Razer Basilisk V3 – Review


PC gamers often go further with their peripherals, opting for a so-called gaming mouse that is supposed to be more comfortable, useful, accurate, and fun to use than a regular mouse. But not all so-called gaming mice are able to prove their ability and justify their high price.

Razer’s Basilisk line features a range of mice intended to cater to a variety of gaming genres, thanks to an ergonomic right-handed shape suitable for palm but also fingertip grips.

Razer Basilisk V3

The new Basilisk V3 features greater programmability, a sniper button that instantly lowers the sensitivity of the mouse, and a more structured grip than the lightweight Razer DeathAdder V2. With excellent performance from MMORPGs to FPS titles. Razer has added more tactile mechanical optical switches and a scroll wheel that can automatically switch between tactile scrolling and free rotation, without opening software or pressing a button.

Technical Specifications

CONNECTIVITYWired – Cable Razer Speedflex
SWITCH TYPE.Optical switch 2nd generation
SIZELength: 130 mm
Handle width: 60 mm
Height: 42.5 mm
WEIGHT101 g (excluding cable)

Quality of Construction & Style

The Razer Basilisk V3 is well built. The matte plastic is of good quality and has a nice texture. The scroll wheel has a little wobble due to the tilted inputs, but does not create any problems when using the mouse. There is a slight bending of the body around some of the RGB underglow zones, but even this gives no problems during use.

The mouse posits a matte black plastic body with some glossy black accents. The appearance is almost identical to that of the Razer Basilisk V2, but the design of the sniper button is slightly different from previous versions, and it is no longer removable. It also features an RGB underglow area with nine independent lighting zones that extends to both sides and back. There are two other independent lighting zones in the scroll wheel and on the logo in the palm rest.

Gaming Experience

The Basilisk V3 features Razer’s highest-end sensor, the Focus+, the same optical sensor used in the Basilisk V2 and higher-end Razer gaming mice. It has a maximum sensitivity of 20,000 CPI via hardware or 26,000 CPI with software, a maximum speed of 650 IPS and can handle a maximum speed of 50g. This is the maximum in terms of game specifications; however, many will not need such a high CPI.

The Focus+ is a reliable sensor that offers a wide range of options to play with. Whether you move the mouse quickly or slowly with higher or lower CPI, the cursor behaves in tune with your movements and proves to be a reliable tool.

The sniper button reduces the IPC to 400 (you can raise or lower it via Razer’s software) in the blink of an eye, allowing you to shoot quickly. If you train yourself to make the movement intuitive, it could change the way you play.


What We Like What We Don’t Like
Well-built finish with superior qualityThe scroll wheel can be noisy
Extremely low click latency
No ability to customize weight
Shape fits all handles & almost all sizesWeighs more than 100g
Sniper buttonDPI clutch too short for smaller hands
Many well-placed programmable buttons
11 customizable RGB zones
Fantastic new scroll wheel
26K DPI optical sensor

In our opinion, the razer basilisk v3 is one of the best gaming mice. If you are looking for alternatives read our article best gaming mouse.