JBL T110BT Review – Wireless In Ear Headphones


The search for reliable earbuds for performing physical activities almost always falls to the product developed by JBL. The well-known company has for years been committed to making earbuds indicated to withstand the elements and offer maximum performance while on the move. The next few lines will analyze all aspects of the JBL T110BT headphones, focusing on strengths and weaknesses.

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JBL T110BT Cuffie In Ear...

1. Package

Unboxing these earbuds certainly does not offer an exciting experience; the consumer will find an anonymous little box in their hands with everything they need to listen to music and multimedia content inside. Specifically, the package contains, in addition to the earbuds, 3 additional grommets to adjust the fit to the ear (sizes L, M, S), a Micro USB cable for charging, and the canonical documentation with quick guide and warranty and safety card.

Minimal equipment, but it makes perfect sense of the target price range and how practicality has been emphasized more than aesthetics.

2. Design

Although the aesthetics of a product are subjective, standard canons can be determined that define its quality. Although they are in-ear earphones, this product differs from most common earphones in a completely different structure.

The two earpieces are connected to each other with a wire, the latter in turn divided into a very flexible part placed at the front and a slightly stiffer part at the back. Such a design, in addition to preventing the cable from tangling, allows the earphones to be placed directly on the user’s neck, making it easier to control them while using them.

The two parts are interconnected with two physical components that feature internal controls and microphones. As much as aesthetically they may seem like a peculiar solution, these earbuds are perfectly symmetrical and do not have any particular criticalities.

3. Technical characteristics

In order for us to get a more detailed idea of the potential of these earphones, it is worth taking a look at the technical specifications.

DIMENSIONS10 x 3.5 x 16 cm
WEIGHT16.2 Grams
CONNECTIONWireless, Bluetooth 4.0

The earphones feature an in-ear design, a weight of 16 grams and Bluetooth 4.0 transmission. Volume control is through physical buttons that have a good quality built-in microphone.

But beyond these values, it is interesting to get to the heart of these earphones and try to understand what technical data may or may not make them an optimal choice.

Bluetooth 4.0 might turn the nose up at those looking for a stable and responsive product, but in fact the 2.402 GHz to 2.48 GHz action spectrum allows for excellent stability considering the possible A2DP v1.2, AVRCP v1.5, HFP v.1.5 and HSP v1.2 profiles.

The 120 mAh lithium-ion battery at 3.7V allows about 6 hours of talk time with BT on, excellent values, especially for those who use the earbuds for daily physical activity.

JBL T110BT Cuffie In Ear…
  • Con l’inconfondibile suono JBL Pure Bass, le cuffie in-ear Bluetooth…
  • Grazie alla batteria ricaricabile integrata, gli auricolari JBL sono…
  • Dal design ergonomico e leggero, le cuffie in ear wireless JBL a…

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4. Functionality

Examining what are the purely functional aspects of these earbuds developed and produced by JBL, we end up with devices with good potential considering the price range.

The features that make these earphones a great buy are mainly the presence of the hands-free speakerphone and the physical controls on the front of the headphones.

Unlike so many other earphones in the same category, the T110BT features a hands-free function that is very useful when you don’t necessarily want to wear headphones in your ear. Physical buttons are best for those who play sports or want maximum control over music tracks.

Completing the picture of functionality is a small detail that could make all the difference for many: magnets. The two earbuds can be connected to each other thanks to magnets placed at the end of the earbuds, allowing users to place them comfortably under the neck, improving comfort during non-hearing phases.

5. Autonomy

One of the most important aspects to consider of a pair of Bluetooth headsets is definitely the battery life, this can provide peace of mind when out of the home environment. But how is the battery performance of JBL earbuds?

The presence of a 120 mAh battery compartment gives a perfect idea of how long they can last, although the company claims a battery life of about 6 hours with Bluetooth on, in reality the actual figures are 6 hours of music listening or 5 hours of calling.

Six hours of continuous use, however, is not short, considering the price range and the target audience, especially sportsmen and those who like short wired headphones.

The absence of a charging cradle may limit its use during the day, but thanks to the Micro USB cable, the earbuds can be recharged in a matter of minutes.

6. Comfort

Every athlete has a need to minimize friction and discomfort while running; it is no coincidence that the great expansion of smartwatches is due precisely to the need to leave the smartphone at home and feel free during training. JBL earbuds in this respect are a good compromise between light weight and practicality.

Although they feature a wire connecting the two earbuds, the positioning on the neck allows for maximum control of the earbuds, never being annoying or cumbersome.

Comfort is further improved by the grommets, which can be changed and adjusted to the best size for one’s ears. Physical controls are also a good way to avoid randomly changing the playback.

Overall, the earphones are comfortable and lightweight, the 16 grams of weight are well distributed, and even after a few hours of use you will not feel like you need to remove them.

7. Audio quality

Being a product for sportsmen and especially low-end, one should not expect sublime quality from these earbuds. Although the internal chip is not top of the line, you can get particularly full-bodied bass and good quality treble. Certainly it is a product suitable primarily for listening to music and less so for phone calls, as there is a microphone of fluctuating performance.

The hands-free function, however, might be an incentive to try them, as they are very useful when you need to remove the headphones from your ears.

8. Cost

When choosing earphones, in many cases the main focus is on the cost of the product. JBL T110BT earphones are definitely an inexpensive solution that in many cases can be purchased on the most famous eCommerce at discounted prices.

Usually these earbuds are marketed between 39-50 euros, considering their performance it might not be a risky purchase at this price. But if their purchase cost was around 28-35 euros they would turn out to be a real bargain.

In recent months, it is easy to find JBL T110BT earphones at this price, an investment definitely worth trying especially for those who play sports and need an extra pair of earphones. Large companies such as Amazon distribute this product in different colors, from the canonical black, to the more eclectic: white, blue and gray.

JBL T110BT Cuffie In Ear…
  • Con l’inconfondibile suono JBL Pure Bass, le cuffie in-ear Bluetooth…
  • Grazie alla batteria ricaricabile integrata, gli auricolari JBL sono…
  • Dal design ergonomico e leggero, le cuffie in ear wireless JBL a…

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Verdict – Pros & Cons

When choosing earphones, whether sports, work or other types, in many cases what determines their purchase is a comparison of strengths and weaknesses. JBL earbuds have so many strengths and some disadvantages that it is worth analyzing to make a wise choice.

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10. Conclusions

JBL T110BT earphones are an inexpensive solution for anyone who wants to buy a good quality product with Bluetooth technology. Certainly comfort and practicality are the elements that stand out the most, but audio quality and some functions also make their contribution without disfiguring. Sportsmen might find it an interesting product, especially if they like to listen to music with deep bass.