presence of the Zigbee hub can make a difference.

How much does Alexa cost: periodic promotions

After analyzing when Alexa costs in its marketed versions, it is worth noting that the list just compiled should be identified as that proposed by Amazon under canonical sales conditions. Fortunately, in some events of the year it is possible to save considerable sums of money and purchase an Alexa device inexpensively.

Black Friday: periodic events where devices with Alexa are discounted include Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Amazon markets its products at extremely low prices, even creating bundles with multiple solutions.

Prime Day: but it is on Prime Day that you can get the best deals on Amazon devices. The well-known company makes all products with Alexa available to subscribers at a reduced cost.

How much does Alexa cost: conclusions

The question: how much does Alexa cost? has the answer: it depends on what you want to buy. The devices that integrate this voice assistant are different and all very good depending on the functions installed. The Echo Dot are the most economical and practical solution, while the Echo Show will appeal to those looking for a screen to view multimedia content.