Will TOTW 26 be the last of FIFA? – The Future of Teams of The Week


Anyone who plays FIFA Ultimate Team knows that the team of the week is announced every Wednesday of every week, and theoretically you would think that would happen this Wednesday as well. We are used to receiving a new TOTW on a weekly basis, but this week does not seem to continue this tradition. Last week TOTW 27 was supposed to come out and this week TOTW 28 was supposed to come out, but unfortunately that was not the case.

With the launch of EA’s rebranding, we are approaching the era of EA Sports FC, and the era of FIFA is about to end with FIFA 23 itself. There are still many other events in the works, such as the most important event of each FUT season, the Team of the Season.

In this article, let us clarify some issues related to Teams of the Week, particularly its recent disappearance, and see what will become of this event.

Will TOTW 26 be the last FUT team of the week?

The impression is just that, it really looks like TOTW 26 was the last FIFA team of the week, and apparently it really is. It sure seems like theend of an era for FIFA and Ultimate Team.

Since the first version of FUT with FIFA 10, Teams of the Week have been a staple in the popular Ultimate Team game mode, with EA Sports rewarding players with the best performances in the last week with an IF card. The iconic black and gold card has always been one of the most sought-after and beloved items in Ultimate Team, but with the volume of promotions released in recent FIFA titles, IF cards have increasingly lost their value. All the promos in recent years have filled FUT databases with cards, and the value and usefulness of TOTW cards has plummeted more and more.

EA has now stopped releasing TOTW teams in FIFA 23, with TOTW 26 the last TOTW team released. TOTW 26 is therefore officially the last TOTW team ever released in an EA Sports FIFA game, with EA soon moving on to the new EA Sports FC title.

Will we see TOTWs again in EA Sports FC?

It is currently unknown whether Team of the Week releases will continue in EA Sports FC, as it is not yet known whether EA will maintain the same FUT paradigm in the new title as well. There is certainly something to be said for the fact that with the increasing presence of promos each week, IF cards have reached the lowest point of importance in their history and may perhaps disappear from the new title.

With TOTW players featured as Player Picks in the FUT Champions rewards, sometimes it is not worth playing all 20 games just to earn an 84-rated TOTW that no one will ever use. Due to the TOTS promotion that is now running in FUT, FUT Champions rewards have been updated, with player choices now including TOTS items instead of TOTW. This again shows that at this point in the game these items are no longer needed.

At the moment, therefore, there is not enough information to know whether the now historic Team of The Week will be featured on EA Sports FC. What seems certain to us, however, is the fact that EA will surely maintain a promotion based on players’ weekly performance for a FUT-style mode. Probably with the new title this recurring promo will have a different name and different rules, so we just have to wait for official information just from EA Sports in the coming months.