Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 review


iPhone owners almost always choose AirPods, whether these are in the Pro or standard version, while those with an Android operating system in most cases veer toward a Samsung solution. Among the most interesting Samsung models with Bluetooth technology and excellent audio quality are the Galaxy Buds 2 headphones. For this reason, we decided to evaluate the product more closely and write a review.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Cuffie...


Samsung’s home packaging is definitely not the best in the world, but one should not judge a book by its cover. The packaging is very small and anonymous and definitely does not return a premium feel.

Inside the package is, in addition to the two earbuds, the charging case, two pairs of grommets, a USB-C cable for connecting to the electrical outlet, and two pairs of wingtips.

Wingtips are nothing more than rubber bands that have small lugs to improve the stability of the earbuds to the ears. The earphones already feature wingtips, but the ones in the package allow for a larger size.


The aesthetics of this product do not differ much from the earbuds commonly distributed by Samsung; the slightly circular shape and in-ear grommets are made of quality materials and result in a particularly ergonomic shape. The large central button, located on the end of the earbuds, provides quick and intuitive operation of the main controls.

The charging base, with its horizontally elongated shape, is made of good quality plastic materials. This also consists of a cover cap and has an LED inside that notifies charging status.

The compact structure and circular-shaped design make these earbuds very comfortable; you will not feel heavy after a few hours of use.


DIMENSIONSBuds 7.0 x 20.9 x 21.1mm, 50×50.2×27.8mm Case
WEIGHTBuds 5g, Case 41.2g
BATTERY LIFE5 Hours Music, 7.5 Hours (ANC Off) & 20 Hours with Case
RECHARGE TIME1 hour of music with 5 minutes of charging time in the case
BUTTONSTactile surface
CONNECTIONWireless, Bluetooth 5.2

Getting into the heart of the hardware and software of this product we find ourselves with some interesting features. Bluetooth 5.2 technology is an excellent ally for ensuring stability and speed of information exchange between devices, but it is also joined by: accelerometer, proximity sensor, environmental sensor, auto power off sensor and touch sensor.

In addition to so much technology you can also take advantage of a dynamic driver with support for AAC, Scalable and SBC codec formats.

The presence of a capacious battery and an IPX7 certification identify an excellent product for listening to music within the walls of your home, office, or for braving the rain during sports.

The earphones mount a triple adaptive microphone, which is great for ensuring calls are always clear and with detailed highs.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Cuffie…
  • Chiamate chiare: tre microfoni e un’unità di registrazione vocale…
  • Cancellazione attiva del rumore: due microfoni possono rilevare il…
  • Praticità di trasporto: con un peso di soli 5 grammi ciascuno, la…

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Those with Samsung smartphones will find maximum compatibility with the Bixby assistant, a feature that allows them to better manage the digital assistant without necessarily having the smartphone with them. Such technology allows users to send messages, forward calls, and control the device’s range simply by using voice commands.

A function that is now indispensable for those seeking quality earbuds is to be found in noise cancellation. The Galaxy Buds 2 implement that specification even though it is not comparable to high-end models or direct competitors AirPods.

In addition to the voice assistant, which is available for Samsung and Android systems, other functions can be initiated using touch controls. Through these you can start or stop music tracks, answer a call. Specifically, the commands are handled by five well-defined movements: single tap, double tap, triple tap, left extended tap and right extended tap.

Samsung’s in-house Bluetooth earbuds also feature a very interesting ambient mode. This, which can be activated only through a dedicated application, allows the sound heard by the microphones to be reproduced in the earpiece, providing partial isolation, which is very useful for those who want to be alert at all times in the city.


The capacious battery, although officially advertised as guaranteeing at least 6 hours of use, in reality in practice you have 5 hours of heavy use with all modes on. Thanks to the case, even 20 hours of battery life can be achieved, values that highlight how these earbuds are ideal for daily charging.

The case also features wireless charging, which would be a feature not to be underestimated if you own high-end Samsung smartphones with reverse charging and want to take advantage of your charging devices in the car and at home with wireless modes.


The work done by Samsung on the earbuds’ structure, weight and grommets is top-notch; comfort is one of the strengths of these Galaxy Buds.

The dimensions of 17 x 20.9 x 21.1 millimeters and weight of 5 grams make these earbuds small concentrates of technology that are extremely portable and comfortable to wear.

The case, with dimensions of 50 x 27.8 x 50.2 millimeters, is also a guarantee of convenience, also considering the overall weight of only 39.6 grams.

To be sure, the touch controls placed on the earbuds may not be particularly intuitive for those new to a Samsung product, but after learning the correct motions, it will be very easy to start the applications and functions of the headphones.

Audio quality

While aesthetics is a subjective component and functionality may fit needs differently depending on the recipient, the audio quality of a product is either good or not. In this respect, the Galaxy Buds 2 present an excellent audio compartment. The earbuds sound very good, especially considering the compatibility with Android devices and the Galaxy Wear app.

Considering the landscape of wireless headphones, the earbuds made by Samsung are a guarantee; the sound is always clean even on iPhones and Apple home devices.

Interestingly, however, on the iPhone only the Flat mode, i.e., without equalizer, is available, while on Android operating systems with the dedicated app it is possible to fruit an equalizer with five different profiles: treble boost, crystal clear, dynamic, gentle and bass boost.

Each profile allows you to give better sounds depending on the type of listening, a condition that is unfortunately lacking for iPhone owners.

Sound insulation is not excellent, but the very high volume is certainly an unusual feature for this type of product.


With the release of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3, the Galaxy Buds 2 model could become a best buy. The list price is 173 euros, a cost in line with the brand and the overall qualities of the earphones. Samsung used to promote its earbuds with major discounts, a condition that makes them a very viable solution for both daily entertainment and business use.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Cuffie…
  • Chiamate chiare: tre microfoni e un’unità di registrazione vocale…
  • Cancellazione attiva del rumore: due microfoni possono rilevare il…
  • Praticità di trasporto: con un peso di soli 5 grammi ciascuno, la…

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Verdict – Pros & Cons

The interest in this product is unquestionable, users from all over the world are inquiring about it to research pros and cons and decide whether to opt to buy it or not, but what are the most significant benefits and drawbacks?

What We Like What We Don’t Like


The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are an excellent solution for those who are looking for excellent audio quality and have an Android-based operating system. Although the earbuds perform well even with the iOS operating system, the lack of a dedicated equalizer makes the listening experience extremely limited.

The build quality is excellent, the aesthetics are certainly not the worst, and the battery life allows you to get through the day without too much trouble, whether listening to music or making phone calls. The microphone could certainly have been better, especially compared to the audio output quality, but the Galaxy Buds 2 still deserve a very high grade.