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Earphones that go straight for their own way and provide excellent audio quality as well as good software management are definitely those developed by Sony in the WF-C500 model. A level of wearability, a design that is certainly not inconsiderable, and respectable hardware and software make these Bluetooth headphones a definite buy in the sub-100 euro price range.

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The very small box in which the Sony WF-C500s are presented gives from the start an idea of how the product wants to present itself to the buyer: without too many frills. The packaging is extremely small and in its square shape accommodates both the Bluetooth headset and charging case. In addition to the essentials for operating the headphones, there are also a 20-centimeter USB-C/USB-A cable to power the base and grommets to change the stability inside the ear, specifically in the sizes S, M and L; M size is already placed on the earbuds once the package is opened.

As in all packages there is also an instruction manual and warranty. Definitely not an accessory-rich package, but just enough to take advantage of a product that aims to generate good music more than to indulge additional desires.

However, the package is made of durable materials, you will not feel the need to store it in a sheltered place to prevent it from degrading quickly, but it is always advisable not to expose it to rain or too wet surfaces, you would incur yellowing of the main color.


The aesthetics of this model are clearly inspired by the top-of-the-line WF-1000XM4, albeit with some less finish. The WF-C500 earphones feature a round shape and certainly large size that although they may seem large, once placed inside the ear they are comfortable and lightweight.

Compared with past generation models, Sony has decided to reduce the size by 45%, a condition that makes clear the great work done over the years. Certainly the size and round shape may not appeal to everyone, but it allows for very good use of the physical button on the headset.

Both the left and right earpiece have physical buttons, which allow specific functions to be turned on or off. Aesthetically, the button integrates very well with the shell of the earbuds, never being obtrusive to the eye, partly because it covers the entire surface of the headset, effectively becoming an essential element of their design.

It can, therefore, be considered an original design, which may not appeal to those who dislike round devices, but will please all those who like physical buttons to activate or deactivate specific functions.


The Sony company is used to developing products that have particularly high-performance hardware and software, ensuring excellent longevity for those who purchase their products.

DIMENSIONSCase: 8 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm
WEIGHTEarphones 5.4g Case 35g
BATTERY LIFE10 Hours Music & 20 Hours with Case
RECHARGE TIMEFrom 2.5 Hours / 10 minutes = 1 hour
BUTTONSPhysical Buttons
CONNECTIONWireless, Bluetooth 5.0

The technical specifications highlight good hardware that allows both audio and software applications to be handled well. To be sure, the 5.8 mm audio driver might seem undersized compared to the size of the Bluetooth headset, but Sony made a product that could make the best use of the device’s shape to generate impeccable audio quality, even with a driver that is not too large.

The presence of Bluetooth 5.0 ensures compatibility and excellent connectivity with all compatible devices, with excellent distances up to 10 meters. The lack of ANC is felt, but Sony has left this specification to the higher-end models, trying not to endear itself to users and then offering a very low quality of this much sought-after feature.

The absence of touch controls may not appeal to many, but the choice of design and practicality prevailed on this device, considering also that the dimensions of 8x5x5 cm greatly influenced the design, valuing practicality over minimalism. Completing the data sheet is IPX4 waterproofing, which allows the earphones to be used even in the presence of dust and water splashes, although they are designed for home or work use.

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Sony WF-C500 | Cuffie True…
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Sony has accustomed its consumers very well with high-end earphones of absolute value, but what functions do the WF-C500s offer?

The listening experience is mainly provided by the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine technology, which optimally adjusts the high-frequency audio in order to generate a consistently balanced reproduction of music tracks. This technology ties in seamlessly with Sony’s official application, which allows you to initiate equalization and set customizations depending on the type of audio file started.

DSEE allows the sound to be as close as possible to the original song, providing a much more interesting experience. But in addition to sound, it is also possible to customize the interaction with voice assistants, the Sony FW-C500s allow you to connect your smartphone to the headphones and initiate pre-set routines. But in addition to your smartphone, you can also connect the headset to your PC by taking advantage of Swift Pair technology.

An interesting feature for those who want to pair their earbuds is Fast Pair, which is very useful for pairing their Android mobile device with the Sonys in less than a second. The headset can also make calls and take advantage of multitasking, all thanks to stable and reliable Bluetooth.

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Sony WF-C500 | Cuffie True…
  • VESTIBILITÀ CONFORTEVOLE: Progettati piccoli e leggeri in una forma…
  • SUONO MIGLIORATO: Il nostro Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE)…
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Verdict – Pros & Cons

The choice of a pair of wireless earbuds in many cases is left to the evaluation between advantages and disadvantages. As much as the Sony WF-C500 is absolutely a product to try, especially if you have a budget of around 50 euros, there is no denying that it also has problems.

What We Like What We Don’t Like

As pointed out several times in the previous lines, the Sony WF-C500 provide excellent comfort, thanks to their shape and lightness you will be able to listen to music for many hours without the slightest discomfort. Adding to this quality is also good audio quality, considering the 5.8 mm driver that may not be large enough for those used to products from other brands that take advantage of drivers even larger than 6 mm. L’autonomy of about 10 hours of listening and 5 communication is a strength not to be overlooked, as much as the presence of physical buttons that are much more practical than touch buttons that are in many cases randomly activated.

On the other hand, however, the lack of ANC is noticeable and is especially noticeable in noisy environments. A condition that also ties in with the inability to pause or start playback while wearing and removing the earphones from the ears. The case, although ergonomic, allows only one charge, affecting the overall range.


One of the strengths of Sony earbuds has always been battery life, especially at the high end of its products. In this respect, the Sony WF-C500s fall somewhere between a high-end and a mid-range product, as the battery allows a maximum of 10 hours of continuous playback and up to 5 hours of continuous communication. Values that are certainly excellent but fall short of the top-of-the-line version.

The battery charge time is about two and a half hours and can be done through the case by connecting it to the USB-C cable in the package. The case charges in about 3 hours and provides an additional 10 hours to the canonical playback of the already 100 percent charged earbuds. Recharging the Bluetooth headphones for about 10 minutes gives about an hour of audio playback.


The in-ear design also somewhat defines what is the ergonomics of these wireless earbuds. Silicone grommets allow the headphones to be worn comfortably, adjusting them to the most suitable size by taking advantage of the different sizes in the package.

The weight of 5.4 g per single earbud is extremely low considering the device’s not-so-small size, a condition that makes use even for several hours never frustrating or tiring.

After a few hours of listening, the Sony WF-C500 proved to be light and comfortable, with an effective design and, above all, physical buttons that greatly facilitate those who use the product on a daily basis; one never runs into accidental commands; on the contrary, one has to press well on the button to activate the desired function.

Although there is no function for reducing ambient noise, wearing these Sonys still amounts to good soundproofing, isolating too high-pitched sounds naturally.

The size of the charging base, 80x 34.9×30.9 mm, also allows for excellent portability, never being troublesome inside your pocket or purse.

Audio quality

Although aesthetics and comfort are elements to be carefully considered in such a product, ultimately this must provide satisfactory audio quality to merit purchase. The Sony WF-C500s offer amazing sound quality for the price range, and the sound cleaning and volume adjustment are always flawless. You won’t necessarily have to keep the volume around 55 percent to hear the tracks at their best, but at both low and high volume you will hear the frequencies perfectly.

Obviously, they cannot handle all frequencies; being a mid- to low-end product, it is particularly suited for balanced audio files. The implementation of DSEE is definitely a strong point, as it allows for a much more natural rendering of the songs being listened to, restoring quality audio even in low-frequency conditions.

Audio can also be edited through the dedicated application, which allows audio files to be equalized according to the type of listening. Especially interesting is theHeadphones Connect that allows optimizing the connection between smartphone and earphones, lowering latency and making listening much cleaner, both on calls and when playing music.

It should be noted, however, that the microphone, especially in noisy environments struggles a bit to understand voice commands, so as far as using the voice assistant is concerned, it is advisable to do so in environments that are not too noisy.


Often the evaluation of such a product depends a lot on the selling price, buying quality Bluetooth headsets in many cases is equivalent to investing even a large budget. In the case of the Sony WF-C500 by evaluating the list price one might think that it is not a best buy, in fact, Sony on its official website markets the WF-C500 at 100 euros, putting it in great competition with many other products, perhaps equipped with ANC.

Actually currently, on major digital stores, including Amazon, Sony WF-C500s can be purchased under 50 euros, usually around 47 euros. As is easy to deduce, at this price they are an absolute must purchase, even though there is no active noise reduction. Availability is up and down, in many cases you can find them immediately, in other cases you have to preorder them, but the cost is abundantly more than a benefit.

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Sony WF-C500 | Cuffie True…
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Choosing the Sony WF-C500 is equivalent to aiming for a pair of earbuds that are simple, but provide reliability and excellent audio quality, relating it, of course, to the selling price. As much as they lack ANC and several smart features, those who want a pair of wireless headphones to use daily for any activity will find them the ideal solution. EQ also allows you to change the type of sound to suit your needs, but it is not comparable to the software designed by Sony for the top of the range.

At the cost of 100 euros, the list price, they would most likely not be recommended, but since they can be purchased for about 50 euros, they actually become a product to have without thinking too much. The design and physical buttons testify to the desire to make a practical product suitable for everyone.