Naruto Shippuden Filler Episodes: List of Filler Episodes


In this article we are going to make a list of the Naruto Shippuden Filler Episodes so that you can decide whether to view the whole thing or watch the canonical episodes of the series directly.

Masashi Kishimoto ‘s work called Naruto Shippuden is an animated adaptation from the second part of the manga called Naruto.

The anime was first broadcast on February 15, 2007, and has since been one of the most watched animated TV series of all time.

Naruto plot

Plot of the First Series of Naruto

The story centers on a young ninja named Naruto whose ambition is to become Hokage (head of the Village). On the day of his birth his father, before he died, sealed into his body one of the seven demons of the Shinobi world, the Nine-Tailed Fox. Orphaned from birth, the boy had a difficult childhood, being feared and disowned by all the inhabitants of Leaf Village because of his nature.

Our protagonist then had to fight this loneliness and gain trust in people, even managing to establish deep friendships with his schoolmates.

This in broad strokes is the story of the first Naruto TV series that ends with the betrayal of Sasuke, Naruto’s companion and best friend, who escapes from the leaf village and becomes a student of the evil Orochimaru.

Following his failure to save his friend, Naruto, he then decides to go on a long training journey together with his master Jiraiya, with the goal of becoming strong enough to protect his loved ones.

Plot of Naruto Shippuden

The plot of Naruto Shippuden begins with the return of the eponymous ninja, now 16 years old, to the Leaf Village after two years of hard training.

The story will revolve around the adventures of young shinobi who run into the Dawn Organization, a criminal group with the goal of capturing the Seekers (the seven demons of the ninja world).

After this brief introduction we will go on to make a list of the Filler Naruto Shippuden Episodes, detailing the sagas that contain them, and giving the option of whether to skip them in the face of the large number of Episodes (500!).

So watch out for spoilers!!!

What are Filler or Mixed Filler episodes ?

Before making a list of Naruto Shippuden Filler Episodes, it is only fair to make some clarifications about the distinction between filler and mixed filler episodes.

Filler episodes are defined as episodes of a TV series that are inconsistent with the rest of the work and therefore non-canonical. In many anime, these types of episodes are included for the purpose of diluting their length and perhaps adding themes that would not be compatible within the main story.

Mixed filler epis odes, on the other hand, as the word suggests, mean episodes that have both filler elements and original parts within them. Therefore, it is recommended not to skip them, since you will also miss out on canonical plot elements.

Naruto Shippuden and Mixed Filler Episodes List for Sagas

Now we are going to look at the list of filler or Mixed filler Episodes of Naruto Shippuden within the different sagas.

Kazekage Rescue Saga (1-32)

In this saga, Naruto, returns to his journey to re-embrace his old companions, Sakura and his master Kakashi. Temari and Shikamaru inform him that Gaara, Naruto’s friend and also the possessor of a seeker, has become the new Kazekage of the Sand Village.

Meanwhile, Deidara and Sasori, members of the Akatsuki, succeed after a tough fight in defeating and kidnapping Gaara by taking him to their shelter. There, the criminal organization aimed at collecting the Cercoters will proceed to extract the demon badger sealed inside the young Kazekage.

Following the news of Gaara’s disappearance, Master Gai’s Team 9 (consisting of Rock Lee,Tenten, and Neji Hyuga) and Master Kakashi’s Team 7 (consisting of Naruto and Sakura) will embark on a journey with the goal of rescuing the new Sand Village Leader.

Mixed Filler episodes:

  • 1: Returning home
  • 2: Sunrise in action
  • 3: The results of the training
  • 4: The Carrying Force of Sand
  • 5: As Kazekage
  • 6: Mission Accomplished
  • 7: Run, Kankuro!
  • 8: Team Kakashi intervenes
  • 9: The tears of the carrier force
  • 10: Confinement technique
  • 11: The student of the medical ninja
  • 12: Chiyo’s Determination
  • 13: Encounter with destiny
  • 14: Naruto’s Maturity
  • 15: The Hidden Sphere
  • 16: The Secret of the Carrying Force
  • 17: The End of Gaara
  • 18: Break-in!
  • 19: Set the trap!
  • 24: The Third Kazekage
  • 25: Three minutes of immunity

Purely Filler episodes:

  • 28: Return of the Beasts

Saga of the long-awaited meeting (33-53)

Back at the Leaf Village, Kakashi is bedridden due to exertion from fighting Deidara and using his Hypnotic Sharingan. Team 7 is then assigned a new captain named Yamato, a Jonin capable of using the techniques of the first Hokage, while, in place of Sasuke, a young man named Sai takes over.

Later, Team 7 sets out on a new mission with the goal of capturing the Akatsuki spy who will turn out to be Kabuto, Orochimaru‘s closest follower. Upon the latter’s appearance, Naruto loses control, becoming possessed by the fox demon ‘s destructive fury and even injuring Sakura.

Orochimaru and Kabuto manage to escape by taking advantage of the moment when Yamato appeases the wrath of the nine-tailed fox by using a sealing technique on Naruto.

From this point on, Team 7 will venture up to Orochimaru’s hideout with the hope of seeing their old comrade Sasuke again and convincing him to return to their side.

Mixed Filler episodes:

  • 45: Betrayal
  • 49: Important encounters
  • 50: The history of the album

This saga does not contain purely Filler Episodes

Saga of the twelve ninja guardians (54-71)

Back in the village, Naruto, with the help of Kakashi and Yamato, undertakes training with the goal of mastering the Rasen Shuriken. During his training, he discovers that the nature of his chakra is derived from the wind and that in order to learn this new technique, he will have to be able to merge it with his Rasengan (Naruto’s strongest technique).

Then Team 7 sets out on a new mission in the direction of the Temple of Fire to investigate some possible criminals desecrating the tombs. Here they make the acquaintance of a monk named Sora who, unexpectedly, also possesses the nova-tailed fox chakra.

Mixed Filler episodes:

  • 54: The nightmare
  • 56: Tremor

Purely Filler Episodes:

  • 57: Deprived of eternal sleep
  • 58: Solitude
  • 59: A new enemy
  • 60: Precariousness
  • 61: Contact
  • 62: Teammate
  • 63: The Two Kings
  • 64: Fire Signals
  • 65: The End of Darkness
  • 66: Souls Reanimated
  • 67: Fighting for life
  • 68: The moment of awakening
  • 69: Despair
  • 70: Resonance
  • 71: Friend

Saga of Hidan and Kakuzu: the immortal destroyers (72-88)

TheAkatsuki captured two-tailed and three-tailed demons and destroyed a temple in the Land of Fire. Two of its members, Kakuzu and Hidan, in a confrontation with the Leaf ninjas, kill Asuma Sarutobi, Shikamaru‘s master and leader of Team 10. The two criminals have extraordinary abilities and are both “immortal”: Hidan cannot be killed even by cutting off his head, while Kakuzu possesses five hearts.

After Asuma’s death, Shikamaru together with Team 10 vows to avenge his master, and after a brief search, he runs into Hidan and Kakuzu. A bloody confrontation will then begin that will pit respectively: Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji against Hidan while, Kakashi, Sakura, and Naruto will face off against Kakuzu.

Mixed Filler episodes:

  • 89: The price of power
  • 90: The ninja’s determination

Purely Filler Episodes:

  • 91: The Hideout of Orochimaru
  • 92: Encounter
  • 93: Communicating Hearts
  • 94: Rainy Night
  • 95: The two amulets
  • 96: Invisible Enemy
  • 97: The Labyrinth of Distorted Reflections.
  • 98: Target sighted
  • 99: Tricoda’s Fury
  • 100: In the fog
  • 101: Feelings
  • 102: Reorganization
  • 103: Quadrangular defensive barrier
  • 104: The Crystal Shatters
  • 105: Barrier under attack
  • 106: Red camellia
  • 107: Bitter enemies
  • 108: The camellia guide
  • 109: The Counterattack of the Cursed Sign.
  • 110: Memories of sin
  • 111: Broken Promise
  • 112: The place to return to

Saga of the master’s prophecy and revenge (113-143)

Orochimaru Assassination

Sasuke decides that Orochimaru has nothing more to teach him and, taking advantage of his moment of weakness due to the rejection of his current body, kills him using the Hypnotic Sharingan.

However, Kabuto manages to transplant some of his master’s cells, fusing with him and becoming a new snake-like being.

AfterOrochimaru’s assassination, Sasuke, decides to form a team by recruiting some followers of his late master. The young Uchiha thus founds Team Hebi consisting of: Suigetsu Hozuki (former student of Zabuza Momochi), Jugo (the first experiment on the cursed sign) and Karin. The new group will aim to find Itachi Uchiha (Sasuke’s brother) and kill him.

Pain: the head of the Akatsuki

The probable Leader of the Akatsuki, Pain, is revealed, who possesses the most powerful of the three eye techniques: the Rin’negan, which allows him to use all six types of chakra and to create up to six clones, each with a particular ability.

Meanwhile, Jiraiya sets off on a new secret mission that will see him engaged in the Rain Village to glean information about the Akatsuki and Pain.

Clash of brothers

Meanwhile, in the Uchiha’s secret lair, the final confrontation between Itachi and Sasuke begins, ending with the former’s death. At the end of the duel between the two brothers, Sasuke falls unconscious and is kidnapped by Tobi, who, after confirming that he is Madara Uchiha, reveals to him Itachi’s true feelings. The latter, in fact, has always acted trying to protect his younger brother and the Village of the Leaf.

Mixed Filler episodes:

  • 115: The Sword of Zabuza
  • 127: A brave ninja
  • 128: The fate of the great Jiraiya

This saga contains no Purely Filler Episodes

Saga of the Hexacoda in Action (144-151)

In this saga, Team 7 embarks on a journey, commissioned by Tsunade, to rescue Hotaru and Utakata from attack by bandits. During the saga the secrets of the two boys in need of help are uncovered: Utakata possesses the demon Hexacoda while, inside Hotaru is sealed a Forbidden Jutsu so powerful that it can destroy an entire village.

This saga is totally Filler.

Saga of the Two Saviors (152-175)

Pain and Konan arrive in Konoha and begin to destroy everything in their path. The leaf village is razed by the most powerful attack of the Akatsuki leader, Shinra Tensei, killing most of its inhabitants. Naruto, meanwhile, was completing his training on Mount Myoboku, the land of toads, to learn hermit techniques just as Jiraya had done at his age. Following Pain’s destruction of the village, Naruto appears in grand style and, enraged by the devastation around him, attacks the Konoha bomber using hermit mode.

Mixed Filler episodes:

  • 167: Chibaku Tensei
  • 168: The Fourth Hokage

Purely Filler episodes:

  • 170: In search of the Fourth Hokage’s legacy (part one)
  • 171: In search of the Fourth Hokage’s legacy (part two)

Saga of the Past – The Path of the Leaf (176-196)

The plot of this saga centers on the memories of the inhabitants of the Village of the Leaf during the reconstruction of the latter. Various flashbacks of different characters are shown, e.g., Iruka reminisces about his first meeting with Naruto, while Kakashi recalls the moment he was named leader of Team 7.

This saga is completely Filler

Saga of the Meeting of the Five Kage (197-221)

Sakura, while loving Sasuke, proposes a plan to kill him so that he can cancel Naruto’s promise to him to bring the former Team 7 member back home. With Tsunade unconscious due to her exertion during Pain’s attack, Danzo, head of the secret Anbu organization, becomes the sixth Hokage.

Meanwhile, Naruto heads to the Iron Country with the intention of convincing the Fourth Raikage to spare Sasuke’s life but failing miserably.

The five Kage decide to come together to plan an action against the Akatsuki and protect Killer Bee and Naruto, the two remaining supporting forces. At one point, Sasuke, intent on killing Danzo, makes his appearance sparking a battle between Team Hebi and the Summit participants. At the end of the confrontation The young Uchiha is rescued by Tobi, who reveals that he is Madara Uchiha, a legendary ninja who lived centuries earlier.

He, moreover, exposes his “Eye of the Moon” plan to the five Kage, demanding that Naruto and Killer B be handed over to him. Upon the Kage’s refusal, Tobi, before disappearing, declares the Fourth Great Ninja War open. Finally, Sasuke will clash with Danzo, who will suppress before the enormous strength of the hypnotic sharingan.

Mixed Filler episodes:

  • 213: Lost Ties

This Saga has no purely Filler episodes

Heavenly life on a boat (222-242)

The plot of this season centers on the journey undertaken by Naruto, Gai, Aoba, Yamato and Killer Bee to an island in the Land of Lightning. The purpose of the mission is to isolate the two leading forces by preventing them from learning about the now imminent Great Ninja War.

This saga is completely Filler.

Saga of the control of the Enneacoda and the meeting of destiny (243-275)

Upon arrival onTurtle Island, Naruto begins training with Killer Bee to learn how to control the Nine-Tailed Fox. Our protagonist then manages to overpower the demon, extracting its chakra and imprisoning it through a new seal. Meanwhile, Madara prepares for war by entering into an alliance with Kabuto, who, thanks to the Resurrection Technique, has at his disposal an army composed of the best deceased Ninjas in history. With the preparations concluded, Madara goes to the Rain Village and, after killing Konan, steals the Rinnegan from Nagato’s corpse.

Mixed Filler episodes:

  • 246: Orange glow
  • 247: The Fox under attack
  • 248: The Fatal Challenge of the Fourth Hokage
  • 249: Thank you

Purely Filler episodes:

  • 257: Encounter
  • 258: Rivals
  • 259: Breaking
  • 260: Separation
  • 271: The Sakura Road

Saga of the seven legendary ninja swordsmen (276-289)

This saga marks thebeginning of the Fourth Great Ninja War: on one side Madara, commanding the numerous white Zetsu, and Kabuto, with his army of deceased Ninjas, against Ninjas from all nations.

The first confrontation we are shown sees the forces of the ninja alliance, led by master Kakashi, clash with the seven legendary ninja swordsmen, resurrected through the Resurrection Technique.

Mixed Filler episodes:

  • 279: White Zetsu’s Trap
  • 280: The aesthetics of the artist
  • 281: The allied army of moms.

Purely Filler episodes:

  • 284: Jinin Akebino
  • 285: Pakura of the Sand Village
  • 286: The things that don’t come back
  • 287: One worth betting on.
  • 288: Jinpachi and Kushimaro Danger
  • 289: Fangs of Lightning – Ameyuri Ringo

Special Saga: Power (290-295)

The plot is about the battle between the forces of Konoha and Kabuto before the Fourth Ninja War. During this battle, Orochimaru’s successor is forced to retreat, but manages to kidnap Captain Yamato so he can use his cells to fuel the White Zetsu force.

This saga is completely Filler

Great ninja war: aggressors from beyond (296-320)

Naruto and Killer Bee find out about the war and set off at great speed to the various battlefields. In the Land of Lightning, meanwhile, a faction of the ninja army commanded by Gaara and Onoki (the Third Tsuchikage) clash with three very powerful Ninjas resurrected by Kabuto: the Second Mizukage, the Third Raikage, and the Fourth Kazekage (Gaara’s father).

Naruto meets resurrected Itachi, who is able, thanks to the Koto Amatsukami technique, to free himself from Kabuto’s control.

Purely Filler episodes:

  • 303: Ghosts of the Past
  • 304: Underground world transfer technique
  • 305: Vengeful spirit
  • 306: The eye of the heart
  • 307: Disappearing in the moonlight
  • 308: Night of the crescent moon
  • 309: Grade A mission: the competition.
  • 310: The Fall of the Castle
  • 311: True Friends
  • 312: The old master and the eye of the dragon
  • 313: Rain followed by snow, with some lightning.
  • 314: The sad rain of sunshine
  • 315: Yota’s Story
  • 316: The resurrection of the allied army.
  • 317: Shino vs. Torune
  • 318: A Gap in the Heart – The Other Carrying Force.
  • 319: The soul that lives in the puppet.
  • 320: Run, Omoi!

Great Ninja War: Sasuke and Itachi (321-348)

Naruto and his clones arrive on the various battlefields and, thanks to Fox chakra, are able to identify the white zetsu who had infiltrated inside the allied lines.

Madara Uchiha takes the field and, using his Susanoo (Advanced Hypnotic Sharingan Technique), annihilates the fourth division in no time. To their aid, however, come the five Kage who engage in a violent duel attempting to thwart the Uchiha legend.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Killer Bee run into Tobi, who has control over the other five carrier forces reanimated by Kabuto.

Itachi and Sasuke meet, and the two manage to unearth Kabuto’s hiding place. The brothers manage to get the better of Orochimaru’s successor and, thanks to the Uchiha clan’s secret technique “Izanagi,” they succeed in blocking L’ Edo Tensei (Resurrection Technique)by dissolving all the deceased reanimated by Kabuto. Although this technique has been cancelled, Madara reveals to the Kage that he will not dissolve since he has long since terminated the summoning contract.

Mixed Filler episodes:

  • 324: The indestructible mask and the bubble technique.
  • 327: The Enneacoda
  • 328: Kurama
  • 330: Omen of victory
  • 331: Eyes that scan the darkness
  • 338: Izanagi and Izanami
  • 346: The World of Dreams

Purely Filler episodes:

  • 347: The creeping shadow
  • 348: The true leader

ANBU Kakashi saga: the ninja who lives in darkness (349-361)

The plot focuses on Kakashi Hatake’s ANBU past until his appointment as master of Team 7.

This saga is completely Filler

Great Ninja War: Squad 7 again (362-372)

By now the Great War has reached its final battle. The remaining Ninjas gather to clash against the last two enemies-Madara and Tobi, who reveals himself to be Obito, Kakashi’s childhood friend. Backed into a corner by Naruto and Kakashi, Obito, initiates the premature rebirth of the Decacode, the demon created by the union of the 7 demons, by depositing the Gold and Silver brothers (which contain the Novecode chakra) and a tentacle of the Eight-tailed within the demon statue.

At the same time, Sasuke, heading to the Leaf Village, resurrects the previous Kage to get an explanation as to why the Uchiha Clan was exterminated. Convinced by the Kage’s words, Sasuke heads to the battlefield determined to defend the ninja alliance and, more importantly, the Leaf Village.

This Saga has no Filler

Great Ninja War: Obito Uchiha (373-393)

the reformed Team 7 goes on the attack: Sakura gets Katsuyu separated and sends each of his parts to heal the alliance ninjas while, Naruto and Sasuke manage to reach the Decacoda and strike it by combining the Rasenshuriken with the art of flame. Feeling distressed, Madara tries to take advantage of Obito’s weakening by forcing him to initiate the technique that would bring him to life. The latter, however, succeeds in resisting and sealing the decacoda inside him by becoming the most powerful carrier force ever.

Because of the extensive damage he received, Obito was unable to control the enormous force of the decacoda, throwing all seven demons back into it. Since He is no longer able to resist, Black Zetsu takes control of him forcing him to resurrect Madara, who, in a short time manages to capture the Cercoters again and become the leading force of the Decacoda.

Mixed Filler episodes:

  • 385: Obito Uchiha
  • 386: I will always look at you
  • 388: My first friend

Purely Filler episodes:

  • 376: The directive to take the Novecode
  • 377: Naruto vs. Mecha Naruto
  • 389: The beloved big sister
  • 390: Hanabi’s decision

Naruto’s return: the miracle of the companions (394-413)

The saga focuses on some flashbacks regarding the Chunin examinations held before the beginning of Naruto Shippuden.

This Saga is completely Filler

Saga of the Activation of the Infinite Tsukuyomi (414-431)

Madara casts the Infinite Tsukuyomi, a technique that captures all the inhabitants of the world with the roots of the tree of life, plunging them into an infinite dream. Only Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke manage to avoid this fate, protected by the latter’s Susanoo.

Mixed Filler episodes:

  • 417: You are my support
  • 419: Dad’s Youth
  • 426: The Infinite Tsukuyomi

Purely Filler episodes:

  • 416: Formation: team Minato
  • 422: Those who will inherit
  • 423: Naruto’s Rival
  • 427: The World of Dreams
  • 428: Where Tenten Belongs
  • 429: Killer Bee Rappuden: the roll of heaven.
  • 430: Killer Bee Rappuden: the roll of the earth.
  • 431: That smile again

Jiraiya’s ninja manual, History of the valiant Naruto (432-450)

This Saga recounts the dreams of the Ninja trapped by the Infinite Tsukuyomi. We are told the vicissitudes of our favorites in a kind of alternate universe, where some events such as the extermination of the Uchiha clan and the death of Naruto’s parents did not occur.

This saga is completely Filler

The true legend of Itachi: Light and Darkness (451-458)

The plot, as the title suggests, chronicles Itachi’s entire life, from his childhood until his recruitment into the Akatsuki.

Mixed Filler episodes:

  • 451: Born to live, live to die
  • 452: The Genius
  • 453: The pain of living
  • 454: Shisui’s request
  • 455: A night in the moonlight
  • 456: The Darkness of Akatsuki
  • 457: Partners
  • 458: The Truth.

The Origin of Ninshu, The Two Souls Indra and Ashura (459-469)

Before, Naruto and Sasuke, can have their final battle, Black Zetsu, inherent in Obito’s body, moves into Madara, taking his control and converting him into Kaguya Otsutsuki. The latter reveals her to be the “Rabbit Goddess,” the one who centuries earlier arrived from another planet and, by eating a fruit from the divine tree, became the first Chakra possessor. The real final confrontation for the liberation of humanity will then begin.

Mixed Filler episodes:

  • 460: Kaguya Otsutsuki
  • 461: Hagoromo and Hamura
  • 462: The Created Past.

Purely Filler episodes:

  • 464: The Ninja Creed
  • 465: Ashura and Indra
  • 466: The path to Calvary
  • 467: The Determination of Ashura
  • 468: The Successor
  • 469: A special mission

Saga of Naruto and Sasuke (470-479)

This Saga represents the final part of the battle.

Obito, before being killed by Kaguya, gives his second eye to Kakashi temporarily granting him the power of the double Mangekyō Sharingan.

Using the Susanoo, Kakashi joins Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke in the fight against Kaguya, who, after a hard fight, is sealed in the Chibaku Tensei of the Six Paths thanks to the combined attack of the reunited Team 7.

Following the fierce battle, the scene shifts to the Valley of the Epilogue, where Sasuke explains to Naruto his conception of the Hokage: for him, the true Hokage corresponds to the figure of his brother Itachi, a man who eliminated his Clan and drew everyone’s hatred upon himself to protect his home village.

He emphasizes the fact, however, that his brother made a mistake: he left Sasuke alive by allowing hatred to spread anyway. To avoid making the same mistake, Sasuke decides to cut ties with the past by eliminating the five Kage, the demons, and Naruto, from whom he would begin. Thus begins the last confrontation between the two that will end in a draw.

Mixed Filler episodes:

  • 471: I’m looking at both
  • 472: You definitely will be
  • 478: Sign of reconciliation
  • 479: Naruto Uzumaki!!!

Nostalgic Days (480-483)

In this saga the main theme is romance, in fact we see Naruto getting closer to Hinata and Sasuke to Sakura.

This Saga is completely Filler

The True Legend of Sasuke (484-488)

This series is based on a light novel and is canonical, telling the story of Sasuke. It takes place after the conclusion of the Fourth Great Ninja War and sees the last of the Uchihas setting off on an aimless journey in order to investigate the mystery of Kaguya.

This saga is considered Mixed Filler

Shikamaru – A cloud drifting in silence (489-493)

This series is based on a light novel and is canonical, telling the story of Shikamaru.

Mixed Filler episodes:

  • 489: State of affairs
  • 490: Dark Clouds
  • 491: Temerity
  • 492: Cloud of Suspicion
  • 493: Albore

The Village of the Leaf – The Wedding Day (494-500)

The concluding saga of Naruto Shippuden ends with the marriage between the hero of the last world war of ninjas and Hinata.

This Saga contains neither Filler nor Mixed Filler.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about Naruto

Why does Naruto have so many Filler Episodes ?

Let’s say that Filler Episodes are usually inserted into series to dilute their length and give more depth to the plot. That said, the Naruto Shippuden series contains so many Filler episodes because it ties the past events, told through flashbacks, to the main story. They provide us with more information about the characters that will enhance their characterization. In addition to this reason, we can infer that some of these Filler episodes are used to refer back to events in the past, so that the chronological order of events within the canonical saga can be respected.

How many Filler and Mixed Filler episodes does Naruto Shippuden have ?

The entire Naruto Shippuden series contains 79 Mixed Filler episodes and as many as 201 Purely Filler episodes.

Based on the number of Total Episodes in the series, 500, we therefore know that 15.80% are Mixed Filler episodes, while Purely Filler episodes are as many as 40.20%.

How long is Naruto Shippuden without the Filler episodes ?

The total length of the 500 episodes of Naruto Shippuden is 192 hours, from which the 77 hours of Filler Episodes must be subtracted. The series without Filler episodes will then have a duration of 115 hours.

Up to what episode was Naruto Shippuden dubbed?

The Italian dubbing of Naruto Shippuden is currently stopped at episode No. 393 (out of 500 total). The Naruto anime, on the other hand, is dubbed completely in Italian. The dubbing of the final episodes of Naruto Shippuden will have to wait a few more years…

What is the sequel to Naruto Shippuden ?

On April 5, 2017, Boruto the Naruto sequel starring the son of the eponymous ninja was released. The series is still in production and has 273 Episodes.

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