Names for soccer teams: some ideas for the perfect name


The names of soccer teams can be an important part of their identity and history. A name can convey a message of strength, determination, and team spirit, and it can also help create an emotional bond with fans and the community.

There are many different ways to choose a soccer team name. Some teams opt for names that reflect their roots or local history, such as “Rangers” for a team from Glasgow or “Spartans” for a team from San Jose. Other teams choose names that evoke strong and powerful animals, such as “Lions,” “Bears,” or “Wolves.”

Instead, other teams prefer names that reflect their style of play or mentality. For example, a team that presents itself as offensive and aggressive might choose a name like “Raptors” or “Tigers,” while a team that presents itself as technical and disciplined might opt for a name like “Eagles” or “Dragons.”

Names for soccer teams can also refer to elements of their culture or city. For example, a soccer team might be called “Red Devils” if their city has a history of rooting hard for Manchester United, or “Galacticos” if the team has a reputation for attracting big soccer stars.

How to choose the Name for the soccer team

Choosing a name for a soccer team can be a fun and creative process, but it also requires some research and consideration. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a name for a soccer team:

  • It is important that the name chosen reflects the ideals and culture of the team and is in line with the values of the community.
  • It should be easy to pronounce and remember, so that it is easy for fans and the media to refer to the team.
  • Research must be done to ensure that the name chosen is not already used by other teams or associated with cultural or historical connotations that might be offensive or inappropriate.
  • It must be a unique and memorable name; it can help distinguish it from other teams and create an emotional bond with fans.
  • The name must match the team’s style of play.

Ultimately, choosing a soccer team name can be a fun and creative process that can help define the team’s identity and create an emotional bond with fans. With a little research and consideration, you can find the perfect name for your soccer team.

Ideas on names for soccer teams

Funny names

Soccer team names do not always have to be serious or focus on strength or determination. Sometimes, the funniest and most creative names can be just as effective in creating a unique identity for a team and engaging fans.

Here are some ideas of fun names for soccer teams:

  • Abuelos FC (Ecuador)
  • A.S. Tronza
  • A.S. Oreta
  • Aston Pirla
  • Real alcoholics
  • Aston beer
  • Independent Bigote (Peru, named after San Juan de Bigote, a town in the north of the country)
  • Carabobo (Venezuela)
  • With already crazy goals
  • Correcaminos (Mexico)
  • Crows at the end of the world (Argentina)
  • CSKA The Dead
  • Neighborhood players
  • Hellas Madonna
  • Huachipato (Chile)
  • Ankle kicks
  • Lions with the flu
  • The Combo Alpinito
  • Blade Kasko
  • Limon FC (Costa Rica)
  • Kiev Mine
  • Nadroga (Fiji)
  • We don’t know how to win
  • Nottingham Fear
  • Punctured balls
  • Parrillas One (Honduras, owned by a company called Parrillas y Repuestos One)
  • Grassy pasture
  • Referee penalties
  • Pota F.C.
  • PS Barito Putera (Indonesia)
  • Rico Pollo (Peru)
  • Robin Hood (Suriname, whose creators were followers of this character)
  • Sacachispas (Argentina)
  • Semen Padang (Indonesia)
  • Stoke Azzo
  • Tafea FC (Vanuatu)
  • Toto African SC (Tanzania)
  • Union Penosa
  • Married union
  • Old skins
  • Sale of bathrooms (Spain)
  • Born winners
  • Vodka Juniors
  • West Jamon
  • Yayo Vallecano

These names are all fun and slightly out of the ordinary, and might be suitable for soccer teams that want to show some personality and humor.

In addition, it is important to remember that even if a team name is fun, the team itself must still be serious and professional during games. A funny name can be a great way to attract the attention and support of fans, but in the end it is the game that counts.

Serious names

These names are all inspired by concepts of strength, determination, and victory, and might be appropriate for a soccer team that wants to show strong competitive character.

A serious name can help convey a professional and winning mentality, but in the end it is the game that counts.

Here are some serious ideas for soccer teams:

  • Athletic Club La Patagonia.
  • Atlétic Club El Alicantino (to give a nod to Chile and its culture).
  • Club Amazonas (with great team spirit as the size of the rainforest).
  • Aquiles Athletic Club (in the spirit of the Greek hero of the Trojan War).
  • Club Atlético Pompeya (in honor of the archaeological site in southern Italy).
  • Costa Club
  • Club La Rivera.
  • Don Viriato, name of a tribal leader (the Lusitanians).
  • Ordinary people.
  • The Apaches (a name with connotations of rivalry and claw).
  • The Immortals
  • The Champions
  • The Conquerors
  • The Dominators
  • The Fabletics
  • The Warriors
  • The legendary
  • The Masters
  • The Predators
  • The Titans
  • The Minotaurs (to embody the power of the monster of Greek mythology).
  • Sovereigns
  • The RC League.
  • Los Alisios (representing the winds of the Canary Islands).
  • Recreational La Caverna.
  • Recreational Mount Pelée in honor of the French mountain. It is a very impressive active stratovolcano, so even the name can embody this spirit).
  • Squarta Prague
  • Team Assacro
  • Team Eno
  • Team Peak

Names for foreign soccer teams

These names are used to praise some overseas community, or they are a way to stand out from other teams and stand out in originality.

Here are some serious ideas for foreign teams:

  • In Lények (Hungarian for “The Monsters”).
  • Clean Sheet (perfect name for a team whose main tactic is to keep the goal unbroken. And, as is commonly said, the best offense is a good defense).
  • Green and white (referring to the green-and-white kit, this is a proposal for a team that contains these colors on its jersey).
  • king (if you and your team consider yourselves the kings of soccer, nothing better than a direct and clear name like this).
  • Les Dragons (French for “The Dragons”)
  • Los Leones (Spanish for “The Lions”)
  • red monsters (Imposing your team name on your rivals is the first step to victory. If your jersey is red, this name indicates that you will fight to the end for every victory).
  • Speed and goal (a team designed to compete on the counterattack and in which speed and success under goal are hallmarks).
  • sportsmanship (a team’s values are fundamental to understanding its spirit and philosophy of play. For that group that wants to promote sportsmanship and prioritize other goals, this is a good name).
  • TBT refers to The Best Team, the best team, so if you don’t lack self-esteem and want to be the best in the game, this name fits you perfectly).
  • the huntresses (for an aggressive team that does everything and wants to shake their rival from the first minute of play).
  • The strongest team (intending to send a clear message to opponents and be the strongest in the competition).
  • United goals (the spirit of unity in the locker room is the great strength of the team). A name that fits into a team with this idea).
  • War Hawks- Hawks are capable of unimaginable speed, so if you want a name for a fast warrior team, this is one of the best).
  • Yorkshire (in honor of England’s largest county).

Names for women’s soccer teams

We also continue by giving some ideas for names of women’s soccer teams, an increasingly growing sports sector.

  • Shampiste Athletic
  • Queen bees
  • Hail Mary
  • Becera FC
  • The Eagles
  • The Furies
  • The Cats
  • The Bears
  • The Storms
  • The Tigers
  • Lellas Verona

Names taken from anime for soccer teams

There are many names from anime that could be used for soccer teams.

  • The Z Warriors (The Z Warriors): a name inspired by the anime series “Dragon Ball Z,” which might be appropriate for a soccer team that wants to represent strength and determination.
  • The Konoha Ninjas (The Konoha Ninjas): a name inspired by the anime series “Naruto,” which might be appropriate for a soccer team that wants to represent agility and cunning.
  • The Gold Knights (The Gold Knights): a name inspired by the anime series “Saint Seiya,” which might be appropriate for a soccer team that wants to represent honor and courage.
  • The Knights of the Zodiac (The Zodiac Knights): another “Saint Seiya”-inspired name that might be appropriate for a soccer team that wants to represent strength and determination.
  • The One Piece Pirates (The One Piece Pirates): a name inspired by the anime series “One Piece,” which might be suitable for a soccer team that wants to represent adventure and team spirit.
  • The Death Note Meisters (The Death Note Meisters): a name inspired by the anime series “Death Note,” which might be appropriate for a soccer team that wants to represent intelligence and cunning.
  • The Fujimi Knights (The Fujimi Knights): a name inspired by the anime series “High School DxD,” which might be appropriate for a soccer team that wants to represent strength and determination.

Alternatively, team names that are featured within soccer anime could be used:

  • In “Captain Tsubasa,” one of the most famous soccer anime, the soccer teams that appear are Nankatsu SC, Toho Academy, Hyuga FC, and Furano FC.
  • In “Inazuma Eleven,” another popular soccer anime, the teams of Raimon Jr. appear. High, Inakuni Raimon, Outei Tsukinomiya, Haizaki Ryouhei and many others.
  • In “Eyeshield 21,” the featured soccer teams are the Deimon Devil Bats and the Ojo White Knights.
  • In “Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon),” protagonist Hachiken Yugo joins the Ezonoo Agricultural School soccer team.
  • In “Days,” the main character Tsukushi Tsukamoto joins the Seiseki High School soccer team.