Pokémon Legendary: List of the strongest Pokémon ever


When it comes to power and impressive base stats, few Pokémon can even come close to competing with the many Legendary Pok émon in the Pokémon video game series.

Charizard e Pikachu may well be in the lead when it comes to the most popular creatures in the series, but when it comes to the Pokémon more powerful, they are rather at the bottom of the ranking, which is instead dominated by the Legendary Pokémon, which more than live up to their title in terms of power.

First introduced in Pokémon Red and Blue, Legendary Pokemon are the best the franchise has to offer. Sure, there are a handful of non-legendary Pokemon that come close, but in a pure statistics competition they cannot compete. Apart from mega evolutions and other non-permanent transformations, the strongest Pokémon in terms of statistics all fall into the“Legendary” category.

It’s been a great time lately for Pokémon fans, with the remakes of Diamond and Pearl and Legends: Arceus, in fact, fans have been able to catch a variety of Legendary Pokémon, with the latter including 14 and the former having as many as 26, including both games.

A new Legendary Pokémon was even introduced, as well as new forms for a couple of existing ones, helping to make some of the strongest Pokémon in the series even better than they already were.


Arceus was the first Legendary, according to legends, born from an egg in the void of the cosmos. He then gave birth to Giratina, Dialga and Palkia, which generated esoteric matter, Time and Space. Giratina later betrayed Arceus and was imprisoned in his dimension, which we can visit in Pokémon: Platinum, the Distorted World. The trio thus created the universe, Arceus at that point also created Necrozma who traveled through various universes giving them light.

Among the various planets generated, Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza were spontaneously generated on earth, which gave birth to the sea, land and sky, respectively, creating the Pokémon World.

Arceus then begat Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit, who forged Regigigas who created continents by dragging tectonic plates, using huge ropes. Rayquaza gave birth to Lugia to guard the seas with the powers of Kyogre and Ho-Oh guarding the lands with the power of Groudon, the former generated Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres whose influence in ocean currents created the climate and seasons.

At that time Dialga and Palkia begat Xerneas, the god of life, Yveltal, the god of death, and Zygarde god of balance and ecosystem. With the planet now fully formed, Xerneas created plant life and Mew, the world’s first mortal inhabitants.

Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf gave knowledge, emotions and will to the Mew, and over time they evolved into various species, including Pokémon and humans.

Legendary Pokémon: The strongest legendary Pokémon ever

With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet nearing release and several new Legendary Pokémon already announced, it seems likely that the list of the series’ most powerful and important Pokémon will expand further in the coming months.

But in the meantime, here are the best Legendary Pokémon so far.


First introduced in the fourth generation Pokémon games, Regigigas is the creator of the Legendary Titans. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that he is stronger than all the other Regi, each of whom boasts a total base statistic of 580, compared to Regigigas‘ impressive total of 670.

Despite its large size, Regigigas is a rather fast Pokémon, with a base speed of 100. His physical and special defenses of 110 are very effective, allowing him to withstand a fair amount of attacks, as well as his 110 PS.

Regigigas’ strength, however, is its Physical Attack, which reaches a value of 160 and helps make it one of the most powerful Legendary Pokémon around.


In both Ice Knight and Shadow Knight forms, Calyrex is one of the strongest Pokémon introduced to date, thanks to its total of 680 in basic statistics.

It is also one of the newest Legendary Pokemon, having first debuted in the eighth-generation games, reintroducing the fusion mechanic that was first explored during Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 in 2012.

Interestingly, when not fused with Glastrier or Spectrier, Calyrex is actually one of the weaker Legendary Pokémon because of its 500 basic statistics.

Although both fusions offer the same total of 680, Calyrex Shadow Knight is probably ahead of its Ice Knight counterpart due to its Speed of 150 and Special Attack of 165.


Before the introduction of Moltres of Galar in theeighth generation, Yveltal was the only Darkness-type Legendary in the series, which made him incredibly useful in certain situations.

However, even with the presence of Galar’s Moltres, it remains an outstanding Pokémon, despite the fact that both Legendary Pokémon are Darkness/Flying types, Yveltal ‘s total basic stats are 100 points higher.

All six of Yveltal ‘s key statistics are higher than those of Moltres of Galar, and the most impressive are Attack and Special Attack both at 131.

The mystery Pokémon Darkrai can sometimes be more effective, as it is pure Darkness type and much faster than Yveltal, but most of the time Yveltal is the best option for those who need a Darkness type Pokémon, due to its wider range of moves.


Nowadays there are plenty of Dragon-type Legendary Pokémon, but when Reshiram was first introduced in the fifth generation, there was not as much competition as there is now.

Although more than a decade has passed, Reshiram still boasts one of the most beautiful designs in the Pokémon series and remains the only Dragon/Fire type Legendary to date.

Reshiram ‘s special attack of 150 is by far his most impressive attribute, but he is also strong in almost every other area. It becomes even more powerful when it merges with Kyurem, but even on its own it is more than up to par with most of the other Legendary Pokémon, holding its own against many of them without fail.


First introduced in the seventh generation games, Solgaleo is a Legendary of Psychic/Steel type with high attack and special attack statistics.

Although he is able to merge with Necrozma, becoming Necrozma Vesper’s Mane, he boasts the same total of 680 in base stats as Solgaleo‘s basic form, showing how strong he and his seventh-generation counterpart, Lunala, are.

Although some might prefer Necrozma for its extra versatility or Lunala for its stats focused on special attacks, many consider Solgaleo the best of the trio because of its excellent move set and its many resistances and immunities.

Ultimately, however, which one is best will depend on the type that players need at any given point in gameplay.


Like Reshiram, Zekrom boasts one of the most distinctive designs in the series: his all-black appearance makes him a hard Pokemon to forget.

It is also immensely strong, with a total base statistic of 680, including 150 for the Attack statistic, which, after merging with Kyurem, rises to a monstrous 170.

With both of Zekrom ‘s regular form’s defensive statistics at 100 or more, he is able to withstand many attacks, and at the same time inflict heavy damage, with moves such as Outrage.

Because of this, it earns a place among the strongest Pokémon of all time even when it remains in its basic form.


Pokémon of the Goblin type are not as numerous as those of the other 17 types. This is also, and especially true for Legendary Pokemon, in fact, few were introduced in the first eight generations. The first of these was Xerneas.

Xerneas was one of the Legendary Pok émon in Pokémon X and Y and also played a very important role in the story of New Pokemon Snap, the 2021 spin-off.

Like most other Legendary Pokémon, it specializes in attack rather than defense, with its Attack and Special Attack statistics at a good base 131.

The fact that he is a pure Goblin type means that he is completely immune to Dragon-type attacks, which, given the number of strong Dragon-type Pokémon there are nowadays, can make him an invaluable member of any trainer’s team.


Palkia ‘s dual type can sometimes be a double-edged sword, although it ranks among the best in both the Water and Dragon type categories.

His 680 points in basic statistics are fairly evenly distributed, but he leans a little more toward special attacks than physical attacks, especially when Palkia is in his Origin Form.

Palkia, has access to some moves based on incredibly powerful special attacks. The best are probably Dragobolide and Hydropump, but it can also inflict Rock and Earth type damage with moves such as Gemmoforza and Geoforza.


Like its fourth-generation legendary companion, Dialga was endowed with two types. In addition to being a Dragon-type Pokémon, it also has access to Steel-type moves and is among the best in the category of both types.

If the Pokémon ever gets a Megaevolution or a primordial form like the one in Mystery Dungeon, it would find itself among the strongest Pokémon in the series.

Like Palkia, Dialga prefers special moves and has several particularly devastating ones in his kit. In particular, Fragortempo can be deadly in many situations, as well as some Steel-type moves that it can learn, such as Cannonflash, can be excellent “coverage” moves.

The Origin Form introduced in Pokémon Legends: Arceus only makes it better.


Although not as popular as its second-generation counterpart, Ho-Oh, Lugia is still an incredibly useful Pokémon to have on a team; assuming players can find one.

He has access to some excellent psycho and flying type moves and can also learn water and ice type attacks if needed.

Lugia‘s strength, however, is its excellent defensive statistics; a large portion of the Pokémon ‘s 680 points of basic statistics is devoted, in fact, to physical and special defense.

This goes well with Lugia‘shidden ability, Multisquam, which halves the damage done when the Pokémon has all PS.


In both its Original and Altered forms, Giratina boasts an impressive point total in base statistics of 680.

It is one of 16 Legendary Pokémon that can boast this achievement, although it is probably one of the most useful of the group due to its impressive versatility in battle.

In its basic form, the Pokémon specializes in defense and has a statistic of 120 for both physical and special defense categories.

However, when he is given a Graysphere or is in the Distorted World, his attack and defense statistics are reversed: the latter drops to 100 in exchange for more offensive power.


Like many of the early Legendary Pokémon in the series, Ho-Oh has a point total of 680 in basic statistics. He excels in the special defense department, but also has decent value in offense and special attack.

It also shares its design with a mythical creature from the real world, the phoenix, which is a rather interesting, if somewhat irrelevant, touch.

Ho-Oh has the distinction of being the first Legendary Pokemon to appear in the anime and is said to be the guardian of the heavens and the master of the three Legendary Beasts.

Many consider him the opposite of Lugia, who also boasts a base statistic of 680, but unlike Ho-Oh, he is the guardian of the seas and the master of the three Legendary Birds.


Along with Rayquaza, Mewtwo is considered the most powerful Pokémon obtainable in the series, at least in terms of Mega Evolutions.

Both have total points in basic statistics of 680, but in their enhanced forms, this value rises to an impressive 780.

Although many other Pokémon have the ability to Megaevolve and benefit from the same 100-point bonus to statistics after doing so, Mewtwo and Rayquaza are tied when it comes to the strongest Pokémon that have access to Megaevolution.

Mewtwo is also one of only two Pokémon with two distinct forms of Megaevolution, the other being Charizard.


Rayquaza may not be the fastest Pokémon around, but its 150 points inphysical and special attack statistics are extremely useful in battle.

These points account for nearly half of the Pokémon’s 680 points of basic statistics, rising to as many as 780 when the Pokémon Megaevolves.

Rayquaza is the only Pokémon so far that can Megaevolve without the use of an object. Instead, the Pokémon only needs to use the move Dragon Rise to transform into its Megaevolved form.

This is because Rayquaza is said to have eaten numerous meteorites, from which he is able to draw the energy needed for transformation.


First introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Eternatus is an incredibly powerful Pokémon , with a total of 690 points in basic statistics.

It may not be the strongest in this respect, but it is worth noting that there is only one other Pokémon that can reach a higher total without the use of objects.

At the climax of the game, players face Eternamax Eternatus, which is by far the strongest Pokemon ever to appear in the series.

Its total of 1125 base stats makes it almost twice as powerful as the strongest Pokémon in the series, although, unfortunately, there is no legitimate way for players to access this form. At least not yet.


The innovative fusion mechanic introduced in the fifth generation of Pokemon games, which unfortunately was not exploited much in the following titles, led to the introduction of Black Kyurem and White Kyurem.

In its base form, Kyurem is slightly weaker than other Legendary Pokémon in the series, due to its base stats total of 660.

When merged with Zekrom or Reshiram, however, this total rises to 700, making Kyurem Black and White the strongest Pokemon ever at the time of their birth.

The ability to choose between a physical striker and a special striker is a nice touch that players will see again in future generations.


At the time of its introduction in Pokemon X and Y, Zygarde was really nothing special. With Sun and Moon, however, after the addition of the Complete form, Zygarde was catapulted to the top of the list of the most powerful Pokémon of all time.

Only three Pokémon can compete with its total of 708 points of basic statistics, although its high numbers are perhaps a bit misleading.

Zygarde at full form is actually slower than 50% form and has only a plus ten increase to his special attack statistic in addition to a huge increase in his PS, which is the only substantial change.


In his Hero of a Thousand Struggles form, Zacian is actually somewhat weaker than many of his fellow Legendaries. When he wields a Ruined Sword, however, his total base stats are increased by 50 points to an impressive 720 points.

In this form, it is tied for the title of most powerful Pokémon in the series.

Most of his stats increase in this form goes to physical attack, which goes from an already impressive 130 to a monstrous 170.

Its speed increases to 148, making it one of the fastest Pokémon around. His defensive statistics are not bad either, although his PSs remain a bit low with a paltry 92.


Like Zacian, Zamazenta in basic form has a total of 670 points in basic statistics that can be increased to 720 with the help of Ruined Shield, making it one of the strongest Pokémon in the series.

Unlike its counterpart, the bonuses to statistics gained from transformation are a bit more balanced.

Both physical and special defense statistics increase by 30, but at the cost of decreased speed. which increases from 138 to 128 when holding the spoiled Shield.


Not only is Arceus the most powerful Pokémon when it comes to basic forms, but the deity of the pokémon world beats all but six Megaevolutions.

Given that The Pokémon Company seems to have eliminated Megaevolutions in the main games, however, it seems safe to say that Arceus is now the strongest Pokemon around.

Arceus is a rather unique Pokémon in that he is able to change his type through the use of special plates , making him incredibly versatile in battle.

Its 720 points in basic statistics are also perfectly distributed among the six statistics categories, so the Pokémon does not have any major weaknesses either.

This means that it can sometimes lack the offensive power needed to take down the most resilient enemies. However, when it comes to basic statistics, no Pokémon is more powerful than Arceus, who, not coincidentally, is the creator of the series’ fictional universe.