Souls to Watch – A look at the past, present and future


The anime to watch on one’s TV, tablet or smartphone are truly many, hours of entertainment are there ready to satisfy the needs of fans. The almost infinite number of available cores, however, is likely to be confusing, as one has no reference points from which to start.

In the next few lines we will focus on this issue, making the reading lighter by dividing the paragraphs by type, namely: shonen, seinen, great classics, originals, and those still in production.

Anime to Watch: Shonen

The term Shōnen from Japanese translates to boy, as is easy to guess, all shōnen anime and manga are those made for a young audience, in which complex themes are hardly dealt with, in fact, blood is almost always censored.

Although over time the most famous anime broadcast in Italy are precisely those in this genre, let us take a look at the ones that cannot be missed in one’s cultural background.

My Hero Academia – VVVID

One of the most popular anime among critics and fans is definitely My Hero Academia (Boku no hiro akademia), a multimedia product that tells the story of Kohei Horikoshi and associates inside Yuuei High School.

The series features 88 episodes, at the moment only the first 38 have been released in Italy, on the VVVID platform. One will be able to witness the evolution of a character who finds himself in a world full of superheroes, whose superpower is named Quirk, but whose superpower he does not possess until the famous All Might gives him his own.

The workouts inside the superhero school are always as captivating and exciting as the main characters in the story.

Demon Slayer – VVVID

This anime had peaks of celebrity in 2020, winning millions of fans of the story-telling genre with fighting.

The story is set in Japan, in the Taisho period, and tells the story of Tanjiro, a hero who finds his entire family murdered when he returns home. Her sister Nezuko is saved from the terrible massacre, but she is possessed by a demon, which is the perfect excuse to begin the journey to cure the girl.

Although the plot may seem bleak and alienating, irony actually underlies the entire anime.

If you want to learn more about demon slayer, we recommend: Demon Slayer Season 3 & Characters of Demon Slayer

Yu of the Wraith – Netflix

Those over the age of 30 will surely remember Yu of the Wraith as one of the most exciting manga to watch on TV. this shonen is rich in combat, where the physical and spiritual evolution of the characters will be transformed throughout the saga.

The 112 episodes may seem like a lot, but each fight will provide exceptional entertainment, especially for those who have a Netflix subscription and can watch the full series.

Slam Dunk

One of the must-see anime that will impress even those who are not fans of the sports genre is Slam Dunk. Although it was a series broadcast on MTV Italy and 7 Gold, it can hardly be found on streaming, therefore, we recommend getting a nice dedicated box set.

The story chronicles the events of the Shohoku basketball team, which will find itself facing the National Tournament with particularly eclectic players. Hanamichi Sakuragi and his teammates will accompany the viewers in a riot of banter and in many cases also suffering and sadness. A rare gem to be viewed without a second thought.

Gigi La Trottola – Amazon Prime Video and NOW TV

Finding Slam Dunk episodes is really complex, in case you fail in this mission you could veer to a similar, though much more lighthearted and fun solution: Gigi the Trotter.

The 27 episodes released in Italy chronicle the vicissitudes of Kappei Sakamoto, a boy who is particularly good at basketball but is characterized by an extremely small height. With so many inventions to tick off taller opponents, this series will bring a smile even to those who do not like sports anime.

Toradora – VVVID, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

Among the anime to watch without giving it too much thought is Toradora, as you can guess from the title, major streaming platforms guarantee viewing with ease.

The romance-comedy genre tells the story ofTaiga and Ryuuji who will find themselves in a school setting where the feelings and issues of adolescence run rampant. It is not just a series for girls; boys will also appreciate the themes covered.

InuYasha – Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

When one of the world’s most celebrated manga, InuYasha, was transposed into anime format in 2000, the passion toward Japanese products was particularly incisive in Italy.

This anime confronts the viewer with the story of InuYasha, who will face several demons from the past. The sentimental dynamics tie in perfectly with those of combat, generating one of the most beloved products ever, even if graphically not quite contemporary.

Anime to Watch: Seinen

Taking a look at children’s products, it is clear that the themes are almost always those of combat, personal growth, and power-ups that enable the protagonist to defeat the enemy on duty. Different condition however, for seinen anime, this term translates to “Young man,” usually identifiable in Japan as the adult man.

The themes of seinen anime are much more challenging; in fact, one will find marked existential conditions and for the more violent genres, very little censorship. Let’s see which ones cannot be missed in one’s collection.

Berserk – Amazon Prime Video

When fans of the seinen genre have to recommend a major anime, in most cases they cite Berserk as their first option. The vicissitudes of Gatsu and the Hawk team represent a cross-section of the world, combining misunderstandings, magic, hatred and love to achieve a higher purpose.

Although there are still a few chapters to go until the end of the manga, and the anime is far from complete, everyone should view at least once the exploits of the protagonists of this story, full of fights, monsters and unique designs.

Attack Of The Giants – Amazon Prime Video, VVVID, Netflix and Crunchyroll

In the past five years, one of the most talked-about and contested seinen is definitely Hajime Isayama’s idea of a manga and anime that immerses the viewer in a city surrounded by a wall with the purpose of protecting the citizens from hundreds of giants.

The protagonist Eren Jaeger and his comrades belonging to the Exploratory Legion will try to understand the origin of the giants and how they can be stopped so that the human race can survive in serenity.


An anime series difficult to find on streaming is Erased, but it deserves quite a bit of attention. Although the characters are young boys, the events are extremely adult, chronicling the misadventures of Satoru Fujiuma, a mangaka, who must solve a thorny mystery.

The events will take the protagonist back in time, where he must save several lives.


When you have the desire to watch a top-notch seinen anime you can opt for Monster. The work by master Naoki Urusawa, considered by many to be the best seinen mangaka ever, chronicles the life of Dr. Kenzou Tenma, a neurosurgeon who decides to operate on a boy instead of the mayor of his town.

This decision will lead him to lose his job and intriguing consequences later. The psychological and emotional load of the series has few equals.

Anime to watch: the great classics

Reading the previous paragraphs with the list of anime to watch shonen and seinen, it is easy to deduce that there is a lack of great masterpieces in the history of this field. In fact, we wanted to devote a full paragraph just to the great classics, so that you have a handy guide of anime to add to your favorites. Let’s see what they are and what they can offer fans.

Dragon Ball

Even today, after more than three decades, Dragon Ball represents one of the anime and manga that have accompanied generations on afternoons after school. Although the new animated series Dragon Ball Super may be a good way to move away from Goku and co. the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball saga are still outstanding.

The events of Son Goku, a boy particularly gifted in martial arts, will find himself together with Bulma searching for the Seven Dragon Balls. The long journey will lead to epic confrontations and entertaining stories.

Ken the Warrior

A Japan shrouded in the cruelty of war will pit different schools of martial arts against each other for control of territories now half-destroyed by atomic bombs. In this apocalyptic atmosphere, Ken Shiro will find himself fighting against brothers and enemies because he is a descendant of the Sacred School of Hokuto.

An unforgettable story filled with iconic characters and, above all, epic battles.

City Hunter

Lovers of comic detective anime will adore City Hunter, made by Tsukasa Hojo represents a cult of the 2000s. The adventures of Ryo Saeba, a private detective with exceptional gun handling skills, will chronicle the protagonist’s missions in flushing out crime.

Together with Kaori, funny and in some cases touching one-episode stories will be generated.

Detective Conan

One of the great anime classics to watch is definitely Little Detective Conan, an extremely long-running series that is a real business in Japan for action figures and related films. The investigator, only 17 years old, will have to cooperate with the police to solve several cases, usually one per episode, but the protagonist will eventually run into the Black Organization whose subplot will develop.

An excellent anime for those who like detective stories and want new stories every episode.

One Piece – Crunchyroll

To consider One Piece a great classic even before the last chapter is written is a testament to how much of a colossus this multimedia product is now in the industry. With more than 944 episodes, this anime represents the pinnacle of shonen, whose developments it is essential to know about.

The story of Rufy Straw Hat and his crew will take the viewer through memorable events made up of eclectic characters and borderline emotional confrontations. To speak well of this manga/anime is too easy, the many episodes, however, need quite a few hours at your disposal.

To see only the episodes relevant to the story. The following list should be consulted. Filler One Piece Episodes

Naruto – Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll

Along with Dragon Ball and One Piece, it is perhaps the most interesting anime to watch for those who love shonen. This series tells the story of Nartuto Uzumaki, an orphan ninja in whom a demon called “The Nine-Tailed Fox” has been imprisoned. The growth of this character, in the Leaf Village, will be gradual; in fact, one will be able to follow his or her evolution from school to his or her consecration as Hokage. Spectacular fights, jokes and emotions are certainly not lacking.

To see only the episodes relevant to the story. The following list should be consulted. Naruto Shippuden Filler Episodes

Hunter x Hunter – Amazon Prime Video and VVVID

Yoshihiro Togashi created one of the most important fantasy anime ever, in fact, so many other products have been inspired by this series.

There are two versions available: the 62-episode series from 1999 and the 148-episode series from 2011, the latter being much closer to the original manga.

Beautiful drawings, an intriguing story in which Gon Freecss will have to improve himself to fight various monsters, provide an enjoyable and psychological anime.

Neon Genesis Evangelion – Netflix

Considered a masterpiece of animation, Neon Genesis Evangelion cannot be missed on the list of must-see manga. It now represents a symbol of 90s animazioen, and although initially we are confronted with a mecha story, as the episodes continue we will find ourselves with exceptional religious themes and psychological introspectives.

The story is set after the Second Impact, an event that killed more than three billion people.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Those who love chemistry and anime at the same time will find this series an ideal product. The anime features 64 episodes in which protagonists Alphonse and Edward will try to resurrect their mother using alchemy.

In this desperate attempt, one of the two brothers, Edward, loses a leg, while Alphonse disappears into thin air. Edward in order to reconcile with his brother will also sacrifice his arm in order to unite his soul with that of a suit of armor. The incipit will serve to begin a long journey toward finding the Philosopher’s Stone, the latter capable of bringing them back to their own bodies.

Anime to watch: original

Great classics are easy to find on streaming web platforms, and in some cases even after-market box sets do not cost much. However, we want to go slightly further and recommend three anime to watch that stand out for originality. Let’s see what they are.

Kiseiju – The Uninvited Guest – Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and VVVID

One of the most original anime in recent years is definitely Kiseiju, a series that in 24 episodes tells the story of an alien parasite that has entered Shinchi Izumi ‘s body and will take control of it.

Although the purpose of the parasite was to take control of the human’s brain, the plan will fail and a symbiosis between the two species will be created. This will evolve into wonderful fights and psychological intrigue to be entertained with for hours. It represents one of the funniest and most irreverent seinen.

Death Note – VVVID

Anime of world renown that should absolutely be viewed is Death Note. This series is currently one of the most viewed and tells the story of Light Yagami, an honor student, who will find a book called Death Note.

With the power of the Shinigami, gods of death, the book has the ability to kill whatever person is written on the papers inside it. This dynamic will lead to the protagonist feeling like a deity and trying to stamp out crime on Earth, clashing with relevant police personalities.

GTO – Amazon Prime Video and VVVID

Great Teacher Onizuka is one of the most formative anime you can watch. The story chronicles the vicissitudes of Professor Onizuka as he grapples with students who are disinclined to learn.

Although it can be thought of as an educational approach, the teacher will not shy away from fighting with his or her students with his or her bare hands and inducing them to follow the straight and narrow path with praiseworthy actions.

An anime that should be watched at least once every two years, even if the drawings are now dated.

Souls to watch: a glimpse into the future

Many of the series reviewed so far are already concluded, while others are in the making, such as One Piece and Dragon Ball Super. Although it is always difficult to recommend an anime to watch in future projection, we want to recommend three very interesting productions, especially for those who like to read manga.

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Netflix, VVVID and Crunchyroll

Master Hirohiko Araki brought to life one of the most beloved manga ever, the anime counterpart is now in its fifth season, precisely Stone Ocean, resulting in an unparalleled fidelity of the original work.

The events of the Joestar family are memorable, combining the dementiality of the more mundane shonen with the mechanics of more complex seinen. The 121 episodes released so far are ideal for learning about the series and future ones.

One Punch Man – VVVID and Crunchyroll

Recommending One Punch Man is perhaps the easiest thing to do; in fact, the series is among the most beautiful and entertaining you can watch. In addition to providing the user with magnificent designs with attention to every aspect, the series tells the story of Saitama, a boy who through trivial training has become the strongest fighter on Earth and beyond.

Those who like superheroes, or rather antiheroes, will find this anime a breath of fresh air.

Boruto – Crunchyroll

At the end of the Naruto Shippuden series so many fans felt the need to know what would happen next. Fans have been pleased with the anime Boruto, a story in which the main character isNaruto ‘s son.

The events will at first resume the actions seen in Boruto: Naruto the movie; but then it will extend to fighting with the mysterious Kawaki.

Anime to watch: where to start

Adding up all the episodes just listed yields months, if not years, of viewing. In order for one to choose the anime to watch best suited to one’s needs, one should first identify the relevant genre, shonen or seinen, and then evaluate the parameters below.

Taking a look at the trailers

First of all, it is smart to view the official trailer of the series you might be most interested in, that way you can get a detailed idea of the type of story. A fantasy anime differs greatly from a sports anime.

Multimedia platform

The second aspect to evaluate is where anime is broadcast. Some platforms are free, such as VVVID and Crunchyroll, but you have to wait for commercials before watching the episode, while Netflix and Amazon Prime Video require a subscription plan.

Graphic style

Parameter to be taken into consideration is also the graphic style of the anime to be viewed. Some of these are technically excellent, others less pleasant. An anime from 1999 will definitely not have the graphic quality of a 2020 product.

Brand of reference

It may sound like a platitude, but it is also smart to take a look at who produces and distributes anime in Italy. Bandai Visual is definitely the best known company, but not always the best to rely on, especially for the quality of the designs.

Anime to watch: top platforms

One of the elements of choice for watching anime is definitely the platform on which they are uploaded. As can be seen from some of the animated content, some is not even available for streaming. But what are the most important platforms to rely on?

There is no shadow of a doubt that the most widely used official platforms in Italy are those of: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll and VVVID. The first two solutions require a monthly or annual subscription, while the other two can be used simply by registering for free on the site.

In the previous lines we have also highlighted the platforms on which to find animated series so as to speed up the search, but it is important to note that Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offer significantly better video quality. In some cases reaching even 4K resolution.

Anime to watch: quick list

The list of anime to watch is virtually endless, although we have highlighted the most interesting ones, here is an additional list of some must-see anime: Cowboy Bepop, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Sword Art Online, Ergo Proxy, Mobile Suit Gundam, Nana, and finally Samurai Champloo.