One piece characters: List of main characters in the series


One Piece is a Japanese manga and anime series created by Eiichiro Oda. The story follows the adventures of young pirate Monkey D. Rufy and his crew as they search for the world’s greatest treasure, the legendary One Piece.

The manga made its debut in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine in 1997 and has since gained worldwide popularity due to its compelling storyline, well-characterized characters, and the fantasy universe in which it is set.

The story takes place in a world dominated by pirates, where the seas are populated by fantastic creatures and navigation is hindered by many pitfalls. Rufy, the main character, has eaten a devil fruit that allows him to stretch his body like gum. In contrast, however, these new powers of his prevent him from swimming.

Despite this, Rufy holds firm to his ambition to become the king of pirates and to find the well-known treasure of Gol.D.Roger named One Piece.

During his adventures, the protagonist meets many quirky characters who join him, thus forming the Straw Hat Pirates. In addition to crew members, a very wide range of One Piece Characters are introduced throughout the series, as many as 1096 (until the Wano saga), including allies, enemies, sailors, and other pirates.

The strength of One Piece, in addition to the intricate and well-developed plot, lies in the fact that it succeeds in characterizing each of these numerous characters, providing them with strong personalities and unique abilities that make them clearly distinguishable.

In this article we are going to introduce the main actors in the series, describing, for each of them, their history, characteristics and abilities or powers.

For reasons of space, only the main characters belonging to the canonical plot will be presented, thus excluding those belonging to the filler episodes of the anime. In addition, they will be grouped into categories so that you can navigate more easily.

One Piece Characters – Straw Hat Crew

The Straw Hat Pirates are a crew formed from the East Sea, whose captain is the series protagonist, Monkey D. Rufy.

Its members were enlisted during the many adventures involving our protagonists in the journey to conquer One Piece.

Each has a strong personality and role that make them indispensable to the group.

They are: Rufy (the captain), Zoro (the swordsman), Nami (the navigator), Usopp (the sniper), Sanji (the cook), Chopper (the doctor), Nico Robin (the archaeologist), Franky (the carpenter), Brook (the musician), and finally Jinbe (the navigator).


Monkey D. Rufy is a young pirate born in the East Sea onDown Island, son of the famous revolutionary army leader D. Dragon.

Rufy grows up with ambitions to become the new Pirate King and to find the legendary One Piece treasure left behind by the great Gol D. Roger. To realize this dream, Rufy forms his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, and embarks on a series of dangerous adventures across the Grand Line.

He is well recognized because of the hat he always wears, to the point that “Straw Hat” has become his nickname. This item was given to him by Shanks the Red, after the latter saved his life from a sea monster attack.

One of Rufy’s hallmarks is his outgoing personality and his enthusiasm for exploring new places and meeting new people, even if it means facing deadly dangers. He has a strong will and indomitable determination, which have led him to overcome many challenges during his adventure.

Although Rufy is a pirate, he has strong morals and always stands up for what he believes is right. He believes in friendship, loyalty and helping others, regardless of their race or background. This leads him to befriend many people during his adventures, even some enemies who initially tried to kill him.

Skills and Powers

Rufy possesses the ability to stretch his body like gum thanks to the devil fruit Gom Gom that he ate when he was still a child. Straw Hat is, in fact, able to perform unique moves in battle and cushion damage that would otherwise be fatal to him.

In addition to his unique ability, Rufy is endowed with immense physical strength such that he overpowers the strongest wanted men in the East Sea and rivals even that of the fish-men, as demonstrated in fights against Arlong e Hody Jones, whose strength was also above that of the average of their race.

He also possesses superhuman stamina, so much so that he is able to survive Crocodile‘s attacks, even resisting the poison of his hook, as well as Lucci‘s fatal blows, although his martial arts, already normally lethal, were enhanced by his devil fruit Felis Felis.

Rufy also possesses tremendous speed and alertness, which combined with his physical strength make him a very dangerous opponent in battle. In fact, on more than one occasion, Rufy was able to predict the enemy’s moves and was able to react accordingly. Moreover, he is extremely agile, so much so that he was able to take on extremely fast enemies such as Kuro, Bellamy , and Ener himself, despite his powers that allowed him to reach lightning speed.

Finally, an additional characteristic that makes him a perfect candidate to become the king of pirates is his immense willpower that allows him, on several occasions, to survive the most fatal injuries.


Roronoa Zoro was born in East Blue in the village of Shimotsuki. As early as age 8, he began training in a dojo as a swordsman. Even as a child, Zoro was stronger than most adults, but not strong enough to defeat Kuina, his friend and daughter of the dojo master, Koushiro.

One day Kuina suffered a fatal fall down the stairs of her dojo, and Zoro, in honor of his friend, decided to pursue his dream of becoming the world’s strongest swordsman.

Zoro then becomes a bounty hunter and begins roaming the islands of the East Sea with the goal of clashing with the famous swordsman Mihawk, the world’s strongest swordsman and a member of the fleet of seven.

During his journey, Zoro arrives in Shells Town where he is imprisoned inside the navy quarter. Rufy helps him free himself and escape from the navy, and the swordsman, in order to repay himself, decides to join Straw Hat’s crew as the first member of the crew.

Zoro possesses a tall, muscular build, brush-cut green hair and a scar on his forehead. He always wears a pair of black pants, a belt with three sheaths for his swords, and a green and white striped shirt.

He has a very strict, serious and aloof personality and tends to isolate himself often from the rest of the group. However, this introverted nature of his does not go against the deep respect and loyalty to his fellow crewmates that will lead him to protect them whenever they need help.

Skills and Powers

Zoro, beingRufy’s right-hand man, is the second strongest member of the Straw Hats.

He possesses incredible speed and immense physical strength, gained during his hard training on the ship. He also exhibits immense levels of durability and resilience, having survived numerous serious wounds and having continued to fight while afflicted. One of his greatest assets as a warrior, in fact, is his inexplicable tolerance for pain.

As one of the world’s strongest swordsmen, Zoro, over the course of his long journey has developed numerous techniques that have enabled him to win against the strongest and most feared opponents.

The three-sword technique is his main fighting style, and consists of wielding three swords simultaneously, holding one in the left hand, one in the right, and one in the mouth. With this move, the swordsman is able to create vortex-like attacks that overwhelm dozens of opponents.

The two-sword technique is Zoro’s original fighting style in his childhood before he began practicing the three-sword technique. He has an immense mastery of this fighting style. By wielding only two swords, the power of the attacks will be less, but the slashes will take on greater speed of execution.

The one-sword technique, on the other hand, is used by Zoro to defeat or injure powerful opponents with a single blow.

Finally, The Nine-Sword Technique is among his most powerful moves. Through it he is able to create a solid illusion of himself with multiple heads and arms that can effectively cut through even the strongest of opponents, all surrounded by a dark and menacing aura.


Nami was born on the Konomi Archipelago, and is a girl who from an early age was forced to work as a cartographer for the pirate Arlong and his band of fish-men.

Arlong has imposed a tax on the people of the village, and Nami is forced to pay a large sum of money each month to free her village from Arlong’s clutches.

His life changes after meeting Rufy and Zoro in Orange Town. Initially, Nami pretends to join the two to steal their ship, but then, after realizing Rufy’s goodness of heart, decides to ally with him with the aim of defeating Arlong and freeing his village from tyranny.

After Arlong’s defeat, Nami becomes the navigator of Straw Hat’s crew and helps Rufy and the other crew members continue their journey in search of the One Piece.

Nami is a very interesting and complex character. He is strong and independent, but at the same time he also has a great weakness for money. His dream is to be able to create a map that encompasses the entire world. Despite her greed, Nami proves to be very selfless and cares deeply for her fellow crewmates.

As her nickname, Thieving Cat, suggests, Nami possesses remarkable cunning and shrewdness. In addition, because of her knowledge of cartography and navigation, she was able to help Straw Hat’s crew on many occasions.

Skills and Powers

Initially Nami used as a weapon a simple stick that could be divided into three parts, and which was hidden under her shirt. Before the events of the kingdom of Alabasta, aware that her weapon can help her fight only low-level pirates, she asks Usop to build her a more powerful one. The Sniper designs the Takt Climate for her, explaining that the two of them do not have the strength or powers of the rest of the crew, and therefore they must make the most of their inventiveness and their most outstanding skills. In Nami’s case, Usop refers to her extraordinary talent as a navigator and ability to predict climate change.

The Climate-Takt allows the user to manipulate the weather by creating clouds, storms and other weather phenomena, thus proving to be a perfect weapon for the “Thieving Cat.”


Usopp is originally from Syrup Island, where he lived with his mother and father, a famous pirate known as Yasopp. During his childhood, Usopp spent time on the island’s beaches, training to shoot with his slingshot and perfecting his sniper skills.

In addition, he befriended a young and rich girl named Kaya, who became ill following the death of her parents. Usop began to tell her his made-up adventures every day to entertain her and, most importantly, distract her from the illness that had struck her.

When Rufy and his crew arrive on Syrup Island in search of a ship, Usopp senses an opportunity to follow in his father’s footsteps by becoming a pirate. However, at first, the young man proves somewhat reluctant to join the crew because he was convinced that they would not be able to overcome the trials and difficulties of the long journey.

Despite his uncertainties, Usopp joins the crew and becomes the Straw Hat’s sniper.

Usop’s character is rather cowardly and fearful, but he manages to balance these negatives of his with his great selflessness. He has a tendency to lie, often making up exaggerated stories to impress others or to escape dangerous situations.

Usop embarked on the Going Merry, the ship given by Kaya to the Straw Hats, with the goal of becoming a famous and brave pirate, esteemed by the whole world.

Despite these sides of her character, Usop also proved to be a very stubborn and determined person, so much so that she fought against her own captain and even left the crew to try to save the ship given to her by her friend, which was now in tatters.

Usopp is a young, thin boy with a slightly olive complexion. He has black, curly hair and a long nose that is an allusion to the story of Pinocchio. He wears a white horizontal striped headband and always carries a yellow bag, inside which he stores his tools and gadgets.

Skills and Powers

Usopp does not possess great physical strength, but still has superhuman stamina and willpower. In fact, his spirit does not break even after being defeated and receiving severe injuries.

One of his unparalleled skills is his inventiveness with which he can create such formidable weapons as the Clima Takt and Kabuto. In addition to this, Usop also creates some of his own ammunition, showing that he has some knowledge of chemistry.

As the Straw Hat Pirates’ sniper, Usopp is a perfect marksman who can hit any target that is within his field of vision.

He, over the course of the series, made use of a large number of weapons:

  • The Ginga Pachinko is his first sling. Although it may be considered a toy, in Usop’s hands it becomes as dangerous as any firearm and its harmless appearance only gives Usop an advantage over opponents who underestimate him.
  • Kabuto is a large two-part detachable slingshot by name empowered by some interchangeable Dials, namely, Breath Dial, Flame Dial, Flash Dial and Impact Dial.
  • Black Kabuto is a smaller version of the original Kabuto, developed by Usop during the time jump. It is more manageable than the first version and has the ability to transform into a longer form that has the appearance of a carnivorous plant.
  • Finally, The Pop Greens are the seeds of hostile plants found on the Boeing Archipelago. Within seconds they can grow into huge plants that devour enemies.


Sanji was born in the North Sea as a member of one of the most powerful families in the world, the Vinsmoke.

From an early age, unlike his siblings, he showed little inclination for combat and cultivated a deep passion for cooking. Precisely because of this, he was deeply despised by his father and his twin brothers, from whom he suffered terrible harassment and humiliation, such as constant beatings and segregation for six months in a cell wearing an iron mask.

One day, his sister Reiju broke him out of prison, and Sanji escaped to board the cruise ship Orbit, where he later became an apprentice cook.

Two years later, the ship was attacked by pirate Cooks, and during the attack, Sanji fell overboard. He was rescued by a mysterious man named Zef, and the two ended up on a small deserted island devoid of vegetation where they had to survive starvation for many days.

Later, they were rescued by a passing ship and soon after opened a floating restaurant named Baratie, with the purpose of feeding anyone in need.

Here Sanji was educated by Zef, who by now had become his mentor, and learned the art of cooking by becoming an assistant chef.

One day The Straw Hats arrived at the Baratie Restaurant, and here they confronted and defeated Creek, a terrible enemy who wanted to destroy the restaurant. Following the clash, Sanji decided to join the crew to pursue his greatest dream, to find the All Blue, the place where the 4 seas unite, and where therefore it is possible to find all the different breeds of fish in the world.

He then joined Rufy, Zoro, Nami and Usop, becoming the Straw Hat’s shipboard cook.

During his childhood, he was educated in etiquette and manners by Zef, who taught him never, ever to hit a woman.

Indeed, one of the most striking features of Sanji’s character is his calm and gentle manner. He tends to speak very composedly, even in critical circumstances, and rarely acts without thinking first. He is also extremely clever, as he demonstrated when he tricked Crocodile into pretending to be Mr. Three or when he deduced that CP9 would take Nico Robin to the station and managed to get there before them.

His greatest characteristic, however, is that he is an incurable womanizer, so much so that he is wont to flirt with every attractive woman he sees and even claims that Nami was the main reason he joined Rufy’s crew.

Skills and Powers

Sanji is one of the four best fighters in the crew along with Rufy, Zoro, and Jinbe.

His enormous strength lies mainly in his legs. In fact, with a single kick, Sanji was able to knock Odr, an ancient giant four times the size of an ordinary one, off balance and rival Bentham, also a master of kicking combat.

He also possesses amazing speed and agility, which, after the time jump, he has further improved, thanks to training in Momoiro. During this time he also further strengthened his leg muscles to the point that he was able to develop a technique, called Skywalk, which allows him to move in mid-air.

Because of his superhuman physical strength and extraordinary speed, Sanji is able to master the black leg technique to a high degree.

To use this move, Sanji uses the friction between his shoe and the ground to heat his leg until it glows so that he is able to deliver blows that burn his opponent.


Tony Tony Chopper is an anthropomorphic reindeer, born onDrum Island, who, after eating the devil fruit Homo Homo, became a human-reindeer hybrid.

Because of his particular appearance, he was disowned both by other animals of his kind and by humans, who were afraid of him.

One day, Chopper fell ill and was saved by a human doctor named Hillk, who showed him kindness and compassion and became his first friend. The doctor also introduced him to medicine and science, teaching him the basics of the medical profession and caring for him in his own home like a son.

Unfortunately, after a few years, Hillk died of a terminal illness. This event deeply scarred young Chopper, who again felt abandoned and alone.

The little reindeer wandered all over the island, trying to help the inhabitants with his medical skills. However, his diversity still made him an object of ridicule and fear.

When he returned to Hillk’s dwelling, he took Hillk’s flag and waved it in tears, stating that he would become the greatest doctor in the world, able to cure any kind of illness. Later, he met Kureha, a doctor and friend of Hillk, who decided to take Chopper with her and teach him the secrets of medicine

That same year, Chopper created the Rumble Balls, discovering that he could transform into various forms.

Everything changed when the Straw Hats arrived on the island for the purpose of healing Nami who had fallen ill. Kureha healed the girl, and later Rufy offered Chopper to join his crew. Initially, the young reindeer was hesitant to accept, but then she was convinced by remembering her mentor Hillk’s appreciation of pirates.

Chopper then became the ship’s doctor for the Straw Hat crew.

Skills and Powers

Being a skilled doctor, Chopper possesses a vast knowledge of medical science that enables him to distinguish the symptoms of many diseases and prepare medicines from herbs and fruits.

Chopper also has considerable intelligence and cunning, which is reflected during battles. For example, when he exploited Mr. Four’s naiveté to his advantage by having him eliminate his partner.

Its animal nature allows it to cope with extremely harsh environments and climates but, at the same time, it suffers greatly from heat.

Due to the powers of the fruit, it has three basic transformations:

  • Brain Point: This is the hybrid form, in which he stays most of the time, with a small body and large head. This form is the most intelligent, as it manages to combine its human-like intelligence and reindeer-like intuition.
  • Walk Point: the animal form in which it is a reindeer, the fastest to run.
  • Heavy Point: the form that gives him body structure similar to that of a human being, giving him superhuman strength.

Using one of his inventions, the Rumble Balls, Chopper is able to change the effect of the devil fruit he ingested for three minutes, adding four transformations to the three conferred by the Homo Homo fruit:

  • Jumping Point: a longilinear shape with which Chopper uses his reindeer legs to take great leaps due to his low weight.
  • Arm Point: Chopper’s second strongest transformation. Thanks to it, his biceps and triceps grow out of proportion, enabling him to inflict lethal blows.
  • Guard Point: Through this transformation, Chopper’s fur thickens, becoming a shield resistant to external attacks.
  • Horn Point: transformation similar to Walk Point, but involving an increase in the bulkiness of the legs and horns, which become larger and sharper.

If Chopper takes on more than two Rumble Balls in less than six hours, he loses control of his transformations, taking the form of a monster.

  • Monster Point: Transformation that allows him to become a giant reindeer. In this form Chopper loses consciousness completely, and attacks both enemies and friends indiscriminately.

Nico Robin

Nico Robin was born in Ohara and raised by her aunt and uncle after her mother(Nico Olvia), a world-renowned archaeologist, left to continue her research.

Robin developed an interest in archaeology and was allowed access to theOhara Tree of Omniscience, a place where books on the 100-year void were located.

Because of her powers derived from the Fior Fior fruit, Robin was considered a monster by children her age and was always excluded.

One day, Robin on the beach met a newly shipwrecked giant named Hagwor D. Sauro. The two soon befriended each other, but when Saurus found out that he had been shipwrecked on Ohara, he warned Robin of the terrible threat to that island: the World Government had in fact ordered a Buster Call against Ohara.

When the warships arrived, Ohara was razed to the ground and all the island’s inhabitants were executed. Only Robin was saved from the massacre, thanks to the help of her mother, who returned to warn people of the impending attack, and the giant Saurus, who sacrificed himself to save the little girl.

The World Government, learning of Robin’s survival and his ability to read ancient stones, placed a bounty of 79,000,000 Berry on his head.

From that time Robin lived by going from one group of criminals to another and betraying his “comrades” in order to survive. At the age of twenty-three she joined the Major Route and here she met Crocodile who asked her to join his organization, Baroque Works.

Robin agreed and from then on, until her meeting with the Straw Hats, she went by the pseudonym Miss All Sunday.

Following Crocodile’s defeat, she decides to join Rufy and his companions, becoming the crew’s archaeologist.

Unlike the other members, Robin appears more serious, posed, with elegant and refined manners.

Although she appears as a cold and aloof girl, she is actually very kind and selfless, who would not hesitate to sacrifice herself to protect her comrades.

Skills and Powers

Robin is a skilled archaeologist with a great knowledge of history and past cultures. In particular, he is one of the few people still alive who can decipher the Poignee Griffe (cave writings describing forbidden history).

She ate the Paramisha-type devil fruit Fior Fior, which allows her to create her own body parts on any surface. However, if one of those parts is injured, Robin feels pain as if his real body had been hit. As a result of Sabo and Koala‘s training, she was able to combine her powers with the karate of the fish-men, strengthening her techniques even more.

Thanks to the Fior Fior fruit, she is also able to create wings that allow her to fly or eyes and ears with which she can spy on conversations and monitor her surroundings.

After the time jump, Robin achieved greater control over her powers, to the point that she can create clones of herself rather than individual body parts.


Franky was born in the South Sea and, at the age of ten, was kicked off the ship his parents were on because of his untamable temper.

He was abandoned at Water Seven where he began to spend his time building cannons out of scrap metal he found. One day, however, he met a skilled carpenter named Tom who decided to take Franky on as an apprentice along with another boy four years older, Iceburg.

The young man, thanks to Tom’s teachings, became a skilled carpenter and began to hatch a dream of building a ship capable of plying the seas around the world.

He said, moreover, that the day he completed it he would board it as a carpenter.

Two years later, Tom was put on trial for building the Oro Jackson, the ship of Gol D. Roger, the pirate king. The crime carried the death penalty, but the sentence was suspended for ten years so that Tom could complete the construction of a sea train, capable of plying the seas on rails.

The first prototype proved to be a failure, but twelve years before the narrative began, the Puffing Tom was inaugurated.

After some improvements, the judge returned to Water Seven, intending to pardon Tom for his work. However, Spandam, then head of CP5, had his men attack the judge’s ship aboard Franky’s ships.

In this way, the blame for this attack was placed on Tom, who was taken to Enies Lobby on the same sea train he built. Franky, in an attempt to stop the Puffing Tom, was run over and was presumed dead by all.

The boy was actually badly injured and, in order to save himself, he had to install mechanical parts into his own body, transforming himself into a cyborg. The transformation greatly increased his strength.

Four years after his passing, Franky returned to Water Seven from Iceberg, who entrusted him with the Pluton projects left by Tom.

In later years he became the boss of the Franky Family, an organization of dismantlers who raided pirate ships docked in the harbor, dismantled them, and then resold the pieces.

The character of Franky has a very eccentric character and has a spirit that often leads him to despise rules. The most distinctive attitude, however, has always been his motto, “SUPER!” When he says this, he usually poses and inspires others to imitate him.

Skills and Powers

Franky is the carpenter for the Straw Hat Pirates , and because of this he is responsible for maintaining their ship, as well as the vehicles in it and the equipment on board.

In terms of sheer physical strength, he is one of the most powerful members of the crew: his years spent dismantling ships and hunting pirates have made him develop his formidable strength.

He also has exceptional stamina; in fact, he has always recovered despite being brutally defeated twice in a few hours by Odr, who possessed Rufy’s shadow.

Franky is a human converted into a cyborg. Indeed, within his body he possesses numerous firearms and melee weapons that enable him to perform surprise attacks. All of this is cola-fueled, and the availability of that drink is decisive for the power of the blows Franky can deliver.

During the two years he spent, in the old Vegapunk labs, Franky rebuilt his body drastically improving every mechanical component of it.


Brook was a member of a crew bearing the name Rumbar Pirates. One day, while sailing in the western sea, they noticed that they were being chased by a baby whale that seemed to be lost. Brook played him a song with the intention of lifting his mood, and from that day on, the little mammal continued to follow the ship.

Days passed, and the crew, now fond of the little whale, decided to name her Lovoon. Later, when Brook and the rest of the Rumbar Pirates were close to entering the Major Route, they decided to abandon Lovoon because they feared it would be too dangerous an undertaking for a small whale. Brook promised the animal that they would return to her after circumnavigating the world in two or three years.

Sailing along the Major Route, the Rumbar pirates faced various challenges and Brook was given a bounty.

At one point in their journey, the crew entered the Florian Triangle, where they were attacked by other pirates with poisoned arrows. Since their ship’s doctor was killed in the fight, Brook and the survivors slowly died of poisoning. However, Brook, had ingested the Yomi Yomi fruit that allowed him to come back to life after death.

Brook’s soul then managed to return to the world of the living, but the search for the ship and thus for his corpse was hampered by the dense fog of the Florian Triangle, so much so that it took an entire year to find it. At that point, only a pile of bones with hair was left of his corpse. Having regained possession of his body, Brook collected the remains of his deceased comrades and placed them below deck inside some coffins.

The boy, who had become a living skeleton after spending 50 years in total solitude, ran aground at Thriller Bark with the goal of repairing the ship’s rudder. However, on this island, he was captured and then deprived of his shadow by Gekko Moria,a member of the fleet of seven.

Five years later, Brook comes across the Thousand Sunny and makes the acquaintance of the Straw Hats. During introductions, Rufy asks the skeleton to join his crew, but the latter declines the invitation, explaining that since he was deprived of his shadow, he could not expose himself to sunlight. The captain and his companions then decide to go deeper intoThriller Bark Island to retrieve the shadow of their new companion.

Skills and Powers

Brook is the Straw Hat musician and, as such, is capable of playing any instrument. Before the time jump, he created beautiful melodies using the violin and piano. He later became a world-renowned rock star with his guitar.

Brook being made solely of bone, he is very light, which allows him to perform unthinkable jumps and run very fast.

He is also endowed with remarkable physical strength that enabled him to hold his own against Ryuma, a very strong zombie samurai controlled by Gekko Moria.

Brook’s greatest advantage is his high speed, thanks to which he is able to make attacks so fast that the enemy does not realize he has been hit until a few seconds later.

During the time jump, Brook learned a new skill that allows him to separate his soul from his body and also to wrap the blade of his sword, making it cold.

His main weapon is a stick/blade called Soul Solid with which he is able to pierce and freeze a large number of enemies.


Jinbe was born as an orphan on the island of the fish-men, and, from an early age, trained at the karate dojo. Once he grew up, Jinbe joined the crew of the Sun Pirates, whose captain was Fisher Tiger, a legendary fish-man who had succeeded in the feat of attacking Marijoa (capital of the world government).

During one of their missions, Tiger was seriously wounded in an attack on a navy ship and died shortly afterward despite vain attempts by his comrades to save him.

Following Tiger’s death, Jinbe became the captain of the Sun Pirates. Soon, a bounty of 250,000,000 Berry was placed on him and he received a proposal from the World Government to join the Fleet of Seven. The fish-man decided to accept the offer so that his subordinates could inhabit the island and strengthen the bond between his species and humans.

After a few years, Jinbe decided to leave the Sun Pirates and join the crew of one of the four emperors of the sea, Whitebeard. About two years before the beginning of the narrative, while on the Moby Dick, Jinbe collided against the pirate Portgas D. Ace , Rufy’s adopted older brother. Their confrontation lasted for days, ending in a draw.

After Ace joined the Whitebeard Pirates, the two became friends.

Shortly thereafter, Jinbe was summoned as a member of the Fleet of Seven to deploy alongside the Navy against Whitebeard’s fleet. The fish-man, however, refused to confront the emperor and so was temporarily locked up in Impel Down prison, where Ace was also being held.

Following Ace’s transfer to Marineford, where he was to be executed, Rufy with the help of Emporio Ivankov reached the sixth level of the prison. At that point Jinbe informed Rufy of his brother’s situation.

The knight of the seas then joined Straw Hat, and the two, along with all the prisoners from Impel Down, headed to Marineford with the goal of freeing Fire Fist.

Here there was the clash between Whitebeard’s pirates and the navy that culminated in Ace’s death by Admiral Akainu.

Following this tragic event, Jinbe brought to safety Rufy, who had been unconscious from the shock of his brother’s death. It was also instrumental in the recovery of the boy’s mental health, who at first did not want to accept the stark reality.

After the time jump, Jinbe’s admiration for Rufy led him to join the Straw Hats, becoming the crew’s navigator.

Skills and Powers

Jinbe, nicknamed Knight of the Seas, has proven to be a formidable pirate, so much so that he has received a bounty of 1,100,000,000 Berry and has been a member of the Fleet of Seven.

In combat he was able to quickly defeat Gekko Moria, another member of the Fleet of Seven, and clash for five continuous days against Ace.

Like all fish-men, he possesses the typical abilities of his race, such as the ability to breathe underwater, swim very fast, and strength ten times that of an ordinary human being.

As the Straw Hat’s navigator, he has exceptional helming skills, as demonstrated during the escape from Whole Cake island.

Jinbe has a great mastery of fish-man karate, with which he is able to deliver extremely powerful blows capable of wiping out entire groups of enemies. Through its attacks, it is able to cause extensive damage even on the surface, as it can manipulate the water in the air and in the bodies of enemies, managing to injure them without even the need for physical contact.

The Sea Knight is able to use Armor Amb ition andPerception Ambition, which enable him to greatly increase his strength.

One Piece Characters – The Fleet of Seven

The Fleet of Seven is a group of seven high-level pirates who have achieved inordinate fame through their strength and exploits.

They were chosen by the world government, in exchange for the suspension of their bounty, in order to curb the power of the 4 emperors and thus balance the world powers. Indeed, the main duty of members of the Fleet of Seven is to help maintain the world balance between the emperors and the Navy, siding with the latter when summoned.

In order to be able to join the Fleet of Seven when a position became vacant within it, it was necessary to prove one’s dangerousness so as to convince the stars of wisdom to accept one’s candidacy.


Crocodile , nicknamed the King of the Desert,is one of the most interesting and controversial characters in the series.

When he was still a rookie, his dream was to become the Pirate King. In pursuit of this desire, he went into the new world and there, he achieved such fame that he was appointed a member of the fleet of seven. However, at the age of twenty-five, he suffered a ‘humiliating defeat by Emperor Whitebeard, which abruptly ended his ambition to seek the One Piece.

At the age of 30, Crocodile settled in the kingdom of Alabasta, where he founded the criminal association called Baroque Works. He then gathered some of the world’s best bounty hunters and gave each of them a code name based on their powers. Among them was Nico Robin, who assumed the name Miss Sunday.

His plan was to conquer the Kingdom of Alabasta and use the Poneglyph to find the ancient Pluton weapon, which would give him such great power to destroy an entire nation.

However, Crocodile’s tyranny was stopped by Rufy and his companions who, having come to the island to help Princess Bibi, managed to defeat the Desert King and liberate the country. Peace was then restored to the Kingdom of Alabasta, and Crocodile was captured by the navy and stripped of his title as a member of the Fleet of Seven.

As his attire suggests, his character is inspired by the image of an Italian Mafia boss. He, in fact, wears a black and orange striped button-down vest over a peach-colored long-sleeved shirt, along with a blue scarf, dark brown pants and shiny black shoes with gold buckles.

A ruthless character, Crocodile, in an attempt to seize Alabasta inhumanely orchestrated the destruction of several communities, with the intent of inciting the conflict that would eventually lead to a bloody civil war.

King of the desert, he shows himself willing to sacrifice even his subordinates to achieve his ambitions. One example is Operation Utopia, in which every member of Baroque Works in Alubarna, including most of the official officers, would be killed by the ensuing gunfire.

Skills and Powers

As a former member of the fleet of seven, Crocodile’s strength is even recognized by the Navy. In fact, when Crocodile was stripped of his status and transferred to Impel Down prison, he was placed on Level 6, where the absolute worst criminals in the world are kept.

The Desert King ate the Suna Suna no Mi, a Rogia-type devil fruit that enables him to create, control, and transform his body into sand. He mastered his skill to perfection, being able, when attacked, to turn into sand in a single instant.

If he is in a sandy desert area, his powers make him almost invincible, having the ability to create huge sandstorms, blades also made of sand and quicksand.

It is also able to absorb all moisture from any object, living or nonliving, by touching it with its right hand. This ability enables it to completely destroy its surroundings, killing and mummifying any biological substance through dehydration.

In addition to his Rogia-like powers, which allow him to turn into sand to avoid injury, Crocodile has a tremendous amount of physical endurance and pain tolerance, along with high speed and remarkable reflexes. He was able to take a heavy direct hit from Jozu, who was wearing his diamond armor.

In addition to being one of the few characters who have demonstrated mastery of their devil fruit, Crocodile is also formidable in hand-to-hand combat using his hook. It is made mainly of an extremely durable gold alloy, which prevents corrosion.

The golden part of the hook is hollow and can be removed to extract a poisonous hook hidden inside. This secondary hook releases a powerful scorpion venom, strong enough to melt rock and kill anyone who comes in contact with it.

Gekko Moria

Gekko Moria was born in the West Sea and, after witnessing the execution of Gol D. Roger, decided to become the new pirate king.

The following year, he arrived in Wa Country with his crew where he managed to steal the soul of a legendary swordsman named Ryuma . However, he was brutally defeated byEmperor Kaido and his companions died.

After losing his crew, Moria was clothed as a member of the Fleet of Seven, and, by order of the World Government, settled on an island-post in the Florian Triangle.

Here, he began to steal pirate shadows and create his own army composed of zombies. The island became the kingdom of Moria and was renamed Thriller Bark.

Years passed, and the Straw Hats arrived on Zombie Island, with the goal of retrieving the shadow of their new crewmate, Brook.

Despite their determination, they were soon captured and Moria subtracted Rufy’s shadow to revive Odr, an ancient giant of frightening strength.

At that point, the decisive clash between the Straw Hats and Moria, supported by Odr, began.

Through a series of combined moves, the crew managed to defeat the giant by cracking its spine, but, subsequently, Moria absorbed the shadows of all the zombies on the island.

The member of the fleet of seven, after absorbing 1,000 shadows, gained disproportionate strength. However, having seized too large a number of souls, Moria lost control and was promptly defeated by Rufy.

The shadows returned to their owners, and the Straw Hats, having emerged victorious from the confrontation, left the island and then continued their journey in search of the One Piece.

Skills and Powers

Moria ate the Paramisha-type Shadow Devil Fruit, with which he can control shadows. Thanks to it, he was able to build an army of zombies by stealing the shadows of living beings and implanting them in the island’s corpses.

To separate the cores from the owners, use a pair of large scissors.

Those who lose their shadows are wont to faint for a few days and fade if they come in contact with sunlight.

Gekko Moria also has full control of his shadow, called Doppelman, who is used to fight in his place. It cannot be destroyed and can continuously regenerate itself.

Moria is also capable of changing her form, making her solid to defend herself against attacks from opponents, or turning her into a multitude of bats capable of repeatedly injuring the enemy.

As we have already recounted, it can also absorb a very large number of shadows within itself, thereby increasing its strength and size disproportionately.

He also possesses remarkable physical endurance, as demonstrated when he can withstand Nightmare Rufy‘s blows, capable of taking down even Odr, and an electric shock from Nami’s Perfect Clima Takt without any particular consequences.

Drakul Mihawk

Dracule Mihawk, also known as Hawkeye, is one of the most enigmatic and fascinating One piece Characters in the series.

His story is shrouded in mystery, but we do know that he was born and raised in the New World, and that, during his youth, he trained hard to become stronger and stronger.

He became famous before the great era of piracy began, earning the title of the world’s best swordsman.

It is said that Mihawk met Shanks, one of the four emperors of the sea, and began training with him, becoming his friend.

Following the execution of Gol D. Roger, Mihawk joined the fleet of seven and turned Kuraigana Castle into his home.

The first meeting between the Straw Hats and Hawkeye occurred during the Baratie Restaurant saga. Here, Zoro challenged him to a duel, intending to defeat the world’s strongest swordsman. In the confrontation, however, Mihawk easily defended himself with the tiny dagger around his neck and defeated Zoro with ease. Despite the ruinous defeat, Mihawk declared that he would remember the boy’s name, and to pay homage to his willpower, he drew his black sword and dealt him the killing blow.

Following this event, Hawkeye makes his appearance again during the war against Whitebeard at Marineford. As a member of the Fleet of Seven, he sided with the World Government and clashed against one of the captains of Whitebeard’s crew, the swordsman Vista.

When Rufy and Emporio Ivankov attempted to reach the gallows, where Ace was about to be executed, Mihawk tried to attack them but was promptly stopped by Crocodile. After the deaths of Ace and Whitebeard and the arrival of Shanks, Mihawk left the battlefield and returned to Kuraigana Castle.

Back at his abode, Hawkeye was surprised to meet Zoro, who had been sent to the island by Bear Bartholomew. The pirate hunter begged him to be his teacher so he could become even stronger, and Mihawk, understanding the boy’s ambition, agreed to the request.

Skills and Powers

Mihawk possesses great physical strength, as he can skillfully lift and wield a sword longer and heavier than himself. The mastery in the use of this weapon is so high that he is able to deflect bullets with a simple movement of his blade. He is also capable of cutting steel without difficulty, as demonstrated when he defeats MR 1 in seconds.

His skill with the sword is also evidenced by the fact that he was able to make it a black sword, a feat only achieved by the likes of Shimotsuki Ryuma.

During the fight with Zoro, he easily managed to parry his opponent’s blows using only a pocket knife. With a slash, he was also able, during the Marineford War, to cleanly shear off a giant ice wave from Kuzan.

Mihawk is considered to be the strongest swordsman in the world, so much so that his swordsmanship is considered to be superior even to that of the likes of Shanks, one of the four emperors. Also at his hands came the rout of Creek’s fleet, which saw the destruction of forty-nine of his ships with a single slash.

Hawkeye possesses the Ambition ofArmor and also theAmbition of Perception.

His black sword is called Yoru and, according to him, is the most powerful sword in the world. However, he is wont to use it only if he believes the opponent is worthy of it.

Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock is one of the main One piece Characters and is the Queen of the Island of Women, also known as Amazon Lily.

Its story begins with Boa Hancock and her sisters joining the crew of the Kuja Piratesses when they were still very young. At the age of 12, the girls were captured by slave traders while on the Perfume Yuda and sold to world nobles, later being branded with their symbol.

The three girls were horribly mistreated by their masters who forced them to eat devil fruit. Their suffering was finally interrupted by the intervention of Fisher Tiger, who infiltrated Marijoa and freed all the slaves, including Boa and her sisters.

After being freed, the girls arrived on the Sabaody archipelago, where they were helped by Gloriosa, Shakky and Rayleigh to return to their homeland. Upon reaching Amazon Lily, Boa spoke to no one about their slave past and hid the mark on her back from the other Amazons on the island.

Two years later, when Boa turned eighteen, she was proclaimed Empress of Amazon Lily and took command of the Kuja Piratesses. Soon, she attracted the attention of the World Government, which, realizing her immense potential, first placed a bounty of 80,000,000 Berry on her head and then invited her to join the Fleet of Seven. Hancock agreed only to grant immunity to his people.

During one of his intimate baths, Boa unexpectedly meets Rufy, who had been sent to the island by Bear Bartholomew. Hancock, embarrassed, attempts to petrify him with the Mero Mero powers, but fails and Rufy is then captured and taken to the battle arena.

At this point in the story, there is the clash between Hancock’s sisters and Straw Hat, which ends with the latter’s victory. As a result of this feat, the empress is captivated by the boy, who then decides to set him free.

Later, Hancock shows the mark on her back to Rufy, showing him that she has full confidence in him, and reveals to him that she was once a slave of the celestial dragons.

At one point, Rufy discovers that his brother Ace has been captured by the Navy and will be executed at Marineford, the headquarters of the World Government. He then decides to ask Boa for help, who agrees, managing to get him to infiltrate inside Impel Down prison, where Ace was being held.

Upon reaching the sixth level, however, Rufy discovers that his brother had already been transferred to Marineford for execution. Straw Hat then decides to go to World Government Island to rescue his brother.

Hancock, as a member of the Fleet of Seven, agreed to side with the Navy during the summit war against Emperor Bluebeard.

During the battle, however, Boa decided to reinforce Rufy in his advance to the gallows, even clashing with Vice Admiral Smoker. He also gives, to the young pirate, the keys to Ace’s handcuffs that he had obtained at Impel Down.

Skills and Powers

Boa Hancock, being the Empress of Amazon Lily, is considered the strongest of the Kuja.

Her dangerousness is demonstrated by the 80,000,000 Berry bounty, which she obtained during her early ventures as a pirate, and her subsequent appointment as a member of the Fleet of Seven.

She proves to be extremely intelligent and able to use her beauty to bewitch anyone. For example, in Impel Down she managed to blow Ace’s handcuffs off the prison leader, Magellan.

Hancock possesses great agility and immense physical strength that enables her to deliver extremely powerful kicks. During the Marineford War she even managed to destroy several Pacifists.

When she was a slave of the celestial dragons, she was forced to eat the devil fruit Mero Mero of Paramisha type. With this power of hers, she is able to petrify anyone who is mildly attracted to her by striking them with arrows or through rays composed of little hearts.

Hancock is one of the few people who is able to use all three types of Ambition. He masters the Ambition of Armor, which he used to strike Smoker at Marineford, and also theAmbition of the Conquering King and Perception.

Bartholomew Bear

Bear Bartholomew was born in the South Sea and, even as a child, became the slave of some world nobles called celestial dragons. One day he managed to escape and became a notorious pirate with the nickname“Tyrant.”

Twenty years before the beginning of the story, he founded, together with Dragon and Emporio Ivankov the Revolutionary Army. Later, the navy managed to capture him and, through modifications performed by Dr. Vegapunk, to turn him into a cyborg. Once they gained control over him, the World Government appointed him a member of the Fleet of Seven.

Bear was then sent to Thriller Bark where he informed Gekko Moria of the Straw Hat’s arrival on the island and the fear of the world leadership that another member of the Fleet of Seven could be defeated.

Gekko Moria, offended, refused to be helped and claimed that part of the crew had already been captured. However, Moria was later defeated by Rufy and his companions, and Bear Bartholomew was ordered by the World Government to immediately eliminate the Straw Hat Pirates.

He thus appeared before them claiming to be known as the Pacifist, a human weapon built by Dr. Vegapunk. In a short time, he was able to defeat all the members of the crew, who were already exhausted from the fight with Gekko Moria.

Zoro was the only one left standing and, recognizing the clear superiority of his opponent, offered his life in exchange for that of his captain. The cyborg accepted the pirate’s proposal, but in return he demanded that the swordsman absorb all the fatigue and pain present in Straw Hat. He thus extracted them from the boy’s body, thanks to his power, and inserted them inside Zoro, who amazingly managed to survive the enormous pain.

After setting sail from Thriller Bark, the Straw Hats arrived on theSabaody Archipelago where they were attacked by Bear Bartholomew again.The cyborg in no time made the entire crew disappear, sending them with his powers to various places in the New World.

Even during the Marineford War, Bear makes an appearance, lining up to defend the gallows where Ace was to be executed.

After the arrival of the escapees from Impel Down, he runs into his old friend and comrade in the Revolutionary Army Ivankov. The latter threw a fit at the sight of Bear transformed into a robot machine ready to do the bidding of the World Government.

Skills and Powers

Bear Bartholomew, before joining the Fleet of Seven, was an officer in the Revolutionary Army and as such had command over numerous subordinates.

He proved to be a very dangerous opponent, able to defeat the Straw Hats twice (at Thriller Bark and Sabaody Archipelago). Indeed, his strength is such that even an individual of Zoro’s caliber preferred to freely surrender himself into his hands by resigning himself to the idea that he could defeat him.

Bear has eaten the Paramisha-type devil pad fruit that enables him to push or repel objects and people at the speed of light. With this ability he was able to send Straw Hats to different parts of the New World.

His devil fruit is one of the most distinctive in the series. In fact, thanks to it, it can even transform intangible things such as pain, fatigue or memories into tangibles by extracting them from living beings and transferring them inside others in the form of paw-shaped orbs.

Bear, after the changes made by the Dr. Vegapunk became a cyborg with remarkable resilience, able to withstand most attacks. It can also fire laser beams that can cause massive explosions and melt metals.

Donquijote Do Flamingo

Do Flamingo was born in Marijoa into a family of world nobility, together with his brother Rosinante.

When he reached the age of eight, his father decided to abandon his privileged position to live a normal life with his family on an island in the northern sea, far from the control of the World Government.

Do Flamingo, however, did not accept living as a commoner and this attracted the attention of the people, who burned the family’s house seeking revenge for the injustices suffered by the world nobles.

The family was forced to flee and found themselves in poverty, going to live in a shack, where the mother died of illness a short time later.

Two years passed and, one day, the two brothers were captured and tortured by civilians. Fortunately, thanks to theAmbition of the conquering king of Do Flamingo, they managed to escape. Vergo, Pica, Diamante and Trebol, who had witnessed the event, gave the child the devil fruit Filo Filo and convinced him to kill anyone who harmed him.

Do Flamingo, in anger and grief, killed his father, whom he despised for condemning his family to a hard life, and took his head to Marijoa in hopes of gaining the privileges of world nobles. However, the nobles refused his request.

Later, Do Flamingo became a pirate, and after witnessing the execution of Gol D. Roger in Rogue Town, he became convinced to become the pirate king.

Fourteen years before the narrative began, in the town of Spider Miles, he met a child named Trafalgar Law who asked him to let him join his crew. Do Flamingo agreed and, a week later, promoted him to officer of the Donquijote Pirates.

Two years later, Rosinante departed from the crew along with Law, with the aim of finding a cure for the disease that had affected the child. Do Flamingo contacted him warning him of their plan, which was to steal the Ope Ope fruit from the navy.

Rosinante then decided to go against her brother’s plans and make Law eat the devil fruit, thus succeeding in curing the child’s illness.

Do Flamingo, learning of his brother’s betrayal, caught up with him and, with pistol shots, killed him mercilessly.

Eight years before the beginning of the narrative, after blackmailing the World Government for stealing tribute from nations destined for world nobles, Do Flamingo was appointed a member of the Fleet of Seven. In addition, he was allowed to settle on the island of Dressrosa and become its new ruler.

Thanks to the powers of Sugar, a subordinate of his, Do Flamingo began to turn the inhabitants who were hostile to him into toys. He also enacted two laws that everyone would have to abide by: the curfew after midnight and the fact that humans and toys should not have any kind of relationship.

In the following year, Do Flamingo went into business with scientist Cesar and formed an alliance with Kaido. The agreementconsisted of providing the emperor with artificial devil fruits called Smiles,in exchange for his protection. He even allowed Cesar to kidnap children for his experiments, instructing Vergo to pass off the disappearances as deaths at sea.

During the Battle of Marineford, Do Flamingo sided with the Navy as a member of the Fleet of Seven. He was visually exalted throughout the battle, since, as he himself stated, he was happy to be able to witness the birth of a new era.

Once the battle was over, Do Flamingo managed to get hold of the Foco Foco fruit formed after Ace’s death and kept it in hopes of attracting Rufy.

Following the reunion of the Straw Hats, the crew arrived at Punk Hazard, where they made the acquaintance of Trafalgar Law. Rufy and his companions formed an alliance with the pirate, with the aim of destroying the laboratories of the evil scientist Cesar. The latter, in fact, used Punk Hazard Island, to do cruel experiments on human beings; even on children.

The group then managed to capture Cesar and destroy his laboratories, freeing the human guinea pigs from their cruel fate. Through a slug call, Law forced Do Flamingo to resign from the Fleet of Seven, blackmailing him in exchange for the scientist’s release.

Upon arriving on Dressrosa Island, they discovered that Do Flamingo had lied about his resignation, and that instead, he had orchestrated an ambush together with Admiral Fujitora.

From this moment, the Dressrosa Saga begins, a story arc that will see the introduction of a great many characters who will be a relevant part of the series.

Skills and Powers

As captain of the Donquijote Pirates, Do Flamingo has full command of his crew and, in addition, is the ruler of the island of Dressrosa.

In addition to his status as a member of the Fleet of Seven, he was considered an “untouchable” pirate, especially because of his alliance with the much-feared Emperor Kaido. Together with it, he had organized a series of criminal dealings that included the exchange of slaves, the distribution of weapons of mass destruction, and the trade in artificial devil fruits, called Smiles.

This is not to say that Do Flamingo was weak in combat; on the contrary, during the war for supremacy, he managed to take on Crocodile without suffering any damage and cut off a leg, with great ease, of the giant Little Odr Junior.

He also possesses uncommon resilience: in fact, as early as eight years old, he survived various tortures and as an adult managed to avoid being frozen completely by Kuzan, a former naval admiral. Moreover, after taking numerous blows from Rufy in Gear Fourth, which caused him to crash into several buildings, he still managed to get up.

Do Flamingo ate the devil fruit Filo Filo of the Paramisha type that gave him the ability to produce threads that are extremely thin and stronger than any material.

By moving his fingers he can manipulate his victims by controlling them like puppets and forcing them to fight each other. The wires can also be used to cut objects or things or to know projectiles from his fingers.

With his power he is able to move through the sky by clinging with wires to clouds, as when he flew over the stretch of sea separating Punk Hazard and Dressrosa. Do Flamingo also can use its power to repair its own internal organs or, even, to generate clones of itself that can move and fight autonomously.

Having awakened his devil fruit, the tyrant of Dressrosa is also able to act on his surroundings by turning buildings or the ground itself into wires that he can control.

He is one of the few people who is able to use all three types of Ambition: that of perception, armor and even the Conquering King.

His ultimate weapon is the bird cage, which is only introduced in the anime at the epilogue of the Dressrosa Saga. This technique involves enclosing an entire island in a cage composed of the threads of its power. The size of the cage shrinks over time, leading to cutting and crushing everything inside. His strength and crimes caused him to be imprisoned in the sixth level of Impel Down, where only the strongest and most dangerous criminals in the world are incarcerated, following his defeat by Straw Hat.