OPPO Enco X2 – Review


The OPPO company over the years has tried to constantly improve itself, in many cases succeeding without affecting the final cost of its devices too much. With the Enco X2 true wireless earphones, not only does the sound quality improve over previous versions, but there are also noticeable strides in calling and internal software management.

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Already from unboxing one is pleasantly impressed by the quality of the packaging, although it is compact and without too many frills, the material from which it is made is very sturdy, and even the minimal graphics do not mind at all.

Unlike many other companies, OPPO decided to place the headphones already inside the polycarbonate case, which obviously also serves as a charging case once placed inside.

In addition to the case and the two wireless earphones, OPPO includes in the package a USB-C cable for charging the case, to which silicone grommets in different sizes are added to ensure better customization inside the ear. The charging cable is short, therefore, you will feel the need to use a compatible one, perhaps with a few extra inches.

OPPO certainly did not want to overdo it with its packaging, giving an unexciting unboxing experience, but one that aims for the bottom line by presenting the product without too many frills.


Once the earphones are taken out of the box we are met with a design typical of a quality true wireless product, with the grommets taking center stage and a shape very reminiscent of Apple’s more famous AirPods Pro. The side stem is not extremely long, but it allows the Bluetooth headset to be placed inside the ear without any problem and without necessarily activating the touch controls.

There are also microphones at the top that stand out in size and shape, giving the headset a striking design that perfectly matches the aluminum insert at the end of the earpiece.

While the headphones themselves can be compared to the competition in terms of design, the build quality of the charging case must be emphasized. This device is extremely compact and its tapered shape allows it to fit in your pocket without any problem. Rounded edges and an aluminum bezel cladding make this an excellent case, echoing the qualities of top-of-the-line cases.
The material from which the case is made is rigid polycarbonate, which also provides excellent resistance to scratches and accidental bumps.

OPPO rarely gets the design of its products wrong, in this case with the Enco X2 it wanted to put more attention on the case rather than the headphones.


In addition to showing quality materials, OPPO is also a company that does not skimp on the hardware and software of its products. What is it like inside these Enco X2s that can tantalize the attention of audiophiles?

Type of earphoneTrue Wireless Earphones
Weight4.5 g per earphone; charging box: 45 g
DimensionsEarphones: 19.7 x 16.5 x 22.5 mm; charging box: 69.3 x 35.4 x 25.4 mm
BatteryEarphones: 45 mAh; charging box: 410 mAh
Battery lifeEarphones: up to 5 hours of playback; charging box: up to 20 hours of playback
Charging timeEarphones: about 1 hour; charging box: about 2 hours
Bluetooth Profiles SupportedHFP, A2DP, AVRCP, HSP
Supported audio codecsSBC, AAC, aptX, aptX Adaptive
Microphones2 microphones for each earpiece
Accessories includedEarphones, charging box, USB-C charging cable, 3 pairs of ear grommets of different sizes, user manual

Taking a look at the data sheet, it is evident that one of the strengths of these earbuds lies in their weight; the mere 4.7 grams per single earbud testifies to extremely attractive comfort and weight. But in addition to their light weight, the Enco X2s also show excellent functionality; the software allows for better ANC and touch controls.

But it is the particularly wide audio driver that manages to give a very precise and powerful sound at both low frequencies and those requiring more detailed highs. Wireless charging and a Bluetooth 5.2 complement an absolutely respectable technical compartment, considering also that you can benefit from sufficient battery life and IP54 water resistance. Something more was expected from OPPO regarding the battery, but it is clear that the company’s aim is to incentivize using the very convenient charging base, which greatly extends the overall battery life.

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Initializing the headphones and pairing with your smartphone is very quick with the Enco X2, opening the case will pair directly with your Android smartphone, all you need to do is to have activated your mobile device’s BT. Those who own iPhones, on the other hand, will necessarily have to download the HeyMelody application that allows them to connect OPPO’s home product to Apple’s.

The provision for touch controls ensures good feedback unlike the canonical TWS models that exploit taps to attract interactions, the ENCO X2s exploit squeeze. One will, therefore, have to make a single press to start or stop music as much as for outgoing or incoming calls. Input is very fast and controls always responsive even during the most hardware-stressed playback.

Using the application developed by OPPO, various functions of the headphones will also be controlled. The program allows you to view the charging status and customize interaction gestures to suit your needs. Prominent among them is the Golden Sound function, this allows for compensation of sound losses in songs with slight distortions, providing significantly clearer audio quality.

The centerpiece of the earbuds’ operation, however, is the dual SuperDBEE drivers that manage to give that extra something to those seeking sought-after sound.

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Verdict – Pros & Cons

Objective evaluation of such a product also involves analyzing the pros and cons. In many cases a product is great for one user while impractical for another, this depends on what the personal needs are. However, it must be emphasized that every product has some undeniably positive features and some negative ones, regardless of what the target audience is.

What We Like What We Don’t Like

The OPPO Enco X2s have excellent ergonomics in terms of both actual wearability and their ability to handle application, gestures and functions in the best possible way. Adding to this benefit is also a very good overall audio quality, provided by the two internal drivers that perfectly balance a very wide range of frequencies.

Nor should we forget the charging case, which objectively is aesthetically beautiful, ergonomic, and capable of providing several recharges. Quick and always reliable pairing completes the pro picture.

On the other hand, Enco X2s only show the side of very high competitiveness in the market, in fact, the list cost is almost never affordable and one has to invest an amount that almost always exceeds 200 euros. The great demand is for the undisputed quality of the product, but it can be a limitation for those who do not want to invest such a large budget.


After extensive testing both with ANC on and with that feature turned off, the feedback on the range is good, but certainly not great. OPPO claims that the Enco X2s can provide up to 6 hours per single charge and a maximum of 20 hours by taking advantage of the charging case. Without activating ANC these values are absolutely respected, but they decrease significantly by activating this function.

With ANC on, a maximum of 5 hours of continuous use is achieved, sufficient for many, not excellent for many others. Fast charging, which with five minutes of charging allows the duration to be extended to another two hours of listening time is the real selling point, but it is undeniable that something more was expected. The support for Qi wireless charging is interesting, allowing the case to be conveniently charged with other compatible devices.

For a great many users, the 5 hours of battery life with ANC on will be more than enough, but such use requires a charging case to be on hand at all times, as one will feel the need to charge the earbuds several times.


Wearing the OPPO Enco X2 is very pleasant, and the weight of less than 5 grams makes the earbuds very light, which significantly affects daily use. The grommets in the package, which are strictly made of silicone, also allow for good comfort and decent customization.

But more than in shape-related ergonomics, the Enco X2s show their muscles in terms of practicality of use. IP54 certification is a good guarantee for not being afraid to face dust and water, but it is in the proximity sensors that the leap forward over previous models is felt.

Although there is no touch surface on top of OPPO’s wireless earbuds, instead there is a stem with which you will be able to interact vertically to change the volume of the audio tracks you are listening to. As trivial a function as it may seem, it is actually much more intuitive and practical than the canonical touch, which still requires a priori study of how many touches must be made to perform a given action.

Comfort also extends to the dedicated application, which although it may be complex for those new to advanced software, will be an anchor of fun for anyone who likes to fiddle with OPPO functions.

Audio quality

OPPO put no small amount of effort into designing a product that would be extremely high-performing from an audio perspective. Taking a look at the official website, it is evident how much of the investment has been channelled into making qualitatively superior headphones. The Enco X2s were made in collaboration with Dynaudio, a well-known company that has been committed to making quality audio devices for years.

One of the technologies that also make this product suitable for audiophiles can be identified in the Golden Sound, a system capable of optimizing in the best possible way the acoustic performance on the daily attitudes of the user of the earphones. In addition to these technological elements, Enco X2s also have excellent compatibility with LHDC and LDAC codecs, as much as the more common AAC and SBC.

But all audio management is concentrated at the 11-mm dynamic driver and joined by a 6-mm diaphragm driver that manage to synthesize sounds in a balanced way and provide a range of frequencies from 20 to 40 kHz. Therefore, it can be said that the overall performance is really good, the accuracy of sounds is not lacking, and the ANC also performs very well even under complex conditions.

As for microphones, there are three devices that capture voice very well, which use bone conduction to identify speech as accurately as possible. Using the application can also reduce background noise, which is a very useful condition during phone calls where there is a lot of wind or ambient noise.


The list price of the OPPO Enco X2 is 199 euros, but they currently cost much more on digital stores. The high demand has made this company’s earphones highly desired, and the enormous potential also justifies their sale. Finding these true wireless headphones at 199 euros is definitely a bargain, although the most common price at which they can be purchased is 219 euros.

Although the investment highlights how we are approaching high-end rather than mid-range, it is interesting to consider what features are of most interest in making or not making the purchase. At 199 euros they are definitely a good fit, at 219 even more competitive products might show up, but it depends on what features you are looking for.

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Compared with the previous generation, the OPPO Enco X2s have significant improvements, the build quality is excellent, and the ergonomics and technical compartment are also in line with the list price.

The technologies used internally enable the reproduction of quality sounds, both incoming and outgoing, and the various collaborations with other companies have increased the overall level significantly. Certainly the difficulties in finding them on the market at the list cost place these earbuds in a stalemate, but the presence of ANC, wireless charging and Bluetooth 5.2 technology cannot be underestimated; real needle makers that can determine their purchase.