Fortnite Map Chapter 3 – Season 3


We are facing the new season of Fortnite, and we take this opportunity to analyze and study the new details of the season and the new Battle Royale map after the conclusion of Chapter 2, we will green the Fortnite Chapter 3 map.

Epic Games closed the second chapter of Fortnite with a spectacular event where a fleet of UFOs ripped through the sky and Turned the island upside down from top to bottom. There are so many new features of the new chapter of Fortnite that will keep us busy in the coming months, and here we will analyze all the main new features and things to know so as not to be unprepared.

New in June is the official start of Season 3 of Chapter 3, called Vibin’ – In Tune, which contains a whole host of goodies and details for fans to discover. The biggest and most important peculiarity of this season is the series of changes operated on the map with which Epic Games has totally twisted the Fortnite landscape. In this article, we will find out everything you need to know, and analyze some strategies.

Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3.

This new season seems to be one of the most popular ever with players, the event features celebrations for the final defeat of the Imaginary Order, and follows a summer, natural and musical theme where characters are relaxing and having fun.

This season is a great starting point for new players and the perfect time to get back into the game for those who haven’t played Epic Games’ title in a while. As a result of the thaw on the new island, new locations and some surprises have arisen, so we are ready to grab victory crowns and complete new assignments.

In this season, players will have to rethink their ideal landing position as a number of new mechanics have been added to the game, along with two popular points of interest. Players will now be able to ride animals all over the map and will be able to return to using the legendary Baller, which allows us to move around inside a transparent balloon with grappling hook, adding more mobility this season.

What’s new in Season 3

As in every new season of Fortnite, the protagonists are the eight Battle Pass characters, customizable through the many accessories dedicated to them such as backpacks, gliders and more. Again this season, Battle Stars will be the currency needed to unlock rewards; players will be able to use their stars to unlock rewards in a nonlinear fashion, instead of one at a time. As always, the Battle Pass can be purchased for the usual sum of 950 V-Bucks for those who want to start from level one, or it is possible to get the enhanced Battle Pass at a cost of 2,800 V-Bucks that allows us to start directly from level 25 and instantly grants us many Battle Stars that we can spend right away.

Among the most interesting skins, the mid-season skin obtainable is that of the world-famous archaeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones. As for the final reward, it is a much sought-after and fan-loved skin, namely the skin of Darth Vader, the most famous Star Wars antagonist.

As for weapons, there are 3 new weapons added this season. Each belongs to different classes and is made to be set up for a specific distance, this brings interesting changes to the current meta and to each player’s play style. Among the strongest weapons is the Hammer Assault Rifle, an extremely powerful weapon that can take down enemies at long range and even at close range, but it has quite a lot of recoil, so it is not very easy to use. Another very strong weapon, especially at long range is the brand new DMR, a Mixed between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle, very lethal and accurate. Also worth mentioning is the Two-Shot Shotgun, a close-range weapon that can fire two bursts that do a lot of damage and can quickly eliminate enemies at point-blank range.

Fortnite’s Map of Chapter 3

The overturning of the island by UFOs at the end of the second chapter made it possible to learn about and explore the previously underwater part of the island’s terrain. Fortnite’s new map sees a combination of past and new locations. It starts with the return of the banks of plunder and the return of some historical areas known to the most experienced Fortnite players, namely the following:

  • Boschetto Bisunto
  • Blathering Forest
  • Trucioland Depot
  • Shores of Plunder
  • Confused Pipelines
  • Leaning Pinnacles
  • Seven with Sanctuary
  • Daily Bugle
  • Chonker Circuit
  • Condominium Canyon
  • Cascina Caciotta

Now that we have seen the locations recovered from the past, let’s take a look at the new additions:

  • Abandoned sawmill
  • Field of love
  • Kondo Canyon
  • Cholesterol Farm
  • Hot rollers
  • Conqueror’s Circuit
  • Cream cross
  • The Daily Bugle
  • The University City
  • The Joneses
  • Fishing village
  • Twisted tunnels

Overall, we see the list containing all the most important locations and landmarks in the new map at the beginning of Chapter 3:

  • Adrift
  • Chonkers Speedway
  • Condo Canyon
  • Sleepy Sound
  • Log Jam, Shifty Shafts
  • Camp Cuddles
  • Rocky Reels
  • The Joneses
  • Greasy Grove
  • Sanctuary
  • Scientist Lab
  • Creamy Crossroads
  • Daily Bugle
  • Beach Car Park
  • Windmill Farm
  • Small Mine
  • Light House
  • Crazy Cactus
  • Beach Shacks
  • Birding Dunes
  • Volcano Monitoring Station
  • Kayak Campsite
  • Fishing Shacks
  • IO DS (1-5)
  • Seven Rock Rock
  • Desert Arch
  • Windpower Building
  • Rock Mounds
  • Loot Lake Island
  • Loot Lake
  • Big Bridge
  • Ruined Temple Tropical
  • Boat Rentals
  • Puddle Pond
  • Butter Barn
  • Wreck Ravine
  • Plant Nursery
  • Logging Shack
  • Boat Club
  • Seven FB (1-7)
  • Horse Shoe Bend
  • Buried Desert Town
  • Cliff House
  • Radio Tower
  • Crackshots Cabin
  • Small Temple
  • Power Tower
  • Dead Tree Pond
  • Bobs House
  • Sunny Step Ruins
  • Pinnacle Peak
  • Fancy Mansion
  • Van Life
  • Hidden Village
  • Block House
  • Seven Rocket Base
  • Impossible Rock
  • Llama Farm
  • Logging Dock
  • Raptor Farmhouse
  • Pawntoon
  • Desert Oasis
  • Ruined Temple Jungle

Map changes in season 3

In the third season of Fortnite, some changes have been made to the map to fit the new theme called Vibin, InItalian In Tune. On the island, this summer season comes along with a series of new map changes that shuffle the cards.

As for the new locations, we find the roller coaster, and the biome of a cool luminescent forest, the new locations, however, are two. One of the new locations is Reality Falls, which replaces Camp Cuddle making the environment more alive. This forest has a mystical atmosphere, probably due to the colors used in the textures such as blue, turquoise and purple, is perfectly suited to the extravagant and surreal theme of this season.

Near the Reality Tree we will find some bouncing mushrooms and seeds, which we can plant and then see them grow into plants that will get us weapons between matches. If we take care of our saplings, we can get progressively better loot as a bonus until we even get mythical weapons. The second new location is the Rave Cave. After the defeat of the imaginary order, the group’s now former central command center has become a partying disco Perennially open and lively. By visiting it we can get glow sticks, and we can enjoy listening to music by dancing on a dance floor.

As we mentioned earlier, for the first time in over a year there has been the return of Ballers, vehicles shaped like transparent balloons on which to travel. They have been improved and can now even float on water, but they have a limited lifespan, so you will need to be careful about their battery life.

In addition to the addition of these two places, 3 places were removed:

  • Command Cavern
  • The Fortress
  • Camp Cuddle

After taking a look at the changes, we analyzed all the different points of interest and reference and decided to create a list of the best strategic locations for players to land in Season 3.

Best places to land in Battles Royale

There are about 15 different points of interest in this map, and two of them are the two new locations added. Because these two areas are new, most players will try to land there often. In addition, the new Reality Tree seed mechanic allows players to acquire good loot anywhere in the location by sprouting reality seeds. This game mechanic probably allowed the concept of the best place to land to be redesigned.

For players who have recently started playing, one of the best ways to improve quickly and make their bones by familiarizing themselves with the gameplay is to land in crowded places. This type of strategy allows players to land in areas filled with opponents and then learn how to quickly grab useful items and use them to defeat nearby enemies and survive.

In this new season, it is particularly difficult to land in any point of interest without being obstructed, since a strategy followed by so many players is precisely to follow groups of players in the fall and then obtain easy eliminations and good loot. If we want to follow a more safe strategy and play quietly at the edges of the circular area until the last zone, the best idea is probably to Landing on unnamed landmarks keeping an eye on the landing sites of opponents and collecting everything we find useful in our path.

Very crowded points of interest with better loot

One of the mantras pursuing this choice is High Risk High Reward, and it fits like a glove on Fortnite, since the more the area where we land will be full of coveted rewards and opponents, the more we will be able to get good items if we survive. Finding ourselves at the last confrontation with an equipiamo composed of epic and legendary items can definitely give us a big hand in our attempt to achieve victory.

Let’s take a look at some of the places with the best loot:

  • Reality Falls. If we want to apply this strategy, it is one of the best places to land, since it is a new place and therefore teeming with opponents and testors. In any case, Reality Falls is perfect for finding good loot and getting the seeds of the reality tree that we will then go on to plant on the map. If we manage to land on the inner branch of the tree we will immediately find five crates full of loot, as well as probably some opponents. Some blockers can also be used on one side of the tree so as to descend easily without suffering the fall damage. If we decide to land at this point of interest, we must keep in mind that we have very little time to get weapons and shields quickly; if we cannot open chests, it is better to start collecting everything we find nearby and try to survive.
  • Rave Cave. Of course, the other new POI also could not be missed, where players will find very interesting loot and also the beloved Ballers. Recall that last season this place was the Command Cavern, in any case landing here will have numerous opponents ready to take us out. A good idea may be to fall over the Cuddle Team Leader’s big helmet or onto some platform below and quickly obtain a weapon. Alternatively, we can quickly dash to a Baller and start looking for interesting loot at high speed.
  • Tilted Towers. This place is a small town consisting of a few buildings, a clock tower, an insurance office, a number of stores and apartments, a small soccer field, and a small pier. This location returned with Chapter 3 and is almost identical to the original location, it is one of the busiest places in battle royale, contains numerous usable vehicles and many chests scattered within the buildings. This is a great place to practice fighting against a good number of opponents.
  • Greasy Grove. The fat grove is a small forest with some buildings in it; it has been modified by fungal vegetation that has destroyed several buildings. The hamburger store is one of the spots where most players land; if we don’t want to have too much trouble, it is better to land in one of the outer buildings. Once we fall into the area, we will have to immediately search for weapons and shields and then start fighting. On all sides of this place are consumables that can increase health and shields. This place is great for combat, and if things go wrong, it is full of very useful cover in the act of escape.
  • Fungi Farm. This small farm in the vicinity of the fat grove is a very interesting place to quickly find chests and good equipment to get off to a good start. Once we get a few weapons and shields, we can also head into Greasy Grove and knock out a few opponents. Of the locations shown in this section, this is the safest option.

Landing sites for a safe style of play

If we are players who always aim to get to the bottom, we can follow a strategy that increases our chances of getting closer to victory by staying among the last players-these are the landing spots that are right for us. This choice clearly has pros and cons, while on the one hand we will be able to play more quietly as we will find few enemies in our path at the beginning of the game, on the other hand we will risk arriving in late game with weapons, shields and inventory that are not of the highest quality. Clearly so much depends on the skill of the players, so this may prove to be a good choice if you know what you are doing.

But now let’s see what are the least crowded places on this map:

  • Unnamed landmarks. A great way to play safely is to stay away from the major points of interest on the map and choose places like: Lil’ Shaftie, Sandblast Estates, Shrouded Settlement, Displaced Depot and other areas that are on the edges of the map. If we want a safe drop without enemies getting in our way, we can land anywhere on the map where no other opponents drop and start looting what we find by moving quickly by taking advantage of vehicles, wolves and boars.
  • Cuddle Cruisers. This small island is located in the northeast part of the map, east of the Daily Bugle. It used to be a very busy destination, since it is a place that hosted quite a few omni chips in season 2, but now it seems to have been somewhat forgotten, so it can be a good starting point for those who do not want to have too much trouble in early game. Despite being a very small island it contains several chests and excellent weapons nearby.
  • The Temple. Located northeast of the Daily Bugle, it is an Aztec-themed landmark consisting of a small group of temples, pyramids, and shrines that feature underground rooms. This place is very interesting since it is little known to less experienced players. It presents some secrets and a good number of chests that can be useful at the beginning of the game if you want to make a cautious run.
  • Pawntoon Boat. The Pawntoon ship is a Fortnite landmark, it is a Fortnite loot location that is generated at random points on the map with each match, usually near the shorelines in the island perimeter. It contains 7 chests, one supply chest and two regular chests, so it is a great place for games where we are single players. An initial duel for boat items may happen to take place here, so always be on the lookout if you decide to land here.
  • Loot Landing. This landmark is located in the middle of the loot lake, which is the lake in the center of the island. In this islet we will find two small huts, and a small pier where a speedboat will be located that will allow us to sport in no time after collecting all the armaments and items there. This location like the previous one is also more suitable in single player games since the items present are usually not enough for two players.

Places to find the best weapons and resources

This season it has become easier to be able to obtain strong weapons quickly, thanks to the new mechanics that allow us to sprout seeds from the reality tree. To take advantage of this new option, players must collect and sow these seeds at certain strategic points on the map, so that they can then collect high-level weapons in subsequent matches. This implies that you will need to be able to get and plant the reality seeds in the previous game and then collect the loot in the next one, but if done in a strategic way it is certainly doable.

If, on the other hand, we do not care to take advantage of this mechanic, it is possible to find excellent weapons at some points of interest and even popular landmarks, the problem, however, is that we will surely have to deal with many opponents who will want to have them for themselves. Let us then take a look at the best locations for weapons, which are obviously different from those we have already seen in previous sections:

  • The Daily Bugle. The Daily Bugle is located in the northeastern part of the map, north of The Sanctuary. It is a section of New York City that lies within a dormant volcano. Mainly it consists of 3 buildings, the first is the main Daily Bugle building, and next to it are the other two buildings which are apartments. Above the main building we also find an IO Airship, also containing many useful weapons and items for battle royale.
  • The Sanctuary. This very interesting place is located in the eastern part of the map, south of the Daily Bugle. A point of interest that contains many buildings and secrets, as well as a large amount of loot and weapons. This place belongs to the seven as we can also see from the statue of their leader. This place is particularly populated with enemies usually however it is rich in treasure chests and very rare weapons.
  • Synapse Station. This point of interest is located south of the map, west of Chonker’s Speedway. The synapse station is a workshop belonging to the faction of seven, where we can also find the scientist, an NPC who can create machinery. This location contains four buildings: the main station, the pier and two other small stations. This is an uncrowded spot where fairly rare weapons can be found.

If we are looking for excellent landing spots for obtaining resources and shields, then we have in mind as many as two interesting locations, one of which we have seen before:

  • Rave Cave. We have already talked a lot about this location, but what makes it great for resources is the presence of two Slurp Trucks, one is located on the north entrance and the other on the south entrance. Landing on these special trucks will get 100 shields instantly, which is great for getting the game off to the best possible start. However, there are plenty of Slurp Barrels in this place that provide shields and also a large amount of healing items, which will allow us to heal ourselves at any time in the game.
  • Chonker’s Speedway. This very interesting place is located to the south of the map, precisely east of the synapse station. Basically, it is a race track composed of many buildings. In this location we can find numerous resources and weapons in addition, there are four whiplash cars at the beginning of the circuit, which allow us to move quickly after taking loot.
  • Condo Canyon. A location that is located southeast of the map, a little east of Chonker’s Speedway. The Condominium Canyon is a small, not very busy town where we can find lots of chests. This is an underestimated spot; you have to land there when few players land south of the island, so we can quickly get initial resources and then head to Chonker’s Circuit in search of vehicles and weapons.