How to find a song without knowing the title


As much as you might think that it is impossible to figure out what the title of the song you are listening to is, in fact, there are several ways to find out how to find a song without knowing the title. In the next few lines we will look at the ways to use to identify the desired song in just a few seconds.

Listening to a piece of music during the day can be an incentive to spend time in the right mood. In many cases, however, you listen to the radio or a predefined playlist without paying attention to the title of the song, and then end up not being able to listen to it again when you want to.

How to find a song without knowing the title: solutions

When you need to find a song whose title you do not know, there are mainly three solutions to be applied: online platforms, applications, and PC software.

Online platforms: one of the fastest methods, for those who want to take advantage of an Internet connection, lies in taking advantage of the services offered by online platforms. As will be explained in the next few lines, in addition to Google’s functions, digital platforms can also be used that only process the data and provide the desired song title. Not all online sites guarantee the same search quality, but with a few tricks you will be able to get the planned result.

Applications: alternative to online platforms is to use your smartphone and developed applications to find a song without knowing the title. Among the best-known apps certainly figures Shazam, now installed by default on most smartphones, but the next few lines will also list alternative apps with the same potential and a few more features. Some applications require an Internet connection, but many others do not; this depends on the platform of reference.

PC software: those who work with music tracks and need to figure out how to find a song without knowing the title can point to dedicated software to install on their personal computers. In reality, such a solution does not guarantee the best performance, especially if one were to choose open source programs; paid software in this case guarantees better performance and more functions, such as, for example, downloading the song and editing it.

How to find a song without knowing the title: how it works

When using a tool to find a song without knowing the title, the search process always follows the same procedure, whether this is applied by an online platform, an application, or PC software. Specifically, the search for a piece of music is divided into four steps: listening, processing, database search, and solution.

Listening: the first phase of the software requires listening input before the information processing phase can begin. In this case, the listening need not necessarily be direct, that is, from the musical source, but also indirect, that is, through a text or a cappella playback by the person who is searching for the song. The software needs to transpose useful information to distinguish one song from another clearly.

Processing: the moment the software has sensed the input from listening, it can begin the processing phase of the track. Specifically, the program begins the conversion of assimilated musical notes into diagrams that can represent a celebrated melody of them.

Database search: as soon as the processing and analysis phase of the listened audio track is finished, the software will begin its search within the database. This step is essential in determining how good a program is compared to another. The database determines a larger number of titles; choosing the program with an up-to-date database ensures easier searching.

During the database search phase, the program may also find similarities between several songs, in which case the internal algorithm chooses which is the most suitable solution for the notes heard.

Solution: the last stage in the operation of a program to find a song without knowing the title is when the search result is provided on the screen. In addition to getting the title of the song, some apps also allow you to display the lyrics of the song on the screen and the link to listen to it on popular platforms such as Amazon Music and Spotify. Not all software allows such a function, but the most famous ones, such as Shazam, do.

How to find a song without knowing the title: the reasons

The motivations for a person to search for a song without knowing the title are potentially endless. In many cases you have business needs, in others you are just curious about the song for entertainment. Taking a look at the opinions of users who use apps to figure out how to find a song without knowing the title, four main reasons are identified:

  1. Creating a music album
  2. TikTok
  3. Curiosities
  4. Playing with friends

There is no doubt that the users who use software most to figure out what a song title is are those who want to create a music album to listen to. In addition to making music CDs to put in their car stereos, people like to know the titles of songs to then put them in their favorite playlist and listen to them whenever they want.

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In addition to creating playlists and music albums, creating content for TikTok is also added. The platform par excellence, where audio files are an integral part of entertainment, constantly offers interesting audio tracks, but without showing the title. With dedicated software, users can figure out what the song is and listen to it again or use it whenever they want, either on TikTok or in everyday listening.

Curiosity in searching for a piece of music should not be neglected either. People often listen to music on the radio in their cars or homes and do not focus on the words of the radio speaker, effectively missing the title of the song. The curiosity to know what the piece of music is can be indulged with a program, perhaps installed on one’s smartphone, ready to carp the latest notes with extreme speed.

From the analysis of user preferences, the play aspect should also not be overlooked. In fact, more and more people play games with each other to guess what the title of a song is, and then determine who is the most knowledgeable about it. Reliable software will make it possible to decide who is the person who had the relevant insight, ensuring fun and entertainment. Although one should not consider this type of software the ultimate solution, they still offer excellent reliability in defining song titles.

How to find a song without knowing the title: ideal characteristics

Choosing software that allows you to find a song without knowing the title is not as simple as you might think. Some of these have different features and although they serve the same purpose, that is, to find the title of the song, they may have critical issues and functions that are not useful to those who use them. But, what are the indispensable features to look for in such a program?

Speed: In most cases when you need to figure out what the title of a song is you are in a listening condition, that is, you are already listening to the music at that moment. Relying on software that is fast, able to start up quickly and process just as quickly is essential if the title is not to be lost.

Compatibility: downloading multiple apps to search song titles may not be a very good idea. Some software is incompatible with other applications, conflicting during use. An ideal application has no compatibility problems with other applications or operating systems.

Database: as anticipated earlier, the larger the database of a software, the greater the chances of finding the song title. In this case, the choice between one service and another can make all the difference in the world.

AI: Artificial Intelligence is increasingly implemented in software of this type. Relying on such technology allows for more results and consequently better identification of the desired song. As is easy to imagine, software with AI is usually paid for.

Online or offline: software that aims to find a song without knowing the title should also work offline. The best-known solutions have a cloud-based database system, relying on the online component for the search phase. However, one may not always have a network connection, which greatly limits its use. Some software has a database saved directly on the device, freeing users from an Internet connection.

System resources: some applications need very low system requirements. You will hardly download an application or software that cannot be launched from your smartphone or PC. It must be taken into account, however, that these programs still need a machine that is not too dated, at least not to clash with obsolete operating systems.

Cost: Ideally, we would download free open source software from the infinite database, but in reality this is not the case. Some free solutions allow you to have a relevant number of titles in the database, but it is only in the paid versions that you will have excellent results.

Updates: one of the features to evaluate for such software is its ability to update itself over time. The database needs to update periodically so that there are always new titles to search.

How to find a song without knowing the title: mistakes to avoid

Before taking a look at how to find a song without knowing the title with software, it is essential to emphasize what are the most common mistakes that occur when using such solutions.

  1. Interference
  2. Audio too loud
  3. Times
  4. Microphone authorization

One of the most obvious problems when using a program to detect song titles is that of interference. Although it is not easy to isolate the main sound of the song, it is important that there are no other audio sources in the background or too close to the microphone.

Another mistake to avoid is bringing the microphone too close to the audio source. In this case the sounds would be too loud, and the software would fail to differentiate and process the notes useful for determining the song title.

Timing is also very important; being able to start listening during the chorus would be perfect, but it is not always possible to do so, generating inaccurate results.

Adding to these critical issues is the microphone clearance. So many users try to start listening to their application only to find no results. This is due to disabling the microphone in the system permissions.

How to find a song without knowing the title: with Google

The easiest way to find a song title is to use Google and its huge database consisting not only of music tracks, but also videos, lyrics, and related platforms where the songs you want to find are located.

Using Google, two main systems can be applied: search by text and search by microphone function.

In the first case you have to start the Google search engine, no matter the web browser, even Safari or FireFox will do. Once the page is launched, you will need to write a portion of the lyrics of the song you intend to find. The search engine will propose both videos uploaded to YouTube and links to direct lyrics, just click on them and display the song title.

In English it is definitely more complicated since one would have to transcribe the text precisely and not just hint at it. We recommend this solution only for tracks in Italian.

How to find a song without knowing the title: whistling

Also taking advantage of Google’s capabilities is the microphone function. In this case you have to whistle or hum the song to start the title process.

Google a few months ago included this feature, which is based on Artificial Intelligence and may be the ideal solution for those with an iOS or Android operating system.

Android: with this operating system you have to start Google search and press on the microphone icon located right in the search bar. The software will automatically start the voice dictation, to begin the listening phase you have to press on the microphone in the center of the page.

On the same screen is the Search for a song function; pressing on it will start listening by whistling or humming the song to be searched. The program will begin the processing phase, and the different tracks found to be similar will appear in the section on the right.

Once the sound analysis phase is finished, Google will propose the title and author’s name, but it should be noted that the program only identifies songs containing text.

iOS: those who have an iOS operating system can similarly use their web browser to take advantage of Google’s features, or target the Siri voice assistant. In the latter case, you have to start Siri and press on the Share audio recordings item.

At this point it is necessary to call the voice assistant back with “Hey Siri” and ask her the question, “What song is this?” The software will start searching for the title of the song, and once it is found you can listen to it on Apple Music.

Apple’s database is slightly less stocked than its Google counterpart; it is advisable to use the Google application on Apple devices as well.

How to find a song without knowing the title: online platforms

In addition to Google, you can also use some online sites that have the ability to search and find song titles. The most popular platforms are: Elyrics, Lyreach, and Acrcloud.

Elyrics: one of the most interesting websites for finding songs without knowing their title is Elyrics, a digital service offering more than two hundred thousand song lyrics, both international and domestic. To take advantage of the search, one will only need to type part of the text within the search bar and view the proposed results. More than one will be shown, so a little verification is necessary before completely relying on the result obtained.

Lyreach: those who need an easy-to-use platform with an excellent international database will find Lyreach an excellent alternative. Again you only have to type a portion of the song phrase and you will get the title of the song after a few seconds. Its strength lies in its speed of search and above all a particularly well-stocked database, although for Italian songs it is a less recommended website than others.

Acrcloud: using Acrcloud, now called AHA Music, you will be able to achieve results very similar to those found in smartphone applications. In fact, this online platform can be used either as a Chrome extension or as an online application. The website allows you to add a proprietary extension or click directly on Record Now and start the listening phase, getting the title of the song. Its open source nature and features that allow songs to be listened to directly on platforms such as Spotify, Deezer or YouTube make it a website to try.

How to find a song without knowing the title: applications

Relying on online platforms, however, is definitely not comfortable; having to search for the web page in your favorites or forward the digital registration is tedious in many cases. To reduce this condition, one can focus on smartphone applications, the latter being numerous on both iOS and Android. The most suitable ones are:

  1. Shazam
  2. SoundHoud
  3. Genius
  4. Musicxmatch
  5. Soly
  6. MusicID
  7. Deezer
  8. BeatFind


The quintessential application with which to find a song without knowing the title is definitely Shazam. By downloading it from the Play Store or the App Store, it can be installed without any registration, providing an immense database and ease of use that is difficult to achieve. Once the application has started, simply press in the center of the page and the listening phase will begin, which must have the microphone permission active for it to work best.


An equal alternative to Shazam is definitely SoundHoud. This software, without even using your hands, allows you to find the desired song by taking advantage of the built-in voice assistant. As is easy to deduce, it can also be used with the dedicated sound detection button, but it is in its ability to be smart that it is at its best.


Users who are looking for a no-frills application will find Genius a viable alternative to Shazam. In addition to identifying the title of the music track, this App also allows you to show lyrics and official music videos. Also added to these features is the ability to launch the song directly to Spotify, Apple Music and other multimedia software.


Those familiar with Musicxmatch will have already used it as a music player; in fact, this application was created for that purpose. Hidden functions, however, include being able to find the song without knowing the title. To start this mode you should select the Identify lyrics option and wait for the program to process the received information. In addition to being particularly fast, the program also offers real-time lyrics, effectively becoming a small karaoke machine on one’s smartphone.

Soly – Android

Unlike the applications reviewed above, Soly is available only for Android devices. This makes it possible to identify the desired song and make the best use of the ACRCloud database.

The software also allows you to listen to the song on applications such as YouTube or share it with a friend using instant messaging applications. The only critical issue is to be found in the banner ads; its free nature forces developers to insert various advertisements.


A great many users consider MusicID more effective than Shazam in identifying song titles. The speed of search and an immense database make it an app to consider if you don’t like Shazam’s design. In addition to the title and author of the song, this App also displays additional content and information of the songs on the screen, then allowing it to be shown on YouTube. MusicID is free on both iOS and Android.


When downloading the Deezer application one is led to think that it is simply a program designed for music playback, in reality it can also identify song titles. It has a database with more than 40 million songs, and if you were to subscribe on a subscription basis, you could also activate the SongCatcher function, which is used to determine song titles. Available in both the Play Store and the App Store.

BeatFind – Android

The last application you can use to ferret out song titles is BeatFind. Although it is a software that has only been around for a very few years and has started to make its way into popular applications, it allows you to unearth the desired music tracks in a matter of seconds.

Its strengths are definitely the low demands on system resources and the strobe effects of the lights synchronized with the music. The limitation to Android devices only gives an idea of how it is a software designed to evolve over time.

How to find a song without knowing the title: PC

Those who are constantly working with music tracks need to install dedicated software on their PCs, freeing themselves from online platforms and applications that in many cases are out of date. The most popular programs for finding a song without knowing the title on personal computers are: Shazam and Siri. Both of these methods are available for macOS, while for Windows it is essential to either use a web browser to use the online platforms or install an Android emulator and run the applications listed above from there.

Shazam – macOS

To use this software you have to go to the official Store, or by clicking here and download it. Once the installation phase is completed, it will be necessary to open the program and click on the S-shaped icon (esse), give consents in using the microphone and immediately afterwards click on the middle button to start listening. The software will process the song and indicate the title, as well as other information.

Siri – macOS

In this case you have to take advantage of the potential of your voice assistant. Starting Siri with the “Hey Siri” command will simply ask the voice assistant, “What song is this?” after a quick search phase, the software will answer that question with the title of the song. In case Siri does not start with the voice command, simply type the combination cmd+space.

How to find a song without knowing the title: conclusions

The solutions for finding a song without knowing the title are really many, in addition to Google’s new features and dedicated online platforms, one can take advantage of smartphone applications, which as highlighted above are versatile and in many cases free. The choice of one system over the other depends on the database available and the comfort of use.