Fantasy Football Team Names: Ideas for your fantasy soccer team.


Fantasy soccer is a fun game that is based on the results of a soccer season.

Players known as Fantallenatori build their teams based on the statistics of real players.

The game became popular in the United States in 1980, but now it has become popular all over the world, with an estimated just over 6 million Fantallenatori in Italy (more than the 4 million who “practice” soccer).

Essentially fantasy soccer, it is a fun game that offers players the opportunity to build their own team while also choosing the name of it and compete with their friends.

This is one of the most difficult questions for jockeys. What can I call my fantasy soccer team?

Many people to avoid this dilemma stick to the first name, but if you have come this far be prepared to receive all possible names for your fantasy soccer team from the most classic ones to the most ignorant ones through the funniest ones to the bad-luck ones and much, but much more.

Best Fantasy Football Team Names List:

Alcoholic Ideas:

How better to choose the name of your fantasy soccer team than by starting with the thing that all fantasy footballers in the world love the most, alcohol.

Here’s a list for the most boozy names for your fantasy soccer team:

  • Amaro Lucano
  • Aston Beer
  • Real Beer
  • Celta Wine
  • Deportivo Aperitif
  • Dybala with Hops
  • Evìta Peroni
  • Rivers of Parol
  • Herta Vernello
  • Kean 8
  • Poggisbronzi
  • Pro Secco
  • Four friends at VAR
  • Real Madrink
  • Realcolized
  • Sambuca Juniors
  • Juniors outlet
  • Sbronzing Lisbon
  • Tibie and Peroni.

Ideas dedicated to Players and Coaches:

We have all thought at least once about dedicating the name of our fantasy soccer team to those who make it possible, namely Footballers and Coaches around the world.

Here are all the most original names dedicated to coaches and players for your fantasy soccer team:

  • 50 Shades of Gigio
  • To Musso hard
  • Abbot Borisov
  • A.C. Ciughina
  • Armero you in the universe
  • A.S. Matic
  • Ballack with the wolves
  • Sticks and carrot
  • Billy Ballo Toure
  • Bugs Barkley
  • Change your life with a Glik
  • Cameroon Diaz
  • Home and Church
  • Carpi Diem
  • Like Stretcher to Mattarella
  • Southern Correa
  • Cousins of Zampagna
  • Just give me a Caputo
  • By Maehle in Worse
  • Dybala with the wolves
  • Djimsiti Life
  • Dragon Ballotta
  • Dries D’assi
  • Ever Toni
  • Eyserric or no Eyserric
  • Up to the Palacio
  • Frey’s Anatomy
  • Frijenn Maignan
  • Gianfranco Nzola
  • Giroud of Italy
  • They killed the man Cragno
  • The Hapoel Kann
  • How I Met Your Mata
  • My big fat Dzeko wedding
  • The Sixth Asensio
  • Maehle’s time
  • Kim Jong United
  • Koulibaly Funiculà
  • Kung Fu Pandev
  • De Roon’s harsh law
  • Lacazette in Canada
  • Lautaro be you O my Lord
  • Lu Sole, Lu Mare, Lukaku
  • Manchester Simy
  • Masiellow Submarine
  • Better Icardi than never
  • Badly put
  • All we have left is Pjanic
  • Night before Aleesami
  • ParaceZaniolo
  • Piatek ‘Na Pastille
  • Pjaca Grande
  • More no Kessie
  • Raspa D’ori
  • Ronaldo, John and James
  • Rooney Tunes
  • Rubin Kebab
  • Salah because I love you
  • If you let me erase you
  • Smells Like Teen Strinic
  • Spal Beds
  • Strakosha breakaway
  • So much for Kanté
  • Tempention Allan
  • Toda Joya Toda Beleza
  • You Szczesny from the Stars
  • One on Milik makes it.
  • Veretout I like you
  • Walker Texas Ranger
  • Winnie De Paul

Ideas on Covid and Pandemia:

It has, and has been with us for years, the Pandemic due to the Covid 19 virus.

He’s a part of our lives now, which is why we thought we’d dedicate names to him for your fantasy soccer team, hoping to defeat him as quickly as possible.

This is the list for dedicated Covid 19 names for your fantasy soccer team:

  • A.S. Intomatics
  • Athletic at a distance
  • Beverly Imps
  • Hertha Mpone
  • Mascherin City
  • Mascherin United
  • Por Covid
  • VARicoverati

Ideas for the Superstitious:

In the fantasy soccer group there is always that friend called “The Crybaby” the one who always says he lost before the fantasy soccer day has even started. Or that friend who has more players at JMedical than available on their fantasy soccer team.

This list is for being able to counter “mala suerte,” to turn bad luck into good luck.

Here is a short list of dedicated superstitious names for your fantasy soccer team:

  • A.S. Pussy
  • A.S. Fortun
  • Fortuna Duseeldorf
  • Mainz ‘Na Joy
  • Perder Bremen
  • Pescara Manzia
  • Bad luck Dusseldorf
  • Un Due Tre Ciucciuè

Ideas in the world of TV Series, Cartoons or Movies:

They have accompanied us for years and will continue to do so, will forever be part of our lives, will continue to tell “stories” through TV Series Cartoons or Movies.

That’s why we thought of A list of names dedicated to TV Series., such as the paper house for example, through the Movies, with the unforgettable team of Oronzo Canà, or even for the most popular cartoons, that have accompanied us since the 1990s such as Dragon Ball or One Piece.

We have created a list of names that is sure to put a smile on both your face and your fantasy soccer opponent of the day.

This is the list regarding TV Series, Cartoons or Movies with all the names for your fantasy soccer team:

  • AC Iurma, Assassin’s Crew, F.C. Nico Robin: Dedicate to the most famous crew of all the seas the one from the One Piece cartoon surely a great idea as a name for your fantasy soccer team for those who have the “Nerd” soul in them.
  • The Paper Team: The callback to the TV series “La Casa De Papel” is crystal clear if you are a fan of this series it is the perfect name.
  • Longobarda, Avellino Banfi: the team of the 5-5-5, of “With the Butterfly Form, the opponent doesn’t touch the ball!”, the legendary team coached by Oronzo Canà. Perhaps thanks to this name you will pull the shot of the century out of the hat during the auction somewhat like in the movie with Aristoteles.
  • Los Pollos Hermanos: No, we are not talking about Fast Food but about the very famous Spin-Off of the TV series Better Call Saul, a beloved name for its fantasy soccer team by all Fans of the Series.
  • Armata Brancaleone: Ideal if at the end of the auction you ended up with a team completely different from the initial idea, if you start with low expectations this should be the name of your team.
  • Team Ginyu: The team of 5 mercenaries under the command of Frieza, one of the villains from the Dragon Ball cartoon. If you too have raised your hands to the sky to help Goku in a fight, this name is the one you’ve been looking for for your fantasy soccer team.

Red light ideas:

Let’s move on to some slightly hotter names for your fantasy soccer team.

The important thing for this list is not to go overboard, putting names that might be too offensive causing embarrassment with your opponents in the fantasy soccer league.

Here are some red light ideas for your fantasy soccer team:

  • VillareAnal
  • Team Chiapetto
  • Team A.S. Turbo
  • Stoke Az City
  • Sporting Che Bona
  • Scrotone
  • S.C. Alda Fregna
  • Real Saragnocca
  • Olympique Colyon
  • Mignottingham Forest
  • Beef Team
  • I Mole Sti
  • Fikachu
  • F.C. Tettenham
  • F.C. Scopenaghen
  • F.C. Ngul
  • F.C. Fottenham
  • F.C. Belfiga
  • Dynamo Moscia
  • Clitorides
  • Veronica Chiavo
  • Cappella’s
  • Botafiga
  • Borussia Porcmund
  • Bitch Vorrey
  • Benfiga
  • Bayern Leverduren

Fun ideas:

We conclude this list with the funniest names for your fantasy soccer team.

Thanks to this list you will be able to crack a smile on your opponent’s face as well. (Hoping to snatch the 3 points from them as well).

The list with the funniest names for your fantasy soccer team:

  • A.C. Hattery
  • A.C. Teeth
  • BC Cheers!
  • Athletic Glioni
  • Athletic But Not Too Much
  • Alteticoma
  • Bayern Leverduren
  • Borussia Porkmund
  • Botaffogo
  • Bugs Burnely
  • Coke Kolarov
  • CSK The Brawl
  • Dynamo Moscia
  • Kiev sofa
  • The Vazzanicchi
  • Ignoran Team
  • MasterChef United
  • Milan and Shiro
  • Osasugna
  • Paris Saint Gennar
  • Partizan Degradation
  • Pathetic Madrid
  • Pathetic Mineiro
  • Pennic Hellas
  • Poggio Real
  • Porcelain
  • Rapid Micatant
  • Sbraga
  • Juniors Snatch
  • Scarsenal
  • Schalkerando 04
  • Spartak Mooseca
  • Hope Ebbasta
  • Team A.S. Turbo
  • Team Assacro
  • Team Barazzo
  • Team Ass
  • Trump Zonspor