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The security of one’s home, office or automobile is very important, especially for those who spend many hours away from home or on the road. So that you can monitor your asset, mobile or real estate, even when there is a power outage, more and more people are relying on SIM cards for anti-theft. But what is it and what strengths and weaknesses does such a SIM show? In the next few lines we will focus attention on this issue and the best ways to choose to meet one’s needs.

SIM for burglar alarm: what is it

When you use a SIM card for anti-theft, all you are doing is implementing a SIM card inside a control unit, whether it is a home or a car, with which you can connect your security system.

The SIM acts as a conduit for connectivity and transfer of the most important information, specifically notifying the home or car owner that there is an alarm condition. The owner of the device will receive an SMS, call or data message directly from the SIM number, being able to take quick action even if not present nearby.

SIM for burglar alarm: how it works

The operation of such a system is simpler than you might think. SIM-compatible devices are usually GSM and thanks to real-time detection of cameras and sensors are able to contact the homeowner quickly.

In many cases people opt for direct notification to law enforcement and not to the owner of the service with anti-theft SIM, but in these cases it depends on the needs.

Each SIM card has a different rate plan and notification mode, and most of them base their operation on either the remaining credit or the subscription data plan.

SIM for burglar alarm: types

As can be easily deduced there can be different types of SIMs for burglar alarm, each company distributes different technologies and modes of operation. However, two standard conditions adopted by most providers can be identified: rechargeable SIM and subscription SIM.


Purchasing a canonical SIM, which is also commonly used for everyday calling and Internet surfing, is among the most popular solutions for customers who want to try an anti-theft SIM.

Each notification will then come to affect the remaining recharged credit, leaving the user with the burden of verifying that there is always credit.


Another type of burglar alarm SIM is to be found in the subscription type. Several providers, as we will see in the next few lines, offer services dedicated to GSM security modes. This condition is advisable for those who do not have too much time to check their card credit.


In addition to tariff plans, both pay-as-you-go and subscription, it is also possible to choose a burglar alarm SIM that has a certain communication technology. SIM cards enabled for 2G-3G and others only for 4G can be purchased; this is very important for the choice of controller, which is usually limited to a specific frequency. A provider such as Vodafone does not have 3G frequencies enabled, therefore, it would be completely useless on a dedicated device.

SIM for burglar alarm: features

A burglar alarm SIM, although it may be different depending on the target activities, has well-defined characteristics in most of the devices currently on the market. Let’s see which ones.


Those who rely on a mobile SIM-based burglar alarm system are most likely installing a completely wireless system. The ability to directly connect one’s smartphone to the control unit where the SIM is placed allows one to manage the security of one’s environments in the best possible way.

Through radio frequencies, the SIM will send alarm messages directly to the owner’s smartphone, allowing him or her to take action in the manner he or she deems most appropriate in a matter of seconds.

Ease of installation

There is no shadow of a doubt that an anti-theft system with SIM is among the easiest to install. However much you still need compatible devices, whether they are wired or wireless, inserting the SIM inside the control unit and activating it in seconds will be really very simple.

This type of technology comes to configure itself autonomously in the security system, while as far as the connection to the smartphone is concerned, predefined parameters will need to be set for remote connection or identification of reference numbers in case of an alarm.

Connectivity on predefined frequencies

All burglar alarm SIM systems have a default connection. Frequency management for burglar alarm systems is always much discussed, although it is almost impossible to avoid interference on 2.4 Ghz frequencies, relying on a quality provider can result in extremely reliable connections.

Thus, one’s security system will have a default shielding, which is useful for communicating with all internal devices and efficient for sending notifications quickly.

Dedicated control unit

Those who choose to install an anti-theft system in the car or within the home will necessarily have to install a control unit in which external devices, sensors and cameras come to interact.

This is also the case with a burglar alarm SIM, in fact, it will be necessary to choose a control unit suitable not only for compatibility with GSM SIMs, but also for certain frequencies in the subscribed service.

We have already anticipated in the previous lines, that relying on the right telephone provider is the first step in figuring out which type of exchange to install.

Versatility of providers

A burglar alarm SIM is extremely versatile, this can feature not only many services, but also a variation of subscribed modes over time.

A SIM owner can change his or her tariff plan whenever he or she wishes, always respecting contractual constraints, planning a more efficient and customizable security system. Those who choose a SIM for their home burglar alarm certainly have a need to evolve their system over time.

SIM for burglar alarm: advantages of using it

In order to best understand the real potential of a burglar alarm SIM, it is appropriate to analyze what are the advantages and critical issues that such a system can present. Let’s first see what the pros are.

Continuous accessibility

Benefit that makes this security system among the best is definitely that of 24-hour accessibility. Even in the event of a power failure, the system would be active and could notify potential hazards to the owner of the vehicle or property.

Remote connection

In addition to notifications via SMS or data connection, a SIM developed for the burglar alarm also allows remote connection to be configured in seconds. You will be able to monitor devices and environments wherever you want, with very low latency.


As much as a wired system may seem longer-lived, those who use a burglar alarm SIM can count on considerable longevity. Excluding the issue of whether or not the SIM expires in case you do not use it, in most cases you can take advantage on providers that guarantee frequencies and services for several years.

Rate plan additional to personal rate plan

Further benefit is to be found in the possibility of unifying one’s standard tariff plan with the GSM plan. Several telephone carriers allow the extension of a classic plan with a security plan, significantly lowering overall costs.


As with a common smartphone SIM card, anti-theft SIM cards are particularly convenient for carrying them wherever you want. In addition to the ease of installation in a new home, this type of technology is excellent for monitoring vehicles.

Several car security systems have an anti-theft SIM card, which is very useful for monitoring one’s car even while driving around town.

Ease of installation

Users who rely on such a tool most likely do not like complex installations. Placing a SIM card inside the control unit and configuring it with surveillance devices and sensors is very simple, even for those new to the tech world.

Autonomous upgrade

Relying on such a SIM also allows you to be able to update your security system at any time. Choosing a different provider or simply synchronizing with a second person’s phone number can be done independently.

Often you are bound to IT technicians for such operations; in this case it will be much more straightforward.

Wireless device connectivity

When one thinks of a burglar alarm SIM, it is hard not to associate wireless connectivity. Such an implant can be connected in very few minutes to all security devices, such as cameras, microphones, and of course motion sensors.

SIM for burglar alarm: disadvantages of using it

As much as the advantages, it is interesting to examine what are the disadvantages in equipping oneself with an anti-theft SIM system. Let’s look at the critical points and whether they can affect daily safety use so much.


As much as a SIM designed for a burglar alarm is comparable to a wired system, since no demolition work is done, it still costs more.

Even an affordable tariff plan has a fixed cost, compared to a fully wired system.

Provider down

In the event that alarms were triggered and your telephone provider had a technical failure, you would receive notification much later, or not at all. Case histories related to this issue are few, but it is worth pointing out for those who want maximum control.

2.4 Ghz interference

Relying on an updated burglar alarm SIM security system is definitely the winning move to avoid interference. As with all GSM SIMs, those made for burglar alarms may have problems related to frequencies of use.

This discomfort is related to the old ECUs, while the updated ones are able to free themselves with dedicated frequencies.


Although the ease of installation and management of such a SIM is within everyone’s reach, it should be pointed out that in some cases there is a need for manual intervention to reset the control unit.

SIMs may degrade, and you will have to take action yourself for routine maintenance.

Not for everyone

Choosing a burglar alarm SIM is definitely not for everyone; understanding installation methods, configurations and compatible devices requires basic skills.

Managing phone numbers, but especially remote configuration induces some users to abandon such a security system, relying on wired plug-and-play.

SIM for burglar alarm: how to choose it

Having noted the types, benefits and criticalities of a SIM for burglar alarm, it is incumbent to examine what features to look for in the ideal service. Let’s try to understand the parameters to consider before relying on this technology.


Not all burglar alarm SIMs allow the same services. As difficult as it is to find a SIM in which GSM technology is not implemented, some of these do not have 3G, 4G or 5G connectivity. Relying on a provider that allows you to send text messages, notifications to specific software, and forward calls is very important.

If you also add to this a modern technology that is compatible with even older ones, such as 2G-3G, then you can achieve maximum reliability.

PIN deactivatable

One of the most common mistakes made when purchasing an anti-theft SIM card lies in forgetting to disable the PIN. Just like a smartphone, the ECU also needs access to data, a condition that is impossible without the code.

Some providers, with rechargeable rate plans, do not allow the PIN to be removed, eliminating the SIM targeting function altogether.

Answering machine

An ideal burglar alarm SIM also allows voicemail messages to be sent to the owner. Although this may seem like a small feature, it is actually essential for keeping users up to date, even when they are not potentially reachable.


The price of an installation with SIM is slightly higher than a traditional one; this not only affects the implementation of the infrastructure, but also the periodic cost.

Some telephone carriers offer much lower costs than others, but in several cases with limited services. Choosing the best provider, at a cost best suited to your needs, is critical to getting the best results.


Choosing a SIM with lots of excellent services but bad reception is definitely not smart. When designing an installation with this type of technology, it is advisable to evaluate well the reception quality of the provider.

In this case it depends on the infrastructure and the place where the security system is installed, the evaluation can be done either empirically with operator testing or by analyzing what are the BTS (Base Transceiver Stations) in the area.

Fixed or mobile use

Buying a burglar alarm SIM card for your home is different from buying one for your car.

In addition to the purely technical aspects related to format and device compatibility, there are features that can best be used depending on the purpose. A SIM developed for in-car control will have better reception, cloud storage, and more accurate GPS technology, while a SIM for homes shows better specifications for sending notifications and functions remotely.


Those who want total control of environments can veer to a more advanced solution, where IoT (Internet of Things) and SIM interact to automate certain functions.

In the condition where an alarm occurs, the SIM will convey the notification directly to the IoT software that will decide, based on the criticality of the event what solution to take.

Voice assistants

Entering the home and disabling one’s security system vocally might be a welcome feature for many. Some SIMs can be connected to a home automation system and implement voice assistants as well, enabling burglar alarm activation and deactivation.

It is definitely not a necessary option, but certainly very useful for those who have several home automation devices.

SIM for burglar alarm: solutions on the market

As is evident from the preceding paragraphs, in addition to a quality system that has the latest technology, a system with SIM for burglar alarm needs an excellent provider.

Choosing between one telephone provider and another is never easy, especially when it comes to a security system. Let’s see which providers are most attentive to this issue and what offers they propose.


Vodafone offers a prepaid SIM card at a cost of about 5 euros. This type of card is designed for smart devices such as cameras and GPS trackers, somewhat less so for larger installations with several cameras.

Although Vodafone is among the most important companies in Italy, the divestment of its 3G network certainly limits its ubiquity. One must, therefore, pay close attention to the equipment used, it will have to be compatible with 4G or even 5G network in this case. The offer is usually proposed as V-SIM, but the company periodically changes the name of the tariff plan.

Things Mobile

One of the most purchased solutions by those who make a SIM security system for burglar alarm is definitely Things Mobile. This service has no fixed costs and guarantees 10 euros of included credit.

Its versatility is excellent, as it fits GSM, 2G, 3G and 4G burglar alarm systems without any limitation. Currently Things Mobile offers two types of cards, the first with which you have data or SMS for alarms and burglar alarms, at a cost of 15 euros; there are no fixed costs and you have 10 euros of credit included, as well as compatibility with all types of devices.

The second option is suitable for alarms, boilers, sensors and gas meters and is priced at about 17 euros, with 10 euros of credit included. It allows for data and SMS traffic, but not calls.


The latest physical operator to arrive in Italy also offers its anti-theft SIM card, precisely this card is rechargeable and extremely cheap.

Iliad’s promotions are cheap and can be deactivated whenever you want without any late fees. As you can easily imagine, being an operator that has only arrived in Italy a few years ago, it does not yet offer widespread coverage throughout the country. In this case, reception should be verified.

A traditional system can take advantage of a 120 GB promotion for 9.99 euros per month. Usual mobile data consumed is much less, but if you also use a cloud service for event recording, then it is smart not to subscribe to a SIM with less than 100 GB monthly.


The well-known telephone company offers one of the most attractive deals for those who want maximum security for their facilities. The Smart Security tariff plan, costing 24.90 euros per year, guarantees various functions and a good number of services.

Specifically, you can benefit from 500 MB of data traffic, 250 SMS, 50 minutes of calls and a SIM expiration after 24 months from the last recharge.

The number of SMS is free to the associated main number, while the 250 SMS will be scaled with the second number.

In case they run out of 500 MB, browsing will not be completely stopped, but will be limited to 128 Kb/s. Blocking calls to special numbers is also interesting.


One of Italy’s leading carriers offers a good solution for those looking for a shockproof SIM card. The best known and most popular offering is TIM Home Connect, which allows you to connect and manage burglar alarm devices, boilers, and anything else that is compatible with a SIM.

TIM’s proposal features 200 MB, 100 SMS and 50 minutes of calls, with an activation cost of 5 euros and a rate of 3 euros per month.

It is certainly not the cheapest offering, but for those who need to monitor their facilities for a short time, or even better to control devices that are little subject to frequent alarms, then it may be an alternative to consider. The 36 euros per year may be worth the investment, especially for homes that do not have excellent network coverage.

TIM is a provider that reaches most of the territory, although the speeds are not the best.


Relying on a SIM card for international anti-theft could be very useful for those who need to make calls to distant nations. GiffGaff’s service, which can be purchased online, allows precisely to accommodate those with this need.

Technically, the SIM is not enabled for data network service, only call service. As limiting as it may seem, it is currently one of the best solutions for those who need to forward calls outside of Italy.

The cost is very low and there is no SIM expiration, although payment will be made not in euros but in pennies. The SIM card will not connect to a proprietary operator, but to the nearest one, be it Iliad, WindTre, Vodafone or TIM.

Burglar alarm365

Interesting alternative, aimed especially at those who are looking for an anti-theft SIM with no expiration date, is Antifurto365.

In detail, the SIM is a rechargeable pay-as-you-go SIM, which will give away a free gift at the time of the first recharge. In addition to the SIM, the offer also features a GSM controller, the latter of which can be activated and recharged directly online.

Those who choose this service will find themselves with several advantages: it has no fixed subscription cost, no expiration date, it works with all operators, and it gives 5 euros as a free gift if they were to make their first top-up with an amount greater than 10 euros.


Until a few years ago, PosteMobile also offered tariffs aimed at home automation security; currently there are no dedicated tariff plans available, but in the future we do not rule out new developments.

However, several attractive offers can be subscribed to, which can be activated online and have a very low cost.

PosteMobile relies on Vodafone for network connection and call handling, no longer WindTre, so it is important to evaluate this feature before relying on this provider. At the time of this writing, the 300 GB and unlimited everything plan has a cost of 8.99 euros and a 10 euro activation fee.

SIM for burglar alarm: conclusions

A burglar alarm SIM is the ideal solution for anyone who needs to monitor their home or car, without investing in too invasive interventions. SIM makes it possible to limit the amount of work in the house and create a completely wireless system, speeding up and facilitating installation.

However, the choice of such a system is related to the type of system and especially the provider. Technologies, especially wireless technologies, are particularly rapid in evolving; relying on quality tools will help take advantage of all their strengths.