About Us

Hello and thank you for your interest in us and our site

This page was originally created for our club FC John Doe which has participated in several Fifa Proclub 11 vs 11 online leagues (playing in the big leagues among others)

Due to lack of time and the difficulty of finding players on ps5 at that time, the project was discontinued.

However, we noticed that the articles published regarding Fifa on the site, were read by many people and we also received several thanks, since the information published was not available on other pages, or was only available in other languages.

So we decided to expand the project and write about all the topics that interest us, trying to fill a gap in information in italy.

The main part of the site is still dedicated to fifa and gaming in general, but because of our experiences we decided to write about other interesting topics as well. So you will find Tutorials, Reviews and Information about electronics and video games, but also about movies and TV series.

So far the resonance has been very good: the site currently has over 150,000 visitors per month (and growing), and we will continue to try to provide our readers with useful information.

Meanwhile, the team of authors has also grown: we currently have 7 active content creators, including one on our new youtube channel.

If you have any questions, collaboration, or a request for an article on a specific topic, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Write to us even if only to give us feedback on our articles or site.

Any constructive messages will be greatly appreciated as we are always grateful to be able to improve.