Genshin Impact Characters: Best for New Players


Genshin Impact is an MMO action rpg open world with “gacha” formula, in fact the characters in the game are obtained through “wishes” by spending the virtual currency of the game, which can be purchased from the shop, or obtainable through quests during the adventure,from these “wishes” you can get characters o equipment To equip your best characters.

Genshin Impact is a video game developed by Chinese software house miHoyo,released on September 28, 2020 for Windows, iOS, Android and Playstation 4 and later on April 28, 2021 also for Playstation 5.

Characters in Genshin Impact are central to the gameplay of, as it all revolves around the use of a party of four alternating characters to create combos among the characters’ diverse and numerous abilities.


Despite being an open world MMO, a genre renowned for having poor narrative skills, Genshin Impact, has a very deep story and quite detailed lore, each character has his or her own background and personality.

Briefly, the main story revolves around the protagonist, who, together with his twin sister, trying to escape from a cataclysm, encounter a mysterious goddess, who considering humans arrogant, attacks them, separating them, right here the player chooses one of the twins as the protagonist of the story.

From there on, the adventure begins with our Traveler, who, after wandering for months through Teyvat, the continent where the game is set, meets Paimon a kind of fairy, who will become the mascot and traveling companion of our avatar.


The roster of characters Genshin Impact is very broad, the division of characters is done, either by role: whether it deals damage, whether it heals allies, whether it increases the team’s statistics; or by character element-each character has a unique element, except the Traveler, That can change its element at will.

There are 7 elements, each with a different effect and each with unique synergies depending on the combination of elements used on the enemy, for example if we use the element Pyro (fire) and immediately after Hydro (water), we will cause Melt on the enemy and double the damage.


  • Pyro
  • Hydro
  • Electro
  • Cryo
  • Dendro
  • Anemo
  • Geo

The ideal way to create a good synergistic team is to have the greatest difference in types in order to create effective combos in different situations. In fact, each element has a different interaction with the other, so it makes it important to alternate between characters of different types in order to activate these effects.


Constellations, are another important part of gameplay and building one’s team, are in fact sequential upgrades, similar to the passive talents of each character, but unlockable only by obtaining a copy of the latter.

It can be difficult, therefore, for a new player to create a good team from the start, so in this article, we are going to look at what are the best Genshin Impact characters for new players.

Genshin Impact Characters: The best ones to start with

Traveler (Dendro)

Obviously one of the best characters in Genshin Impact to start with is the traveler, but his most powerful form is definitely the one with the Dendro element, the most recently added element within the game.

The personality of the Traveler can vary from stoic, humble, and helpful to boastful, lazy, and irascible, depending on the player‘s decisions; what is not affected by the player’s decisions, however, is that all playable characters see the Traveler in a positive light. We don’t have much information about the protagonist’s past , but there are some dialogue options that give an idea of his personality in general.

This character in this particular variation is versatile and is obviously free being the first playable character. Having access to the traveler right away is a great advantage especially for novice players.

The Dendro element makes it incredibly useful especially from the point of view of synergies with other elements, in fact this element synergizes with most of the character types in the early game of Genshin Impact, especially with the Pyro element, which is very common among some of the characters we will soon meet during the adventure

In fact, the combination of these two elements, Dendro and Pyro, generates continuous area damage on enemies, which is very useful for dealing with hordes, or for dealing with rather resistant monsters


Amber is the first character we meet in the story after Paimon, our mascot. He is a member of the Knights of Favonius, the military body of knights that protects Mondstadt (the starting region of the adventure), amber holds the position of scout, which is why, during one of his patrols, he meets our traveler.

Despite being a simple scout Amber takes her work with great seriousness and diligence, even called a “model of justice” by her superior Kaeya.

He has a very open personality and immediately offers to help our protagonist reach the first town, Mondstadt, named after the region in which it is located

Amber is the first character to enter our roster after the protagonist, she possesses a bow and is in fact a ranged attack unit, and she possesses the Pyro element.

Possesses a skill that repeatedly burns enemies by inflicting Pyro damage, and one that launches an explosive decoy to which enemies will converge, very useful for controlling hordes, early in the game

Amber‘s constellation , allows you to immediately unlock as soon as you find a copy of it a very important passive ability, “One arrow to conquer them all,” which makes her bow very effective by allowing Amber to shoot two consecutive arrows and inflicting, with the second arrow, 20 percent of the damage of the first arrow.


We meet Lisa fairly early in the main quest, being the librarian

of the Knights of Favonius, is a very powerful witch and a very learned woman educated about the history of the kingdoms.

Lisa is very intelligent and often gets bored reading books in the city library, in fact she prefers to read those in the forbidden section, despite this she cares a lot about her work and performs it flawlessly.

She is tasked with managing and maintaining the vast collection of books in the Knights of Favonius library, as well as ensuring that their potions are always fully stocked.

Lisa will join our team after completing the mission “Sparks Amongst the Pages,” which can be completed around level 5.The witch of the Knights of Favonius uses a catalyst as a weapon, and possesses the Electro type.

Its primary ability releases lightning bolts in an area, great for the area attacks and to implement elemental synergies, his strongest ability is a stronger and longer-lasting version of his primary ability, lasting in fact 15 seconds and constantly electrocuting enemies who are in range.


Kaeya is the deputy grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius, a very confident and very easy-going fellow, some even call him lazy, but this is not the case.

Because he is a very strong warrior, he is highly respected among the knights, despite his cocky verve, even in the city, his charisma has earned him the favor and respect of the people.

Kaeya loves to test the strength and cunning of people, both allies and enemies, she loves to see the hesitation in her comrades’ eyes in the moment before the battle begins, just as she is thrilled to see the fear in her enemy’s eyes when she is about to challenge her opponent.

The player can obtain this character by completing the “Crash Course” mission, which, as in the case of Lisa can be completed very early in the adventure, around level 5. His favorite weapon is the one-handed sword, and he possesses the Cryo element, so the elemental variation, which is very important in the game, is once again kept within the team.

His primary ability allows him to throw ice shards at the enemy by inflicting the element Cryo, but its most interesting skill is the second one it generates around characters 3 slivers of ice rotating that continuously strike enemies, allowing the player to create combos without too much difficulty, changing character immediately after activation.


Noelle is a polite young woman and a professional waitress who will help anyone in need, no matter how far away they are or what they ask, as long as they say her name.

She has a very high work ethic because she always strives to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. Lisa believes that the more work she is given, the happier she will be. Do not be fooled by appearance, Noelle is a very strong warrior with superhuman stamina

Because of this strength, Jean, the grand master of the Knights of Favonius, has often considered formalizing her as a knight, but has desisted for fear that Noelle is not ready for the dangers that reside beyond Mondstadt.

The player can obtain Noelle for free by making the first 10 wishes, the method of obtaining characters in Genshin impact. He has a two-handed broadsword or “Claymore” and possesses the Geo element.

Noelle is a very defensive character, the first real “tank” in this list, so she is also very useful in boss and miniboss fights to defend the team.

In the case of Noelle his most interesting skill is not his last one, as is usually the case, which is simply a buff of type Geo to his weapon that makes his range and damage wider, but rather his first skill, has infinitely more utility than its last, in fact it creates a shield around the team based on the defense of Noelle, very useful and versatile for all kinds of battles.


Barbara is the deaconess of Favonius Church She is also Jean‘s younger sister. is a descendant of the prestigious Gunnhildr clan, a very important and influential family in Mondstadt.

is bright, charismatic and optimistic, but can be clumsy and careless at times. She feels inferior to her older sister Jean, thinking that everything she has done is inferior in nature to the grand master of the Knights, and strives to do something that surpasses Jean‘s actions.

is a very good musician and singer, and she often delights in entertaining the people of the town by performing in front of the statue in the square in front of the church of which she is the deaconess, in fact she safeguards religious artifacts and worships Barbatos, the patron god of Mondstadt, as well as god of the element Anemo.

It can be obtained for free in the “Baptism of Song” event by completing the mission “A Long Shot” during the Prologue Act III: “Song of the Dragon and Freedom.” She possesses the element Hydro, and, being a sorceress, uses a catalyst as her favorite weapon

Barbara is a character to be put on the team as soon as possible because she is a curator, a very important addition to the team that will definitely turn the battles around from the moment you add her.

Her final attack restores a lot of HP to all team members, and in addition, the primary ability makes enemies wet and thus susceptible to freezing if we hit them with Kaeya‘s skills, or Lisa ‘s lightning bolts . Definitely an essential addition, especially at the beginning of the game.


Xiangling is the chef of Wanmin Restaurant and runs it together with his father, Chef Mao. As a chef, Xiangling is not afraid to try different recipes or exotic ingredients, making his dishes sometimes quite unique.

Xiangling loves to cook, having learned the art from her father; for her, food is a way to express herself and experiment. He uses anything for his recipes, even unconventional ingredients such as slime and lizards.

Her unconventional cuisine is what has brought her to be known, and acclaimed in both Mondstadt and Liyue, another very large region in the Teyvat.

In addition to being a very good cook, she is also a skilled warrior, agile and fast, possesses a spear and the element Pyro. Definitely the most difficult to obtain on the list,you have to reach Adventurer rank 20 and then complete the challenge on Floor 3, Chamber 3 of theAbyss, which can be found on Xiangling ‘s page in the Events section.

His skills Pyro are very strong, he is certainly the character who can do the most damage we have seen so far, his first skil is not very exciting at first glance but it is not to be underestimated, it evokes a spitting panda fire to enemies 3 times before disappearing, inflicting the effect Pyro And distracting the enemies.

While the strongest attack in her repertoire is her ultimate ability, Xiangling sends a tornado of fire swirling around her character. The tornado will move with the character as long as the ability persists, causing Pyro damage to all opponents in its area.


An orphan found by an elderly adventurer, Bennett grew up in the Mondstadt Adventurer’s Guild. He is the only member of “Bennett’s Team of Adventurers,” as the others left the team after learning of the constant misfortune that haunts him.

Bennett has had many difficulties thanks to his extraordinary bad luck, yet he continues to be a strong and hard-working member of the Adventurer’s Guild. He is optimistic, well-behaved and full of passion for adventure.

He believes that his “Vision,” a gift bestowed on those who dwell in Teyvat and are recognized by the gods, is a sign that the gods have not given up on him, just as the old veteran adventurersof the Guild whom he affectionately calls “Dad” have not given up on him

This character, like the following in this list, is not available for free, but being a 4-star it will not be long before you get it from a wish, in fact on Genshin Impact for every 10 wishes you are guaranteed a 4-star or higher character.

Bennett uses a one-handed sword and possesses the Pyro element, his abilities making him one of the most powerful and versatile units in the entire game.

With the first skill he concentrates the Pyro element in his blade. Depending on how long you charge, different effects occur.

Level 1 charge: Strikes twice, inflicting Pyro damage and throwing opponents away. Level 2 charge: Unleash three consecutive attacks that deal massive Pyro damage, but the last attack triggers an explosion that launches both Bennett and the enemy away.

Bennett takes no damage from throwing, but can take fall damage if he falls off a cliff.

Interesting skill

His last skill, however, is the most interesting, Bennett with this skill performs a downward jumping attack that deals damage Pyro, creating a blazing field on the ground for 12 seconds, the effect of the field is as follows: If a character’s health within the area of effect is 70% or less, his or her health will be regenerates every second. If a character’s health within the area of effect is above 70 percent, he gains an attack bonus that scales according to Bennett‘s base attack. It also gives the characters within the field the Pyro element.


He is the second son of the Director of the Feiyun Trade Guild, an influential group in Liyue, and is also a self-proclaimed practitioner of the arts of the Guhua Clan, a school of martial arts that has seen a sharp decline in recent centuries.

To most people, Xingqiu appears to be a polite young man who takes his studies seriously, but he also has a more mischievous side. Unlike his older brother, who is completely devoted to the guild’s success, Xingqiu is more reluctant about it, putting him at odds with his family, who are very devoted to the Trade Guild

Xingqiu has a strong sense of justice and has been able to bring the Guhua clan back to prominence despite being one of its youngest members. Despite his lighthearted personality, he is very intelligent, capable and zealous in his martial arts training.

Xingqiu is obtainable through wish, is a four-star character, uses the one-handed sword and possesses the Hydro element, according to a great many professional and amateur players, he is one of the strongest four-star characters in the game.

With his first skill, called “Guhua Sword: Fatal Rainscreen,” Xingqiu performs two blows with his sword, inflicting Hydro damage. At the same time, this ability creates “RainSwords,” aquatic swords that orbit around the character, these swords reduce the amount of damage incurred when a character is hit.

With his last skill instead, he hurls a water slash with his sword, again creating “Rain Swords,” which he will then use during subsequent attacks to do additional damage to enemies.


Fischl an investigator from the Mondstadt Adventurers’ Guild, accompanied by the talking night raven named Oz. is a daring adventurer with seemingly outlandish theories that, however, finally, turn out to be true; she claims to be from a world beyond Teyvat.

Because of her upbringing as a child, Fischl is obsessed with fantasy stories. She speaks politely and formally to everyone, which is very confusing to those who talk to her; fortunately, Oz translates her speeches when they are confusing and rambling. Fischl has an innate talent for investigation, in part because of her own wild theories, this allowed her to quickly climb the ranks of the Adventurer’s Guild.

Many people have a negative opinion of her “character,” although this sometimes annoys her, she continues to act regardless because it is her passion. She has very few friends and appreciates those who are willing to go along with her character or date her despite her eccentricities.

Fischl is also a four-star character found in wishes, has a bow, so she is a good addition being aranged unit, and possesses the Electro element. Being a very versatile character she can coexist well with any team, which makes her very important for novice players.

Fischl is a damage-focused character; his first ability summons Oz, his companion raven, to do damage to enemies and inflict the Electro element; Oz remains on the battlefield for the duration of the ability while continuing to do damage to nearby enemies.

Her second ability is very powerful, Fischl transforms herself into Oz by crossing enemies and inflicting massive Electro-type damage, during the transformation Fischl cannot be attacked by enemies, making this ability a good escape strategy.